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A company that specializes in the processing of industrial waste. Waste recycling plant in Catalonia for sale was created about 15 years ago, and at first it simply took out the waste, and then it was reformatted into a recycler.

Quality specialized services and unique technologies with waste recycling plant in Catalonia for sale

When you decide to buy a waste recycling plant in Catalonia, you will get a company that is mainly focused on the control of the processes of decontamination, pressing, recycling and classifying various types of objects that have already ceased to work and must be removed and evaluated for further recycling, or be disposed of in order not to harm nature.

  • All services of the company’s professionals are aimed at the needs of all small and medium-sized companies and large organizations in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, etc.
  • The list of clients includes many companies and Europe.
  • The company was established and thanks to its experience in the field of hazardous waste and environmental management, it has become one of the best firms in the industrial process waste management industry.
  • The experience and needs of the market gave the creator the opportunity to create a company that specializes in waste management and recycling.
  • Among the range of active services of the waste recycling business for sale in Catalonia are the recycling and destruction of aerosols, fire extinguishers, polyethylene, electrical cables and engine filters.

Profit comes from customers who bring waste, as well as from the sale of recyclables.

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