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A profitable business that operates in the industry of waste management and various types of garbage. Trash smashing company in Tennessee for sale operates on a B2B basis. The services of the company are quite in demand, since in the modern world the problem of recycling and garbage disposal is very acute. This firm, as a third-party contractor, gives its clients the opportunity to concentrate on their own business and save significant financial resources.

The business uses patented equipment in its activities, with the help of which it is possible to shred the rubbish as much as possible, which, in turn, affects the capacity of garbage containers. Waste placed in such containers and in such a crushed form can reduce the amount of garbage disposal by 75%. The fee is charged per shipment, not per shipment, reducing customer costs by up to 50% monthly.

Efficiency and operational features of the business – a lucrative chance to buy trash smashing company in Tennessee

The offered trash smashing company for sale in Tennessee has multiple consumer contracts that are based on a flat service fee. An efficient 12-minute grinding process allows you to serve a large number of customers without being limited.

  • Diverse client base: the company serves the manufacturing sector, construction projects of residential and commercial buildings, municipalities, private consumers and others.
  • Low operating costs: there is no need to rent an office, and there is no need for a warehouse to store any inventory. This guarantees +50% net profit.
  • A comprehensive and well-designed approach to solving the difficulties that arise in the waste management industry.
  • An interesting advertising campaign to actively attract potential partners and customers.
  • An automated platform for collecting customer data and making payments for services.
  • An efficient model.
  • A completely eco-friendly business that does not harm the environment, but on the contrary, supports nature – the lowest possible amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Trash smashing busines for sale in Tennessee has no need to obtain an additional license for equipment and vehicles.

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