Labuan Forex License

Officially known as the Federal Territory of Labuan, is a Malaysian federal territory. The Labuan International Business and Financial Center, located  in Victoria, the island’s capital, was built with the intention of serving as an offshore business hub with favorable tax rates and a variety of reasonably priced financial assistance permits. If you want to obtain a Labuan Forex Money Broking License, our specialist can assist you in this topic.


Companies based in Labuan are subject to low taxation and simple procedures of regulation. Profits are taxed either at a fixed rate of MYR 20,000 (about $4,500) or at a rate of 3%. Additionally, the island country is well known for its framework for asset preservation, which forbids the domestic of foreign decisions. Advanced investment service experts are drawn to Labuan to start enterprises related to management of finances since it is a well-known worldwide financial hub.

It is the perfect place for FX company promoters to set up commerce since it provides Labuan Business Licenses that covers all relevant forex activity, including serving as both an introducing broker and a direct broker. Additionally, getting a license may be done promptly and at a reasonable fee.

Implementation Period

Depending on the additional information and supporting papers Labuan FSA requests throughout the approval procedure, between 30 and 60 days.

The Labuan FSA may ask for interviews or meetings with relevant employees in order to comprehend or clarify certain procedures.

Advantages of Labuan Forex (FX) Money Broking License

Over $4 trillion is traded everyday in total on the FX markets. You may enter this profitable sector in as little as 3 months thanks to the quick and affordable procedure of getting a Labuan Forex license. Spreads have grown along with the global currency markets’ heightened volatility, and as a result, forex brokers’ profits have climbed by over $1 billion yearly. As a result, smaller forex brokers are making enormous profits while only holding a small portion of this lucrative industry.

It is simple to launch or grow your own money-broking or FX firm in Asia via the applying for Labuan Money Broking License for Forex Broker. Get in touch with Eli Deal’s experts to know more info about it.