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A company with a good annual turnover of profit. Trucks parts and trailers supplier for sale is a leading distributor of premium truck and trailer parts and accessories serving many industries including automotive services and recycling companies.

Excellent reputation in the field and many years of experience – do not miss the chance to buy trucks parts and trailers supplier

An ideal location and a remarkable reputation enable the company to have strong and long-standing relationships with customers, some of which even last 17 years. Trucks parts and trailers supplier in UK for sale has a lot of room for expansion, including the introduction of new products and services, as well as strengthening online and offline advertising positions. This is a fully roaming opportunity, you can manage the company remotely.

The firm is being sold due to the desire of the current owners to ease pension plans. This is a great offer for an experienced investor who knows a lot about cars, but also a beginner will do a great job of driving. The company’s earnings have already shown good performance, but there is limitless room for further growth.

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