Cryptocurrency Exchange License for sale


Ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic

Europe - Czechia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

A new business proposal – a ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale. Essential information regarding the offer is outlined below. Crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale: main details Ready-made company with a share capital of 1,000 CZK. Has an opened account in a Czech bank (for currencies such as EUR, CZK).  A director who is a Czech resident may stay. AML policies covered in the asking price. Nominee services and AML policies updates can be provided for an additional price.  HOT PRICE! Looking to buy a crypto company in the Czech Republic? Please contact us for more detailed info about this offer.

Turn Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Including Banking and Software

Europe - Switzerland
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

The company has no previous clients or activity. The company is a full turn key Crypto Exchange solution and includes: -EU License to exchange fiat-crypto-fiat and provide crypto wallet services. – Local Director paid up a year in advance in included in the price. Director and management will be willing to stay onboard. – 3 bank accounts fully operational in EU and UK including instant SEPA, and Faster Payments. – 3 credit card processors for crypto exchange with extremely low fees. – Onboarded with 3 exchanges and liquidity providers. – Full due diligence is done on the company and provided to the buyer with a guarantee from a leading law firm. – Fully operational website for crypto exchange with 1 year license and customization are included in the price.

Ready-Made Crypto Company in Poland

Europe - Poland
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

A lucrative chance to buy a ready-made crypto company in Poland and get a clean structure at your disposal to help you realize your commercial programs. An interested investor will be able to take the company to a new level and earn income in the shortest possible time, since this niche of the Polish market is quite profitable. Ready-made crypto company in Poland for sale: what is included in the deal? Ready Poland crypto company for sale brought to your attention was registered and launched into commercial circles in 2021. The company is based in Warsaw. We can highlight some of the following characteristics of business that are relevant today. PKO banking account with the ability to conduct transactions in EUR, Zloty and USD. The official right to work with a crypto coin. Crypto confirmation Kraken. The debugged scheme of remote control of the enterprise. The proposal also includes the services of a nominee shareholder and director, if required. The business will be transferred quickly and without any difficulty. You can also see other offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License“.

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Crypto exchange with AUSTRAC license and B2B/C2B accounts

Oceania - Australia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Crypto exchange with AUSTRAC license for sale having active B2B/C2B accounts. Licensing Jurisdiction: Australia. The deal includes the following. Lines of operations: operations for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and the transfer of electronic assets. Active B2B account connected through ANZ and Westpac. Active C2B account connected via AZUPay and FlashFX. Liquidity provider: Kraken. CRM and other technological equipment. Sum&Sub for screening. More about the offer to buy crypto exchange with AUSTRAC license and B2B/C2B accounts Crypto exchange with AUSTRAC permission for sale is ready for the new owner to manage the structure. Directors do not pass under new management. There is a need to involve a resident director. You can also see other offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchenge License“.

Cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Don’t miss your chance to buy a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania! Cryptocurrency license for sale in Lithuania Below is information about a ready-made company with a cryptocurrency license and bank account in Lithuania for sale. This company with a crypto license in Lithuania for sale – what’s included: Operators of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are required to have a license. The firm is licensed to offer bitcoin wallet services, as well as exchange cryptocurrency for fiat cash and vice versa and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrency. The registration year is 2022; In Lithuanian EMI, there is a bank account; After a change of ownership, other accounts can be opened; Changing ownership might take up to two weeks; You may acquire a cryptocurrency corporation in Lithuania using a bank account and get started right away. It is usually a smart idea to start a business in Europe. Buying a crypto license in Lithuania will be a worthwhile investment! We have clients all across the world. For further information about firms for sale, please contact us. You can see other offers in the category cryptocurrency exchange license.

Crypto Company in Tallinn

Europe - Estonia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

This is a great chance buy Crypto Company in Tallinn! Overview of Crypto Company in Tallinn for sale Key features of Fully licensed crypto-currency service provider in Estonia for sale: Provide end-users and fiat/crypto service providers with a virtual currency wallet and exchange. The company is registered in Estonia, however the owner is currently based in Spain. Have a trademark registered with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). The crypto platform in Estonia for sale has been thoroughly tested and is ready to go live. All of the compliance is current. Using the CMS (Content Management System) software, administrators and internal staff can manage currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as leave automatic cryptocurrencies and currency rates alone or manually adjust them as needed. It’s also feasible to manage employees by providing them access to all or just a few features (dashboard, manage users, subscribers, manage currencies, support tickets, marketing, withdraw and deposit systems). Additionally, any user’s balances can be added or removed, complete transaction reports, users and statistics can be viewed, users or IP addresses can be banned, plugins and extensions such as Google Analytics, Google Recaptcha 3 and Tawk Chat can be managed, language manager as admin can setup unlimited languages and translations (website, user emails), transaction fees for each type of operation can be managed, transaction fees for external sellers or businesses can be managed, and individual and business accounts can be maintained. The platform is protected by a variety of security mechanisms, including DDoS protection, email filtering, IP filtering, OTP SMS, and two-factor authentication, among others. We also offer a database backup feature. The cross-platform features (website and mobile app) include deposit and withdrawal with any desired currency, exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies, or vice versa, as well as exchange between different cryptocurrencies, sending money to other users and double protection with a personal code, creating vouchers for other users to redeem, invoicing clients, requesting money from other users, and viewing all transactions. The company can make money by converting rates and charging third-party commissions on transactions. The CMS makes it simple to set up any forms of commissions with automated or manual rates. Have previously signed a contract to deliver services to 5-10 banks. Also willing to give post-sale assistance, which includes direct contact with the platform’s developer team. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License”.

Cryptocurrency company in Estonia

Europe - Estonia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

This is a good chance buy Cryptocurrency company in Estonia! Overview of Cryptocurrency company in Estonia for sale Key features of crypto company in Tallinn for sale: Crypto licenses are held by a registered company. With our license, we assist other firms who require bitcoin trading and crypto wallets. We have a license that permits us to trade utility tokens all over the world. The license permits us to provide hot and cold virtual currency wallet services in which the company produces or maintains customer keys. Virtual currency keys can be used to keep, save, and transfer virtual monies. The license allows virtual currency to be exchanged for fiat currency. Overall, the licenses permit crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, producing one’s own token, selling tokens by bank transfer, selling tokens or Bitcoin via debit card, and exchange initiatives. There is no software or application in the business, and there are no tangible assets. The company is not in business and has no customers. We’d make money by charging a monthly service fee for our framework. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License”.

Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Here is presented Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania for sale. Overview of Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania for sale The cryptocurrency licensed company in Lithuania for sale was incorporated and registered in the year 2021. No past; Bank account in Lithuania (as per extra request); Clean company for sale with crypto license; The following are the license authorizations: Exchange of cryptocurrencies (crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat). Service for wallets Benefits of the license: No requirement for a local director; No requirement for a local office; Low share capital requirement; No requirement for sworn annual reporting. Note: An NDA must be signed in order to receive the name and details. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License”.

Crypto license in UAE

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Here is presented Crypto license in UAE for sale. Overview of Crypto license in UAE for sale Authorizations include proprietary crypto-commodity trading (including buying and selling), as well as distributed ledger technology services. What can this crypto license in the USA for sale be used for? May run a website, app, or shop where people can buy and sell crypto assets over the counter. Can run databases and keep track of records using distributed ledger technologies like Block chain. Mining, infrastructure, and tokenization services are all possible. Benefits of having a crypto license in the UAE: Possibility of being a 100% foreign owner 0 percent corporate income tax; 0 percent rates for import and re-export taxes; 0 percent currency reductions; currently no limits on involving international staff in a company’s operation. A possible beneficiary’s package of paperwork must include a passport copy and a photo of the potential UBO. You do not need to be present to receive a license; however, you must be present to create a bank account. The procedure for obtaining a crypto license in the UAE is as follows: once we receive the shareholder’s paperwork, we will prepare all of the applications and send them for signature (opportunity of using e-signature). After completing the license procedure, you will have access to licensed authorizations through email. It will take about two weeks to set up the company. It is not necessary to work in an office. There are no staffing needs. It’s possible that the director and the UBO are the same individual. We will provide full support in opening a bank account (UAE banks could be for this purpose). As an added service, we can also take care of our clients’ IT needs. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency exchange license”.

Firm with cryptolicense in Estonia

Europe - Estonia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

A good chance buy Firm with cryptolicense in Estonia! Overview of Firm with cryptolicense in Estonia for sale There is an account with an IBS bank (transactions were carried out to pay lawyers, accountants, AML officer). The company with cryptolicense in Estonia for sale was registered at the end of 2018, licenses were obtained at the beginning of 2019. In 2020, the licenses were updated and the documents were brought in line with the new requirements. The authorized capital was replenished to renew the license, the offer is sold without it, it will be withdrawn, there is no obligation to reintroduce it in full. At the moment, the license is frozen due to the fact that the company does not operate. The previous owner froze it on his own. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License”.

In this category we placed licensed crypto businesses for sale allowing you to work with crypto-currencies. Crypto-company that received a license is an opportunity to officially operate in this area, demonstrating the reliability and profitability of business to customers and potential partners. So, how to accept crypto as a business being a legal commercial structure?

Licensed crypto exchanges: advantages and general features of these structures

  • Simple Transactions.

Crypto transactions are simple, low-cost, and more private than most types of transactions. People can send and receive a variety of crypto-currencies using a simple smartphone app, hardware wallet, or exchange wallet.

One of significant advantages of crypto businesses may be that it provides access to people who do not have access to regular financial systems. And that’s their absolute privilege in terms of profit.

  • Exceptional Safety.

Decentralized crypto currency business is a secure form of payment since it is built on cryptography and blockchain security. One of the most certain pros of crypto-currencies might be this.

The hash rate is a big factor in crypto security. The more computer power required to breach the network, the greater the hash rate. By far the most secure cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has the highest hash rate of any network.

Using crypto exchange license, on other hand, is only as safe as crypto-exchange itself. Majority of crypto-hacking cases involve exchanges or individuals making mistakes.

  • Minimum Commissions and Quick Calculation.

So far, some are just interested in investments in crypto assets, other people are already using the opportunity to profit from currencies-exchange.

Operations in bitcoins and ether are from a pair of cents to a dollar and above. Litecoin, XRP and other digital assets can really be transferred for cents, and even cheaper. Most transactions with crypto-currencies occur in seconds. Increasing the number of private operations, the use of crypto wallet for business is spreading rapidly.

Although confidentiality is considered one of the main advantages of crypto assets, it is not as strong as everyone thinks. The blockchain regularly creates a public book of operations where you can see the numbers of wallets. If you can find out the identity of the owner of the wallet, it will be possible to easily track his/her operations.

  • Portfolio Diversification.

Digital assets have a reputation of uncorrelated. Cryptocurrency markets operate mainly, regardless of other markets, and the factors are not affected by the factors that are not at all those that are responsible for bonds, goods, shares, etc.


Any asset that has increased by millions of percentage points in just twelve years, as many crypto coins have, is clearly unrelated to anything else. However, it’s worth mentioning that, in recent years, cryptos have started to trade in tandem with stocks for short periods of time.

  • Hedge Against Inflation

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero, to name a few, are mineable cryptocurrencies with a restricted supply ceiling that are regarded to be strong inflation hedges. Because monetary inflation occurs when central banks and governments produce more money, increasing the supply, scarcer items rise in value.

Because more and more fresh dollars are chasing fewer and fewer coins, the price of these fixed-supply coins, measured in dollars, is more likely to rise. Furthermore, regardless of what happens with monetary policy, the Bitcoin protocol, for example, is designed to keep those coins scarce. Thus, license for crypto exchange is a strong method to make your commercial project work in a secure and stable space.

  • Payments Made Across Borders.

Cryptocurrencies are unconcerned about national boundaries. Without any additional difficulties, a person in one country can transmit coins to someone in another country. Getting money across international borders through typical financial institutions can take a long time and cost a lot of money. Due to legislation, sanctions, or hostilities between individual countries, this may not be possible in some circumstances.

  • Financial System That Is More Inclusive.

Some of cryptocurrency’s advantages are available to persons who don’t possess access to traditional systems. One of advantages of crypto-exchange licenses for sale is that everyone can join due to its decentralized and permission-less nature.

The crypto ecosystem does not require authorization from any financial authority or government. (It’s worth mentioning, though, that Bitcoin mining is prohibited in China.) They are also not required to hold a bank account. Today, billions of people are “unbanked,” which means they do not have access to the financial system, including bank accounts. All these people need is a smartphone to use bitcoin, and they can effectively become their own bank.

  • Transactional Liberties.

One of significant advantages of crypto exchange license for sale is it may be used to transfer value between two parties. This can be done without the involvement of a third party, making the transaction more open and resistant to censorship.

For whatever reason, banks or other payment processors might refuse to provide services to anyone. For certain journalists, political dissidents, and others working in countries with oppressive authoritarian regimes, this can be tough. Because Bitcoins are governed by no central authority, it is extremely impossible to prevent them from being used.

  • Markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days.

Crypto markets, on the other hand, are open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A power outage, internet outage, or centralized exchange outage are some of the only things that could prevent a person from trading crypto-currency. Thus, crypto business for sale is optimal and profitable way for quick commercial start.


How much does crypto exchange license cost?

Cost of a license for crypto-exchange depends on a total list of activities that the company intends to cover and some other factors. Our professionals help you calculate necessary tomorrow, as well as to distribute your budget as rationally as possible.

What license does a crypto exchange need?

A company that intends to conduct its activities as a crypto-exchange, that is, offer services for the exchange and trade of crypto-currencies, needs to get a specific permission. Such a resolution allows the firm to function as crypto-exchange to enterprise.

How do I get cryptocurrency trading license?

Obtaining a license allowing crypto-trading requires compliance with the requirements put forward by the regulator and legal basis in a particular jurisdiction. The option of acquiring a finished license greatly simplifies the process of starting a business.

Do you need a license for crypto trading?

The conditions under which firm can trade crypto-currencies differ depending on jurisdiction. However, in order for such activities to be officially and legally, for this, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate license. We are ready to help you both in obtaining this document and in the purchase of a ready-made company with a license.