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About this hotel business for sale

The resort for sale is located on a palm plantation with direct access to the beach. The hotel has rooms of various styles, such as villas and buildings with deluxe and standard rooms, bamboo bungalows, as well as a large restaurant, recreation areas and sports facilities: mini-ramp, volleyball court, yoga pavilion and functional training ground.

Rooms: 4 family villas, 4 suites, 15 standard rooms, 7 bamboo bungalows.

The grand 11-meter restaurant building for sale is central to the resort’s architecture. . The restaurant is built entirely of bamboo, and its silhouette repeats the shape of the island in front of the resort.
The inspiration for the architectural concept of the resort was the very nature of the island, smooth lines of hills and bays, bright tropical colors. The design and placement of buildings correspond to the geometry of the surrounding landscape.

The resort is an ideal place for passive contemplation or active study of nature. The surrounding hills and beaches are suitable for trekking and hiking, and the proximity to the ocean offers a huge variety of water activities from kayaking and snorkeling to surfing and wakeboarding.

This resort for sale has been operating successfully since 2015, and during this time we have established strong links with surf schools and instructors who regularly camp at the hotel. The resort is popular with surfers and lovers of deserted beaches and untouched nature. In the bays adjacent to the resort, there are six surfing spots with waves of varying difficulty, and the surfing season lasts all year round.
Over the years, the resort managers have developed friendly relations with the state. Leaders and representatives of international associations, such as UNESCO, regularly choose this place as a venue for their meetings and conferences.

It is on the list of priority areas for tourism development in Indonesia. The state annually allocates a budget for the construction of national roads and infrastructure improvements. The region’s immediate development plans include a new airport and a modern marina.

The focus of the regional government is the development of ecological tourism. According to the already approved six-year plan, funds are allocated for the restoration and conservation of natural resources and the development of tourism based on natural and cultural monuments.

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