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Video Communication SaaS Platform in the USA for sale: overview

This technology startup in the USA for sale is a video chat platform built to support inbound video calls into a call center environment with a single click of a URL or scan of a QR code. It was founded by experienced serial entrepreneurs in the SF Bay Area and a team of seven engineers specializing in video communication development.

The system’s characteristics set it apart from other video calling apps. The company’s founders identified three distinct markets for video communications and developed a platform to support the model of inbound video conversations to businesses.

  1. Ad-Hoc Consumer Connections – These technologies allow two known users to make ad-hoc video chats. Facetime, Whatsapp, and Skype are just a few examples.
  2. Scheduled Business Connections – These technologies use video conferencing to simulate a business meeting. Meetings are planned ahead of time, and known people are invited to arrive at a specific time. WebEx, Zoom, and Google Hangouts are some examples.
  3. Inbound Video Calls to a Business- These are the replacements for high-value customer and prospect calls to a phone or 800 number. They occur at various intervals during the work day and, similar to a call center, are routed to the first available agent.

Callers can instantly connect to businesses through video by visiting a link or scanning a QR code, independent of their device, operating system, or network. The platform in the USA for sale provides analytics, user and queue management features, as well as the backend infrastructure required to enable large-scale video chats.

As we enter a period of limited mobility, the solution is great for essentially bringing a firm to the client. The technology is being developed to accommodate ad hoc group video conferences with up to 10 participants, in order to keep up with the fast changing work environment.

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