Start your cryptoexchange in the Czech Republic

Entrepreneurs who wish to establish a cryptoexchange firm have to obtain a Cryptocurrency exchange license in the Czech Republic. The establishment of an enterprise that deals in cryptos can be facilitated by our team of specialists.

The Czech Republic Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations

To set up a Czech Cryptocurrency Company you ought to understand the limits and ordinances that are required for entrepreneurship. The Czech governance established a legal structure for such businesses at the start of 2017, setting new requirements for the providers working in this nation. We briefly highlight a few of the regs below:

  • Such businesses must identify the customers, according to the Department Of Finance.
  • Corporations that engage in the tokens industry are under extra restrictions. To enrol with the Trade Licensing Authority is essential. The organization may punish up to CZK 500,000 if the firm failed to complete all mandated processes (and on time) to get a permit.
  • The Czech Republic as a member-state of the EU believes that cryptos are not determined as legal tender under the law.
  • The Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance does apply to special restrictions that are imposed by municipal officials.


To participate in the marketplace, crypto commerce needs to acquire this permission; otherwise, the governance can suspect them of engaging in digital money crime. Getting permission can be performed in a very easy way. Below are some of the conditions for acquiring a Crypto license in the Czech Republic.

  • A body corporate must be established. An LLC is the most widespread legal form for this kind of enterprise.
  • A strategic plan that includes info about the enterprise and the kind of system used must be supplied. It is needed to translate this documentation into Czech.
  • A businessman has to obtain proof of a clear criminal background.
  • For deals involving virtual currency, data about the checking account is needed.
  • Ensure that potential workers have the required technical skills before hiring them.
  • Clients will be given privacy and information protection measures.
  • Additionally, you must demonstrate using common documentation that you comprehend the AML policy that applies to the crypto industry.
  • The payment of a certain charge is required to submit papers.

We advise you to contact our experts to avoid the risk of a refusal.

Recent concerns about cryptocurrencies from the government

The Czech legislation controlling virtual currencies has recently been updated. As a result, the idea of categorizing cryptocurrencies was put forth. This assumes that cryptos are grouped independent of the functionality or aim of the e-currencies. Businesses are also urged to have a thorough knowledge of the cryptocurrency available. This includes firms that perform commerce on cryptoexchange as well as those that provide coins.

Additionally, firms mining coins for profit must show they have a permit and pay taxes. Mining activities are also taxable to a 19% levy since they are regarded as commerce.