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This good company is quite revolutionary. Waste management business in Charlotte for sale was established to optimize the commercial waste industry. The business is easy to manage and can be run even in a semi-passive state. This is an excellent profitable and quite successful business providing waste management services.

What is included in the offer to buy waste management business in Charlotte?

There are 2 trucks, 2 trailers and 2 patent mobile rollers. The waste management business in Charlotte for sale has a recurring income due to the routed service used with minimal need to involve employees. This is a completely eco-friendly business that does not harm nature. The firm uses a patented mobile compaction cart that replaces our client’s expensive rental or roll-out dump truck transportation with a low-cost service that makes waste management in open top containers easier and more affordable.

Waste management company for sale in Charlotte minimizes customer costs and improves efficiencies for: manufacturing, residential and commercial construction, distribution centers, municipalities, recycling service providers and more. This service also minimizes emissions to nature, making it an important local green business. There is very little competition, but this firm is now the best in the area. The company also makes a great income.

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