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Exclusive Opportunity: CAT-2 License (Portfolio Management) in South Africa for Sale

Africa - South Africa
Forex Broker License

Unlock the potential of the South African financial market with this exclusive offering – a CAT-2 license for Portfolio Management is available for acquisition. Main Details: Location: South Africa Virtual Back-End CRM System: Equipped with a virtual back-end Customer Relationship Management system, ensuring efficient client management and communication. Local Accounting: Local accounting services based in Johannesburg, providing comprehensive financial oversight and reporting. Local Banking: Utilizes Standard Bank South Africa for local banking operations, ensuring seamless financial transactions and management. Local Audit: Currently live and in place, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and financial transparency. Fast Transfer: Enjoy a swift and hassle-free ownership transfer process. Monthly Cost: Euro 6,800. Activities: Conducts hedge fund activities, offering diversified investment opportunities. Engages in dealing with shares, providing investment avenues in the stock market. Manages money market instruments, offering liquidity and short-term investment options. Trades in bonds, providing fixed-income investment opportunities. Participates in derivatives trading, offering exposure to various financial instruments. Manages debentures and securitized debt, providing investment opportunities in debt securities. For more information and pricing details for these For Sale CAT-2 License in South Africa, fill out the form and we will contact you.

For Sale: St. Lucia-Based Company with Brokerage License

North America - Saint Lucia
Forex Broker License

Embark on a strategic investment journey with this exclusive opportunity—a St. Lucia-based company with a brokerage license is now on the market for acquisition. Key Highlights: Establishment: Founded in 2024, this company offers a fresh entry into the financial sector. Legal Compliance: Endowed with a legal opinion enabling the provision of brokerage services, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Comoros Brokerage License: Holds a brokerage license from Comoros, broadening its operational scope and capabilities. Trademark Protection: Successfully registered trademark, bolstering brand safeguarding and visibility. Continuity Assurance: Sale includes company prolongation, ensuring seamless continuity and stability for future operations. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

For Sale: Cat-1 Forex Broker in South Africa

Africa - South Africa
Forex Broker License

Explore the potential of acquiring this South African Cat-1 forex broker for sale, offering a diverse array of financial services designed to cater to the ever-changing demands of the market. Insurance Proficiency: Long-Term and Short-Term Insurance Health Service Benefits Investment Opportunities: Retail Pension Benefits Shares Participatory Interests in a Collective Investment Scheme Diversified Instruments: Derivative Instruments for strategic risk management Financial Flexibility: Short-term Deposits for effective liquidity management Prospects for Growth: This For sale Cat-1 brokerage firm in South Africa presents a robust foundation for potential owners looking to expand their presence in the South African financial landscape. The strategic service portfolio, complemented by a reputable FNB bank account, positions this opportunity as a gateway to enduring success. Transparent Financials: The financial stability of this Ready-Made South African Cat-1 brokerage company, available for sale, is rooted in a transparent structure and the assurance of reliable banking services. Monthly staff salaries, a crucial element for operational efficiency, are fixed at 6000 USD. Inclusive Acquisition Package: This offering encompasses not just the established FNB bank account and dedicated staff but also the potential for growth across various financial sectors.

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Forex broker company with connected MT4 and MT5 platforms in Mauritius and South African broker for sale

Africa - South Africa
Forex Broker License

This comprehensive Forex Brokerage package encompasses the following features: White Label solutions for both MT4 and MT5 Client Back Office Integrated Payment Gateways Two Operational Liquidity Providers Two Active Bank Accounts (One for the Company and One for Clients) Active Website with Seamless Client Onboarding Current Client Base of approximately 3500 Database of 190,000 Forex Leads Mobile App Professional Indemnity Cover in Place Key Individuals (Licensed Persons) in Position This Financial Service Provider (FSP) based in South Africa is pristine with no prior trading history. It caters to a diverse range of financial instruments, including: Shares Money Market Instruments Debentures and Securitized Debt Warrants, Certificates, and Other Instruments Bonds Derivative Instruments Participatory Interests in a Collective Investment Scheme Long-Term Deposits Short-Term Deposits Key Individual in Place (Licensed Person) For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Ready-made company with a banking account in Panama for sale

North America - Panama
Banking License

A ready-made company with a banking account in Panama for sale was founded and registered in 2005. Buy a ready-made company with a banking account in Panama A shelf company with a bank account in Panama for sale can offer digital and commercial consulting services. The company has an account with Banco General; the account is active and ready for use. The cost of the offer includes the transfer of shares, re-registration of the company, change of activity and change of ownership of the company; the latter takes about 2-3 weeks. If necessary, the services of a local director are available. If you are interested in this offer, fill out the form on the website and we will contact you shortly.

AUSTRAC License Available for Purchase

Oceania - Australia
AFSL (Financial Services License) Australia

Registration: Independent registration for digital currency transfers and exchanges. Clientele: Absent since establishment. Services: Absent since establishment. Bank Accounts: Absent since establishment. AUSTRAC Annual Compliance Reports: Up to date until 2023. What’s Included: Pre-existing trademark and domains. Registered license identification number (LEI) and BIC number. Customer account with an FCA-authorized Payment Service Provider (PSP). Current payment currency in euros via SEPA/Target2. Software as a Service (SaaS) core on-site banking solution. Customer identity verification provided by Sum & Substance Ltd. Option to issue a card. Existing staff may remain post-negotiation. Ability to open accounts with cryptocurrency exchanges upon request. For further details and pricing on this available Canadian business, please contact us for details regarding this offer.

Hong Kong Company with SFC License (Type: 1, 4, 9) For Sale

Offshore - Hong Kong
Asset management license

Available to buy – Hong Kong company with SFC license. You can review the basic provisions regarding the offer below. Hong Kong SFC license for sale: deal details Registered in 2018. The legal entity has a clean history. No liabilities. License permissions: Type 1: trading securities; Type 4: advising on securities for private clients. Type 9: discretionary portfolio management. The price includes a website, office, business relationships with APIs and multicurrency Bank accounts in DBS Bank Multi-Currency. For price and further details on this investment opportunity, please contact us through the request form on this page.

Ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy for sale

Europe - Italy

A ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy for sale was founded in 2023. The company is established in Rome. Buy a ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy A ready-made company with a bank account for sale in Italy is registered as an SRL. The company has a commercial account with the Main Bank of Italy. Field of activity: development and sale of computer systems, further support and administration, provision of related services, consulting. The company will be transferred to the new owner remotely. Nominee services are available if required. Pure history; there are no debts or any obligations. Join our Telegram channel. Every week we add new listings of shelf companies for sale in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world. Fill out the form on the website and we will contact you shortly.

Ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale

Europe - Spain

A ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale was established in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This company is not currently active. Buy a ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain A shelf company with an account for sale in Spain was registered as a commercial structure in 2011. The company has several active bank accounts: Caixa and BBVA. Field of activity: trading, consulting services, IT, services for organizing and supervising business processes. Absolute absence of any obligations and debts. When the company was in operation, its turnover was about 60,000-200,000 EUR. The business will be transferred to the new owner remotely. Nominee services are available if required. Join our Telegram channel. There we post new offers of ready-made companies for sale every week. Fill out the form on the website and our specialists will contact you shortly.

Online Currency Exchange in Poland for Sale

Europe - Poland
Forex Broker License

Это редкая возможность купить известный финансовый бизнес в Польше с многолетней историей деятельности и надежной клиентской базой. Этот онлайн-обмен валюты в Польше на продажу существует на рынке уже 13 лет. Валютный обменник на продажу: подробности сделки Бизнес: Этот интернет-оператор обмена валюты предоставляет 15 услуг онлайн-обмена. Разрешения: Имеет лицензию MIP и находится в процессе получения лицензии KIP. Позиция на рынке: 1-е место в Польше по количеству услуг онлайн-обмена. 3/4 место среди небанковских организаций по онлайн-обмену валюты в Польше. Клиенты: более 20 000 активных клиентов (как физические, так и юридические лица) Программное обеспечение: собственная ИТ-система с высоким уровнем автоматизации, способная поддерживать огромное количество транзакций. Хотите купить хорошо зарекомендовавший себя финансовый бизнес в Польше? Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами для получения подробной информации об этом предложении.

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