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UK FCA FX/CFD license

Europe - United Kingdom
Forex License

Below you can check the main information regarding a FX/CFD license in the UK for sale, being issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  UK broker for sale: details of the proposal Office in London w/ minimal running expenses, WL MT4 platform An account in the UK bank No legal issues or complaints Clients onboarding: Retail, Professional and Eligible Counterparties. Overview of a forex license permissions  The FX/CFD license for sale was issued by the Regulator about 10 years ago. Has the next permissions:  arranging investment deals, asset safeguarding and management; dealing in investments in the role of an agent/principal organization of transactions with investments; conducting regulated activities associated with Rolling spot (Forex), Futures and Options, CFD (excluding spread bet), Rights to or interests in investments (Security) and Shares. If you are interested in buying FX/CFD license in the UK, please contact us and get further details regarding this offer.

Malta Authorised Payment Institution License

Europe - Malta
Payment institutions

Establishment and management of a Malta Authorised Payment Institution with direct STEP2 SEPA SCT and SWIFT connectivity available. This is the best and most cost effective financial services license if you wish to conduct payments like a bank with no middleman organization between you and global payment networks. Full comprehensive quote including realistic timelines from concept to full licensing delivery available as standard. Full detailed email quote available on request outlining all fees and corresponding services. We will also show you the annual running costs. Our solution allows you to focus on the core activities of the business side while we take care of AML, Compliance and management of the company if you wish. The full application process is quite involved hence project management is included in the price. Also real local economic substance for the licensing is required to fulfill the requirements of the MFSA. We are happy to sign an NDA to discuss your plans also. Furthermore the price quoted includes local qualified directors acceptable to the MFSA and all arising fees. We also offer many interesting possibilities for structuring the setup before the license application. Most importantly Malta companies offer a very favourable tax situation. The corporate tax is officially 35%. However upon the distribution of profits to shareholders a Malta company grants them the right to claim a refund. This full imputation and refund system as it is termed reduces the effective corporate tax rate to just 5%. This makes Malta one of the best places to obtain the license in the EU. If you wish to establish a license using crypto or pay in crypto please contact us to discuss further the options available.

SRO company in Switzerland

Europe - Switzerland
Investment Companies

A new business offer – SRO company in Switzerland for sale. A bank account and share capital of 100,000 CHF included in the asking price. Please check out the main details regarding this offer. Authorizations of Swiss SRO for sale A Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) in Switzerland for sale is allowed to carry out a number of activities listed below: Financial Advisory Services; Asset Management Services: Up to 20 clients and 5,000,000 CHF of assets under Management; Service of Crypto Exchange; Service of Crypto Wallet: Non-Custodial Wallet or Cold Storage; Provision of services associated with payment transactions; Performance of credit transactions Trading for their own account or for the account of others in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, Forex, precious metals, commodities, and securities as well as their derivatives. If you want to buy an SRO in Switzerland, please contact us for detailed information regarding this offer.

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Africa - South Africa
Forex License

Licensed FSCA Forex Brokerage MT4 CRM CLIENT AREA PSPs integrated Bank accounts Website Client  Online registration in place.    


Africa - Mauritius
Forex License


Canadian MSB

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

We are pleased to present a freshly authorized (2023) Canadian MSB for sale: Vancouver-domiciled company with a registered address; The director can stay under new ownership; Dedicated AML officer; The company has not been operational; The company has a full Policies & Procedures package drafted by a local Canadian Lawyer with extensive experience in MSB regulation. MSB authorized activities: Foreign exchange dealing. Exchange one type of currency for another (e.g. USD to EUR) Money transferring. Transfer funds and execute cross-border transfers for individuals and businesses alike Dealing in virtual currencies. Offer virtual currency exchange and virtual currency transfer services Payment Services Provider Why to choose a Canadian MSB? There are no requirements for the authorised capital, place of business and staff (only for a compliance officer). A short period of time is necessary for the actual launch for the establisment of an MSB from scratch — 1 month for preparation and incorporation of the company, and 2-3 months for the registration with FINTRAC. The Canadian Money Services Business is one of the rare options that allows you to start your operations in less than six months after the launch of the project. Change of ownership: 2-4 weeks

Ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic

Europe - Czechia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

A new business proposal – a ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale. Essential information regarding the offer is outlined below. Crypto company in the Czech Republic for sale: main details Ready-made company with a share capital of 1,000 CZK. Has an opened account in a Czech bank (for currencies such as EUR, CZK).  A director who is a Czech resident may stay. AML policies covered in the asking price. Nominee services and AML policies updates can be provided for an additional price.  HOT PRICE! Looking to buy a crypto company in the Czech Republic? Please contact us for more detailed info about this offer.

Small payment institution (SPI) license in the UK

Europe - United Kingdom
Payment institutions

A new business proposal:  small payment institution (SPI) license in the UK for sale. Key information regarding the offer is outlined below. SPI license in the UK for sale: details The company for sale holds a license issued by Financial Conduct Authority; The license permissions: money remittance; other activities require further authorizations; Upper management: Currently, there is one director; No employees and customers at the moment; No bank accounts and software; No liabilities, no debts, no complaints. VERY HOT PRICE! Looking to buy an SPI license in the UK? Please contact us for further details regarding this offer.

SRO-certified company in Switzerland

Europe - Switzerland
Investment Companies

A new business offer – SRO-certified company for sale in Switzerland. The legal entity is currently classified as a financial services company with a license. SRO-certified business for sale in Switzerland: details of the transaction The business is qualified to offer the following services: investment consulting services; credit transactions; activities related to payment transactions; crypto exchange and digital wallet; and trading in fiat and cryptocurrencies, money market instruments, foreign currency, commodities, precious metals, and securities and their derivatives. The company has been inactive for the past year with no assets or liabilities in place because the principal shareholder was unable to expand his business and decided to shut down the endeavor as a result. No technology exists. The transition of the business could be finished within 7 to 10 days of the payment being received. Price and details for this Swiss SRO-certified company for sale: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

Mauritian Investment Banking license

Africa - Mauritius
Banking License

Available for acquisition: Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale. Please check out the details below. Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale: overview The Financial Services (Investment Banking) Rules 2016 authorize any of the following activities to be carried out by an organization that holds this kind of license: Investment Dealer (Full-Service Dealer with Underwriting) License as an Unrestricted Investment Adviser Investment Advisor Corporate Finance Advisory Financial Product Distribution – Asset Management In 2019, this company obtained a MU license. The major shareholder and current management will be reachable for a while to support the new shareholder; this can be discussed throughout the review process. Existing shareholders will depart the company after the transaction is complete. After meeting the conditions for the investment banking license, a business will be exempt from Mauritius’ corporate income tax for five years. Price and details for this Mauritian Investment Banking License for sale: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

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