Banking License for sale


Swiss Self-Regulated Organisation (SRO) for Sale

Europe - Switzerland
Banking License

Explore the opportunity to acquire a well-established and licensed Self-Regulated Organisation in Switzerland for sale. This unique financial entity represents a pivotal gateway to the dynamic sectors of digital and traditional finance. General Overview Year of Incorporation: 2022 Location: Zug, Switzerland Share Capital: CHF 200,000 (fully paid up) Regulatory Supervision: SO-FIT Positioned in Zug, this Financial company in Switzerland for sale is fully prepared for immediate operational deployment and expansion. Scope of Business The primary mission of this Ready-made Financial Company for sale is to reshape the financial landscape by providing innovative payment solutions, with services including: Cryptocurrency Transactions: Efficiently buying, selling, and transferring cryptocurrencies. Fiat Currency Operations: Managing traditional currency transactions seamlessly. Activities and Licenses The Ready-made SRO in Switzerland for sale holds a comprehensive license that permits a broad spectrum of financial activities: Payment Services: Specializing in cutting-edge payment transaction solutions. Exchange Services: Delivering extensive exchange services for cryptocurrencies, fiat, and other assets. Credit Facilities: Offering credit services with an emphasis on trading in gold, precious metals, and commodities. Crypto Financial Services: Covering crypto trading, exchange, brokerage services, and both non-custodial and custodial wallet solutions with specific limitations. Investment Solutions: Providing crypto-asset collateralized loans, staking-backed loans, and specialized advisory services. Banking Relations Bank Account: A multi-currency account with Maerki Baumann, noted for its supportive stance towards cryptocurrencies. This SRO in Switzerland for sale is more than a financial entity; it is a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and investors aiming to penetrate the lucrative field of financial services, with a special emphasis on the expanding cryptocurrency market. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management Company Regulated under CSSF for Sale

Europe - Luxembourg
Banking License

Key Features: Banking: Partnered with City Bank Luxembourg, ensuring robust financial services and stability for investors. Administration: Managed by Creatrust in Luxembourg, a renowned administrative service provider known for its reliability and expertise. Legal Status: Operates as a Ready Made Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management Company under Luxembourg law, ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards and requirements. Audit Requirements: Not mandated for Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management For Sale audits until reaching 100 million in assets, allowing for streamlined operations and cost efficiency. Investor Base: Attracts funds from professional investors, catering to a sophisticated and discerning clientele seeking investment opportunities in Luxembourg. Depositary Bank: Utilizes City Bank Luxembourg as its depositary bank, providing secure custody of assets and ensuring investor protection. ISIN: Issued with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), simplifying trading processes and enhancing market access. Euroclear Registration: Registered under Euroclear, enabling access to a wide network of investors and counterparties, facilitating efficient transactions and liquidity management. Online Platform: Offers a user-friendly web area for investors to access real-time Net Asset Value (NAV) updates and execute new subscriptions, promoting transparency and convenience in investment management processes. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Ready-made company with a banking account in Panama for sale

North America - Panama
Banking License

A ready-made company with a banking account in Panama for sale was founded and registered in 2005. Buy a ready-made company with a banking account in Panama A shelf company with a bank account in Panama for sale can offer digital and commercial consulting services. The company has an account with Banco General; the account is active and ready for use. The cost of the offer includes the transfer of shares, re-registration of the company, change of activity and change of ownership of the company; the latter takes about 2-3 weeks. If necessary, the services of a local director are available. If you are interested in this offer, fill out the form on the website and we will contact you shortly.

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Mauritian Investment Banking license

Africa - Mauritius
Banking License

Available for acquisition: Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale. Please check out the details below. Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale: overview The Financial Services (Investment Banking) Rules 2016 authorize any of the following activities to be carried out by an organization that holds this kind of license: Investment Dealer (Full-Service Dealer with Underwriting) License as an Unrestricted Investment Adviser Investment Advisor Corporate Finance Advisory Financial Product Distribution – Asset Management In 2019, this company obtained a MU license. The major shareholder and current management will be reachable for a while to support the new shareholder; this can be discussed throughout the review process. Existing shareholders will depart the company after the transaction is complete. After meeting the conditions for the investment banking license, a business will be exempt from Mauritius’ corporate income tax for five years. Price and details for this Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

Bank License For Sale – Offshore Banking Only License

Africa - Comoros
Banking License

The Objects and Purposes of the Bank License The objects and purposes of the Company is to offer different banking services for corporate, private banking for the general public and non-residents of the State of Anjouan as a class B Banking license; to carry on all or any of the business of a company and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to carry on, in conjunction with each other or as separate and distinct undertakings, all or any of the following businesses: To accept cash deposits of any type (depositary transactions). To provide loans and borrow funds (loan transactions). To carry out the service of forming bonds and listing them as a sponsor on stock exchanges To carry out currency and exchange transactions. To issue securities and credit cards processing. To provide securities safekeeping, manage securities and accomplish securities purchase or sale. To act as intermediary in securities trading. To provide guarantees of any type (guarantee business). To effect payments (opening of accounts for legal entities and individuals). To hold assets, capital, precision metals, bonds, shares or another financial instruments for third parties. To undertake electronic commerce (e-commerce). To provide other financial services. To carry on business as capitalists, financiers, promoters, and concessionaires and participate in, undertake, carry on and execute all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial, trading, exploitation, development, agency and other operations and to advance or provide money, with or without security, to concessionaires, inventors, patentees and others, for the purpose of improving and developing or assisting to improve and develop any concessions, lands or otherwise, or of experimenting, improving, testing or developing any invention, design or process industrial or otherwise. History of Banking Authorities and License Anjouan, pursuant to the Regulation of Banks and Comparable Establishments of 1999, licensed more than 300 offshore banks. All of the shell banks and other entities are located offshore and have no permanent presence in the Comoros. Anjouan sold the right to issue bank licenses and delegated most of its authority to operate and regulate the offshore business to private, non-Comoran domiciled parties.[12] In 2002, after Anjouan’s reentry into the Union of the Comoros as an autonomous island, Anjouan’s Offshore Finance Authority was established to promote the island as a tax haven to attract foreign capital.[11] In 2005, new laws were passed[13] and all of the banking licenses issued there previous to that date were cancelled those that could show proper due diligence were reset up by the newly rearranged Offshore Finance Authority, monopolized by Anjouan Corporate Services Limited since 2003, which has claimed the authority as registered agent for all International Business Companies and banking license issuance on the island since that time and authorized directly by the Legislative Assembly in Anjouan. It should also be noted that the company claiming to sell licenses previous to 2003 were sued in the London High Court on behalf of the Anjouan Government and lost, The High Court of Justice in London confirmed after seeing all the legal documentation that Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd, were legally entitled to operate the offshore business, with full consent of the Anjouan Government. All Banking Licenses currently are issued as a Class B Banking License and have terms of one year, which are renewable as long as no complaint has been made against the Bank in violation of anti-money laundering regulations, fraud, or Banking laws. Bank Formation Process An International banking License ( Class B ) is the only Banking License offered in Anjouan and is an offshore banking licence granted, by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority. This is a full-unrestricted Banking licence, for all Banking services outside of Anjouan, Union of Comoros. It encompasses banking business and investment banking business conducted in all major foreign currencies. Services such as fund administration, custodial services, trusteeship, international portfolio management, money market and other treasury operations may be undertaken by an offshore bank. The entire process takes 10 days depending on the nature of the clients business plan, directors, and timeframe for approvals by service providers for ancillary services listed within the contract.

Mauritius Investment Dealer License

Africa - Mauritius
Banking License

This is a Mauritius dealer license for sale. Mauritius dealer license for sale: overview A license for investment dealers included. The following permissions are included in the license’s scope: functioning as a middleman in the execution of securities transactions for clients; providing clients with advice on securities transactions, CFDs on Forex, and cryptocurrencies; trading stocks and bonds; and maintaining client portfolios. The license lacks a CRM and a platform. For the account preparation and filing of tax returns, external auditors Mazars & NLSolutions (located in Mauritius) charge costs of $3000 annually. With a capital of €15,000, bank accounts (Dixipay & Equalspay), PSP’s Letknow (Crypto payments), Unlimint, Neteller, Skrill, Epay Global, and EchelonPay are formed. The business is in good standing. You can buy a dealer license for Mauritius and launch your business right now.

Ready-made Banking Company in German

Europe - Germany
Banking License

Below you can see the basic information regarding ready-made banking company in German for sale. A structure fully equipped with everything – you get everything an entrepreneur needs to successfully promote their own commercial project on the market. You will become the owner of a business that has already proven itself within the jurisdiction, however, one that has a clean history. You can start your journey by realizing your ideas. Ready-made banking company in German for sale – what you get and great possibilities range If you buy ready-made banking company in German, you get stable organized structure. Year of registration: 2022, Frankfurt. Bank account in Deutsche Bank. Authorized capital is fully formed. Clear company without activity. No debts. Full support. For you to open the way to many partnerships within Europe, which you can enter into on mutually beneficial terms of joint profit. You can also see other offers in the category “Banking licenses“.

Company with MSO License in Hong Kong

Offshore - Hong Kong
Banking License

Company with MSO License in Hong Kong for sale. The company has a clean history. The firm is ready for new operations and a change of management. An interested investor will be able to occupy a profitable niche in the global market, since Hong Kong is considered one of the most reliable jurisdictions. What is included in the offer to buy a company with MSO License in Hong Kong? MSO licensed permission. Year of obtaining: 2021. Clean history; there are no deals. The company has an open account in one of the banking institutions of the local financial space. Company with MSO license for sale must additionally enter into an agreement regarding the maintenance of the permission itself. The contract will include the hiring of a director, employees of the company, in particular, an AML specialist, registration of office space, renewal of the license, and so on. Additionally, you can open more bank accounts in other jurisdictions. You can also see other offers in the category “Banking License“.

SFC License in Hong Kong

Offshore - Hong Kong
Banking License

SFC License in Hong Kong for sale. Licensed Permit: Categories 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9. The company was established 17+ years ago. License was got 17+ years ago. Banking institution used: Hong Kong jurisdiction. No unresolved cases of a legal nature or other open issues. The company has an active operating status. History is clean. Activities according to type of SFC License in Hong Kong for sale The ability to buy an SFC License in Hong Kong gives the right to carry out the following commercial operations. Type 1: circulation of securities and the implementation of transactions with them in Hong Kong; stock trading in the United States. Type 2: company can trade options, futures and other contracts of this type. Type 4: providing advice on securities matters. Type 5: providing advice on futures transactions. Type 6: company can act as an advisor on the nuances of corporate finance. Type 9: asset management activities. The firm also becomes eligible to trade HKEX stocks and futures and participate in direct HKSCC clearing of securities and futures. The team of company employees today consists of 43 people. Turnover per month is about 400-500 million in local currency. Company has the status of a registered shareholder. License holder has the right to offer its services exclusively to investors who have confirmed their professional orientation at the proper level. The term of such an investor is described in the Futures and Securities Ordinance, as well as in regulatory annexes thereto. You can also see other offers in the category “Banking License“.

Clean API license in the United Kingdom

Europe - United Kingdom
Banking License

For your attention is a clean API license in the United Kingdom for sale. Overview of an API license in the UK This is a clean API licence for sale with a safeguarding account. The institution has been operating for over five years. Please contact us for detailed information. *See other offers for sale in the category “Banking License”.

A banking license for sale is a special permit to carry out banking operations, which certifies the right of a credit institution to carry out the financial transactions specified in it.

Licensing of banking as a business area, which is characterized by high risks of damage to property, rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, is mandatory and logical, since banks in their activities are responsible for the safety of private, corporate and public finances. A credit institution can begin to conduct banking activities only from the date of issue of the corresponding license. Carrying out banking operations without a license is prohibited and entails liability from civil to criminal.

Banking includes several types of operations – the very ones for which a license is needed, namely:

  • attraction of funds of individuals and legal entities into deposits;
  • placement of attracted funds on its own behalf and at its own expense;
  • opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals and business;
  • money transfers on behalf of individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks, through their bank accounts;
  • collection of cash, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services for individuals and companies;
  • purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms;
  • attraction of precious metals to deposits and placement, opening and maintenance of bank accounts of individuals and companies in precious metals;
  • making transfers on behalf of individuals and companies, including correspondent banks, through their bank accounts in precious metals;
  • making money transfers without opening bank accounts, including electronic money.

It is more profitable for capital owners to invest in the development and promotion of bank services with a ready-made license, since this way the entrepreneur does not waste time obtaining a document, but immediately begins to directly penetrate the financial market.

It will be justified to buy this license. And our experts Eli Deal will help you do all this for your business quickly and without problems.

In this category, you can find banking institutions that already have a ready-made license to provide certain financial services.

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