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U.S. Marketplaces wholesale business for sale.

We have established and operate over 80 wholesale stores with good margins and profitability on Marketplace platforms.

Selling wholesale business on marketplaces.

Our core team is based primarily in Australia and Florida, and we currently have over 120 full-time employees who handle everything from product selection to customer service, reporting and order fulfillment.

Not only do we build and set up businesses, but we also provide a full management package for new and existing business owners. For the right business owner who wants to profit from the e-commerce industry.

For Australians doing business in the United States, there are certain important accounting and legal requirements. We have a great accountant to help you set up a legal business and get tax certifications in the US quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in buying this business, learn about the process and requirements, or want to know about our other businesses for sale. Leave your information and I will personally contact you for more information.

Our team can manage the project for you based on a performance incentive structure, giving you a passive ownership experience with maximum return if you don’t have your own team for product development, implementation and customer support. Traditional company strategies and brick-and-mortar operations won’t provide you with that kind of profitability. Talk to me or our team to learn more.

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