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MISC for sale is an architecture for processor design that offers the best efficiency and simplicity compared to CISC and RISC.

Technical means of informatization is a set of systems, machines, devices, mechanisms, devices and other types of equipment designed to automate various technological processes of informatics, and such, the output of which is precisely information (information, knowledge) or data used to meet information needs in different areas of the objective activity of society.

Modern technical means of information systems based on MISC are characterized by two main properties.

First, they consist of a large number of interrelated and interacting elements, and not necessarily of the same physical nature, united by a common goal and task of functioning as part of the system. Secondly, they are distinguished by the complexity of the processes of information movement and behavior, which is due to a large number of interrelated functions implemented by technical means and systems, the random nature of external influences, the need to function under conditions of a priori uncertainty and frequently changing circumstances.

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