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The interested investor is offered a unique opportunity to buy van breakers and parts warehouse in UK – a fully equipped covered warehouse in excellent condition, which can be used by both commercial structures and private consumers.

Together with the company, you get at your disposal vehicles and all relevant operating equipment. The business operates in a fairly profitable niche that is constantly evolving. Every day the company brings more and more income, conquering new territories and winning customers. Excellent reputation as a trusted brand.

An iconic hotspot – van breakers and parts warehouse in UK for sale

The structure has proven itself well and has shown excellent results. In terms of commercial profile and range, van breakers and parts warehouse in UK for sale has a wide variety of new and used van parts. The company supplies such spare parts to car repair shops throughout the UK. More than one hundred workshops turn to the company’s services repeatedly.

  • Van parts warehouse for sale in UK has 2 tow trucks, compressors, tire changers and 3 forklifts.
  • The quality of customer service is in the first place for the company. The high level of customer confidence is confirmed by strong and long-standing partnerships with various commercial workshops.
  • Long-established premium business.
  • The growth and development of the structure is completely organic.
  • The recruitment of new customers is carried out at the expense of existing consumers. The firm does not incur additional costs for advertising or marketing developments.
  • An incredible amount of room for expansion as every year vans hit the roads
    is getting bigger.
  • The owner is ready to accompany the new owner for a certain period of time.
  • Easily manageable business model.

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