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Software development company in Malang

Asia - Indonesia

A software development company for sale in Malang! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner. An overview of a software development company in Malang This is a software development business. have already created more than 5 software products. We created a complete solution for property management system (PMS), hotel management and cloud system. We have also developed a cloud-based IoT and automation system (keyless entry). We have connections with more than 750 Indonesian customers. The company has 30 years of experience in the field. Overview of products and services Software development company with PMS (hotel management system), accounting, supply chain logistics, automation and IoT products. Asset overview Office (land and building). Existing clients with annual service fees. Software portfolio. Facility overview Own 415 sq ft land and 900 sq ft 3 story building. Don’t miss the chance to buy an IT business in Indonesia! You can also see other offers in the category software.

Cloud device connectivity company in South Jakarta

Asia - Indonesia

Cloud device connectivity company for sale in South Jakarta! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner. An overview of a сloud device connectivity company for sale in South Jakarta We are a cloud-based IoT connectivity solution for enterprises. AWS and VMware are two well-known cloud service providers that the company works with. To date, we have completed two government projects and five private company projects. For government animal health data collection projects and private oil and gas monitoring systems, our service has spread to every province in Indonesia. The Australian Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, Pertamina, PT Western Electric Submersible Pumps, PT Russian Oilwell System and PT Jaya Wijaya Powerindo are just some of our clients. We have good working relationships with the Australian Government, the Indonesian Government and many oil and gas companies. Our customers can count on us for assistance and ongoing maintenance. The company has two offices, each with ten workstations. Our team consists of four highly qualified professionals. In order to offer the highest quality services, the company has a research and development staff. The website, furniture, computers, equipment, servers, and software are all owned by the company. Asset Overview Rare website domain, logos for branding, AWS cloud system including customer data, server, company permit in Indonesia, company legal documents. Premises Overview We have 2 leased serviced offices in South Jakarta. We also have a data server located in the Indonesian data exchange center for cloud customer service. Don’t miss the chance to buy an IT business in Indonesia at a very favorable price! You can also see other offers in the category software.

Mountain Resort in Tabanan

Asia - Indonesia

Kebun is located 90 minutes from the big tourist centers of Kuta and Ubud, on the way through the rice fields that leads to Pupuan and the north coast. This resort offers individually designed large rooms that have a collection of antiques from Indonesia. Mountain resort in Tabanan for sale is a very special boutique hotel that leaves no one indifferent. What is included in the offer to buy mountain resort in Tabanan? This includes 20 thousand square meters of land, a building of 3 thousand square meters, as well as all amenities. The mountain resort in Tabanan for sale has restaurants, a bar/pub, a safe deposit box, a laundry service, dry cleaning, an amazing landscape, a swimming pool and a cafe near the pool. The hotel is located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in the center of Bali, at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. The hotel offers a divine view of the sea. The resort has beautiful frangipani, heliconias, coconut trees, coffee, cloves, cocoa, durians and mangosteens. You can enjoy butterflies and birds during the day, and fireflies in the evening. All rooms have spacious verandas, double beds, bathrooms with showers and hot water, everything you need for making drinks. Mountain resort in Bali for sale is a great place if you are looking for peace and quiet, great food, bar and amazing views. There are always a lot of customers here, from April to November. The main category of visitors are tourists or newlyweds from European countries. You can also see other offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts“.

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Cybersecurity software firm in Asia Pacific

Asia - Indonesia

This is a leading cybersecurity software firm for sale in Asia Pacific. Overview of this cybersecurity software firm for sale This excellent opportunity presents a strategic investment in the cybersecurity software provider for sale with a leading position on the market. The business caters to both international and regional financial institutions, healthcare systems, government structures, utilities, and multinational organizations. Given its world-class IP and competency, the business has been recognized by Gartner & Cybersecurity Ventures and other reputable bodies and is in charge of 100% retention amongst its blue-chip customer base. The owners of the firm have decided to sell to accelerate the company’s growth including an equity transaction with the right purchaser that can benefit from entering new markets. This opportunity would be perfect for software firms or IT/cybersecurity services firms willing to expand their IP portfolio and serve the blue-chip clientele. *Check other offers for sale in the category “Software“.

Boutique resort in Indonesia

Asia - Indonesia

This is an excellent opportunity buy Boutique resort in Indonesia! Overview of Boutique resort in Indonesia for sale Key features of resort business in Indonesia for sale: It’s a boutique resort with a rating of 7 out of 704 in Lombok. It has a stunning design with ten rooms and a one-room villa. Our restaurant is only open for breakfast and has a capacity of 30 people. Our resort boasts a year-round occupancy rate of 70%, with nearly 100% occupancy from June to September. On, we have a 9.1 rating. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Hotel business in Indonesia

Asia - Indonesia

A unique chance buy Hotel business in Indonesia! Overview of Hotel business in Indonesia for sale Key features of hotel in Indonesia for sale: The clients, guests, or tenants are largely Japanese expatriates. Both the hotel and the service apartment have their own private pools. This facility features a large garden, mini market, gym, laundry service, spa and massage, onsen (Japanese giant public bath), karaoke, beer garden, 1000-person ballroom, 9 meeting rooms, and 3 board rooms. The average hotel occupancy rate is 70 percent. The serviced apartment is intended for long-term tenants with a one-year lease on average. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Private villa in Lombok

Asia - Indonesia

This is an incredible chance buy Private villa in Lombok! Overview of Private villa in Lombok for sale Key features of resort in Indonesia for sale: It’s a luxurious private residence in Lombok’s city center. There are nine luxury rooms and one suite available. Located in the heart of the tourist district, with stunning views of the sea and mountains. Over the years, we have served over 300 people. The summer season lasts from August to December. There is a 90% occupancy rate in the business. and Airbnb listings. 95% of our visitors are from Europe, with the remainder coming from Japan and other adjacent nations. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Resort business in Bogor

Asia - Indonesia

This is a great opportunity buy Resort business in Bogor! Overview of Resort business in Indonesia for sale Key features of hotel in Indonesia for sale: Since 2017, a resort holiday rental business with eight villas has been in operation. Our resort has eight villas, each with two bedrooms. We have roughly 400 visitors per month on average. Our villas have been tastefully remodeled and are completely furnished with modern conveniences such as a kitchen, flat-screen TV, WiFi, and free parking. The occupancy rate is consistently above 80% throughout the year. We have a Google rating of 4.6 and a TripAdvisor rating of 5. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Hospitality Company in Lombok

Asia - Indonesia

This is a great chance buy Hospitality Company in Lombok! Overview of Hospitality Company in Lombok for sale Key features of Hospitality Company in Indonesia for sale: The company was founded in 2012 and began with an ice cream shop, followed by a bakery in 2014, two open French restaurants in 2015, and a private luxury property in 2018. Our restaurants can sit 100 people, the ice cream parlor can hold 80 people, and the bakery can hold 15 people. On a daily basis, we receive approximately 100 people in our restaurants, 160 customers in our ice cream shop, and 200-250 consumers in our bakery. Our luxurious family villa features two private rooms with modern conveniences such as a kitchen, flat-screen TV, WiFi, free parking, and a swimming pool. Throughout the year, our villa has a 75 percent occupancy rate. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Indonesian broker-dealer company

Asia - Indonesia
Forex License

Here is presented Indonesian broker-dealer company for sale! Overview of Indonesian broker-dealer company for sale License type: the company has the right to provide broker-dealer services. Established: 5+ years ago. Licensed: 4+ years ago. Head office location: Indonesia territory. Banking Institution: the company with forex broker license for sale has an active account with a local banking institution. Availability of MT4 or other systems: not mentioned. Capital: TBC. Current status of the company: the company is currently active and conducts a minimum number of transactions. The history of the company is clean. There are no unresolved or open disputes of a legal nature. Permitted activities: the forex broker licensed company for sale has the official right to trade products on the capital market, conclude foreign exchange contracts for the purpose of trading foreign currency with leverage. The company can also enter into over-the-counter derivatives contracts. Company personnel: <10 people. Annual Renewal Amount & Maintenance cost on a monthly basis: TBC. Additional details: excellent reputation. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Forex Broker License”.

Due to its large area, tropical climate, and abundant natural resources such as oil, minerals, timber, and raw or semi-processed agricultural products, Indonesia has consistently attracted foreign investment.

Recognizing this, the Administration of Indonesia is seeking to shift the country’s industry towards a more modern, industrial and service-oriented economy, weaning the economy away from its dependence on commodity exports. These plans include policies to develop new infrastructure and long-term and sustainable growth through business-friendly taxes.

The government is also turning large cities into specialized industrial and service centers for machines, electronics, cars and auto parts. Indonesia is committed to developing its tourism and hospitality sector, which notably includes several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Internet penetration is high in Indonesia. With a population of over 260 million people, a growing middle class and a nominal GDP of around US$1 trillion, Indonesia is an extremely attractive place to start any business with its already large, affordable and fast-growing market.

However, Indonesia does not offer an easy way to navigate the business environment, ranking 73rd out of 190 economies for ease of doing business. Indonesia’s ranking remained unchanged at 73rd in 2019, up from 73rd in 2018. Therefore, investors should be aware and well informed about local regulations and industry demands before starting their business in Indonesia.

Why is doing business in Indonesia really profitable?

The question is far from being as idle as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, when choosing a jurisdiction for starting a biz or long-term enclosure, this island state of Southeast Asia should be considered as one of the most attractive options.

Advantages of Indonesia:

  • Proximity to Asian economical and financial centers.
  • Full involvement in the WTO (World Trade Organization).
  • Leading positions in terms of economic development, in particular, GDP growth (7th place in the world).
  • Huge potential market capacity (population – 266 million people).
  • Favorable climatic conditions conducive to tourism.
  • Legal regulations based on Euro-standards.
  • Explored and proven mineral deposits (gas, coal, iron, aluminum, manganese, etc.).
  • Ease of opening companies is enshrined at the level of legislation.
  • Various preferences for startups and investors.
  • The rapid development of the agricultural sector.

The country is a member of the CRS information exchange program and compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer, Know Your Customer) rules makes the potential risk of sanctions from global financial regulators and the United States extremely insignificant.

How to open a business in Indonesia?

There is not a wide variety of organizational and legal forms in the jurisdiction, so you will not have much choice. The only option provided for in the legislation is Perseroan Terbatas , which is essentially an analogue of a traditional LLC. Companies with foreign participation cannot place shares on the local stock exchange, they are allowed to work only in the investment format (PT PMA).

Types of PT (the minimum amount of the declared authorized capital is indicated):

  1. (SIUP Besar), 10 billion IDR (~640.000 EUR).
  2. (SIUP Menegnah), 5 billion IDR (~320.000 EUR).
  3. (SIUP Kecil), 1 billion IDR (~65,000 EUR).

What else to pay attention to:

  • The minimum amount of paid-in capital is from 25% to 75%.
  • In order to obtain an import license, you will need a category A or B company.
  • The minimum number of PT founders is 2 (both individuals and legal entities are allowed). Any distribution of shares.
  • The top managerial level consists of two boards. If there are several, the positions of president-director and president-commissioner are introduced (Direktur Utama and Komisaris Utama, respectively)
  • Businesses in Indonesia and tax structure

Fees to the budget in this jurisdiction are quite high. Income tax rate – 25% or 20%. The first option is standard, all legal entities go through it. The second is applicable to those companies, 40% of whose shares are listed on the local stock exchange.

If the company’s turnover does not exceed 50 billion IDR (~3.21 million EUR), a reduced 50% rate is applied depending on the gross annual turnover. With a turnover of less than 4.8 billion (~310,000 EUR) IDR, the calculation is carried out according to a simplified preferential system, income tax is reduced to 1%.

The status of a tax resident are companies: a) registered or established in Indonesia and b) with domiciliation or address in the jurisdiction.

Foreign representative offices are subject to the same tax rates as local companies, although their ability to do business in Indonesia for sale is severely limited.

You can not pay income tax if the company incurs losses. The benefit is valid for 5 years (sometimes an extension of 10 years is allowed).

Tax consolidation and any group benefits are prohibited.

Types of business in Indonesia

Foreign citizens planning to visit Indonesia for a long period of time to resolve business issues can apply for a business visa. There are two types of this migration document:

  • single – for a period of 30 days, with the right to two extensions;
  • multiple, allowing an unlimited number of entries and exits with a one-time stay of no more than 60 days.

A visa business for sale in Indonesia holders is not eligible for paid employment.