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A profitable and well-organized waste disposal business in Oshawa for sale that deals with the rental and disposal of waste bins. The branch has a low starting price and there is no franchise commission at all. The price includes all the required equipment and equipment to get started immediately. The company is quite profitable, since waste disposal in the northern part of America is an area that is gaining momentum every year.

Equipment & capabilities of the waste disposal business for sale in Oshawa

  • 1 hydraulic trailer 9890lb GVWR with electric brakes on both axles.
  • 225/15 ” tires incl.spare with fastening
  • Axles 2-5200 lbs.
  • Dedicated toolbox and tarpaulin.
  • Honda gas engine.

The offer to buy waste disposal business in Oshawa is convenient and meets all security measures. All control components are located in the front toolbox. One-person services offer the opportunity to reduce overhead costs. Small start-up capital compared to other opportunities in the industry.

More about the offer

1 trailer serves approximately 20 containers, depending on the size of the room. Rentals or contracts with commercial enterprises provide a permanent income. The offer includes:

  • brand and website application;
  • trailer;
  • 10 boxes;
  • uniform;
  • business cards and flyers.

Extra features of waste disposal business in Oshawa for sale include the following ones.

  • Loading and transporting 15-yard containers.
  • Retractable arms.
  • PTO or Нonda drive connection.
  • A lifting system built on a truck.

The truck package includes hydraulic deck, advertising, 2-3 yard concrete/mud tanks with door, 5 five yard boxes, 6 ten yard boxes and 2 fifteen yard boxes. This system can be built on a £ 14k GVWR trailer if required.

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