Unisex hair salon in Rickmansworth for sale

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Unisex hair salon in Rickmansworth for sale!

Review of unisex hair salon in Rickmansworth

Renowned unisex hair salon with over 40 years of experience.
The owner purchased this well established business in 2005 and completely remodeled the extensive salon space to the standard shown in the photos. Due to poor health, the turnkey salon is now for sale.
Both the local regulars who regularly visit the salon and the many new residents/commuters who have just moved into the area contribute to a strong customer base. The ability to work from home and in the office, as with many other local businesses, attracts a new generation of new clients.

A beauty salon in the UK for sale offers styling, coloring, blow drying and creating hairstyles for special occasions. The beauty office in the back of the salon is currently being rented out to a professional therapist specializing in aesthetics. The owner admits that she now runs the firm according to her needs, and that there is plenty of room for expansion.

We recommend that any new owner look at the following areas:

  • A new business website with online booking capabilities
  • Expanded social media presence/advertising
  • Local promotions
  • Increased number of stylists and therapists
  • Addition of a new training academy
  • Increased space for hairdressing services
  • Increase in current hours of operation

Key selling points:

  • Desirable location.
  • Large salon with 9 hairdressing positions
  • Huge potential for growth
  • Proposed full transfer of business
  • Recently renovated

Sale includes the following:

  • Phone + router
  • Reception desk and chair
  • Customer waiting chair in the reception area
  • Small coffee table
  • Clothes rack
  • Large food rack – on a stand
  • Cash register
  • Wall clock
  • Boards
  • 9 sections
  • 9 chaise lounges
  • Music player 2 speakers
  • 2 x hood dryers
  • 2 x styling carts
  • 1 x storage cart with curling rods
  • 1 x storage cart
  • 3 x sink carts for towels, etc.
  • 3 x sinks with chairs
  • Salon hot water system and screen
  • washing machine
  • clothes dryer
  • Sofa in the staff room
  • Clothes rack in staff room
  • Kitchen sink and cabinets
  • 3 shelving units in kitchen
  • 3 chests of drawers
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • dustpan and broom
  • 2 cooling fans
  • Teapots / coffee pots
  • Cups / saucers
  • Mugs
  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • First aid kit with logbook of accidents
  • Foot/mani room
  • Chair
  • Footstool/Mani Stand
  • Small table
  • Nail table on wheels
  • Grilles
  • Paintings
  • Cosmetics cupboard empty
  • 2 x Magazine holders on wheels
  • Bathroom
  • 2 x wicker closet
  • Baskets
  • Colored bathrobes
  • Robes for customers
  • Haircut Gowns.

Salons of this level, size and location are extremely rare on the open market, so we highly recommend scheduling a viewing as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The Hertfordshire beauty salon for sale is located in the heart of the main commercial district, with on-street parking as well as free off-street parking in a nearby garage. Since the train station is only a short walk away, the salon is very popular with visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a unisex beauty salon in the UK. You can see other offers in the category beauty-project.

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