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Operational Indonesia FX/CFD Broker for Sale

Asia - Indonesia
Forex Broker License

Corporate Overview of Indonesia brokerage firm for sale Jurisdiction: Indonesia License Type: Pialang Incorporation and License Issuance Year: 2004 Status: Active, maintains a clean regulatory record Financial and Operational Details of this Operational Indonesia FX/CFD broker for sale Bank Accounts: Client Funds: 2 accounts at BCA (Indonesia) Corporate: 1 account each at BCA and OCBC (Indonesia) Clients: Over 100 active clients based in Indonesia Staffing Structure Directors: 2 (Note: Directors will not stay after the sale) Employees: 35 staff members across key operational functions, including MLRO; potential for staff to stay post-sale under new terms. Infrastructure of Financial services business for sale Software Platform: Not specified Office Locations: Main headquarters in Jakarta; additional branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung Office Costs: Monthly rent/service charge for the Jakarta office is IDR 70 million (~USD 4,800) For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Belize FX license with MT4 for sale

North America - Belize
Forex Broker License

Discover an enticing opportunity to acquire a Pre-established Belizean FX license bundled with MT4 software. Here’s a glimpse of the essential details awaiting your consideration: Belizean FX license with MT4 software: Key Features This legal entity is incorporated in Belize. The company holds FX license. Included in the sale are the website, software, and existing client base. The MT4 software is rented for 4,500 USD per month. Currently, there are approximately 500,000 MT4 real accounts with a combined client equity of around 2,000,000 USD. The client base consists of approximately 38,000 active clients, primarily targeting markets in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Maltese Company with MT4 License for Sale

Europe - Malta
Forex Broker License

An outstanding opportunity awaits to acquire a well-established Maltese company with an MT4 license for sale, granting access to the thriving financial markets. Boasting a range of features such as a solid track record, MT4 main license, STP license, presence in Germany, and banking relationships in Switzerland and Austria, this offering presents an enticing investment opportunity. Key Details: Establishment: This ready-made company with an MT4 license was established in 2012, showcasing extensive experience and reliability in the financial services sector. MT4 Main License: Hold the main license for the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, preferred by traders worldwide for its robust features and capabilities. Branch in Germany: Benefit from an established branch in Germany, strategically positioned to tap into the European market and enhance operational efficiency. STP License: Possess a coveted Straight Through Processing (STP) license, facilitating seamless order execution and ensuring transparency in trading activities. Banking Relationships: Maintain active bank accounts in Switzerland and Austria, providing access to reputable banking services and enabling smooth financial transactions. Passporting Ability: Enjoy the flexibility of passporting and onboarding clients from across Europe and globally outside the restricted list, unlocking vast market opportunities and avenues for growth. White Label Partnership: Leverage the full white-label capabilities of a Swiss bank to issue International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for European Union citizens, elevating client services and satisfaction to new heights. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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Ready Made South Africa Gaming License:

Africa - South Africa
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Seize the opportunity to acquire a South Africa gaming license, unlocking access to a lucrative market locally and worldwide. With a reputable company standing, this license offers significant advantages for individuals or entities aiming to venture into or expand within the gaming industry. Advantages of South Africa License: Easy Regulatory Hurdle: Acquiring a gaming license in South Africa involves straightforward regulatory requirements, simplifying the process for interested parties. Highly Respectable License: The South Africa gaming license commands high respect within the industry, enhancing the credibility and reputation of the licensee. Access to a Large Market: South Africa boasts one of the largest global markets for gaming activities, presenting abundant opportunities for growth and profitability. Key Features: Clean Company: The associated company holds a clean standing, devoid of legal or regulatory issues, ensuring a seamless transition for the new owner. Operational Scope: The license allows operations both within South Africa, tapping into the extensive local market, and globally, offering flexibility and expansion avenues. Regulatory Compliance: The licensee must adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines governing gaming activities in South Africa, ensuring transparency and integrity in operations. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Investment Dealer Licensed Company in Mauritius for Sale:

Offshore - Mauritius
Payment institutions

Discover the opportunity to acquire an investment dealer licensed company in Mauritius, offering entry into the vibrant financial market of the region. This ready-made company comes with key features such as a market making license, a clean regulatory record, established banking relationships, and a physical presence in Mauritius, making it an attractive investment prospect. Key Details: Year of Incorporation and Licensing: The Ready Made Investment Dealer Licensed company was incorporated and licensed in 2021, positioning it as a relatively new player in the financial services sector with ample growth potential. Market Making License: With a market making license, the company can actively participate in facilitating liquidity and trading activities across various financial instruments, enhancing its market presence and revenue streams. Clean Regulatory Record: The company boasts a clean regulatory record, having received no complaints, which underscores its commitment to regulatory compliance and operational integrity, instilling confidence in stakeholders. Banking Relationship: Maintaining a bank account with SBM Bank, the company enjoys access to essential banking services for both corporate and client accounts, facilitating seamless financial transactions and operations. Physical Office in Mauritius: Operating from a physical office in Mauritius, the company benefits from a local presence, enabling it to conduct business activities efficiently within the region and establish strong relationships with clients and partners. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Seychelles B2B Securities Dealer Broker for Sale

Africa - Seychelles
Forex Broker License

An enticing opportunity awaits to acquire an operational company with an FSA license in Seychelles, offering entry into the securities trading market. This turnkey business comes with essential features, including bank accounts, proprietary trading software, and a pristine record, making it an appealing investment prospect. Key Features: FSA License: The company possesses a valid license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, empowering it to function as a securities dealer broker, granting access to the financial market within the region. Bank Accounts: Included in the sale are two bank accounts that seamlessly transfer to the new owner, facilitating financial transactions and operational needs. Proprietary Trading Software: This Seychelles B2B Securities Dealer Broker offers proprietary software tailored for securities trading among B2B clients. This software can be purchased as part of the acquisition, providing a competitive edge and streamlining operational processes. Client Base: While the company currently has existing clients, they will transition to another entity. Nonetheless, the established client base underscores the company’s market presence and potential to attract new clientele in the future. Clean Records: With a spotless record, free from any legal or regulatory blemishes, the company ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations, instilling trust and confidence in stakeholders. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

For Sale: UK 750k Market Maker License

Europe - United Kingdom
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Here’s an exclusive opportunity to acquire a prestigious UK 750k Market Maker license, offering extensive permissions and operational capabilities in the financial services sector. This investment opportunity boasts several key points, including: License Type: FPRU 750k license (market maker), providing significant authority and flexibility for market-making activities within the UK. License Duration: The Ready Made 750k Market Maker license has been in existence for over 20 years, demonstrating stability and reliability in the market. Active Business Operations: The associated business is currently active and operational, presenting immediate revenue-generating prospects for the new owner. License Permissions: With a broad range of permissions, including advising on investments, arranging deals in investments, safeguarding and administration of assets, and dealing in investments as a principal, this license facilitates diverse business operations and revenue streams. Banking Relationships: The company maintains banking relationships with Tier 1 UK and EU banks, ensuring efficient financial transactions and management. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management Company Regulated under CSSF for Sale

Europe - Luxembourg
Banking License

Key Features: Banking: Partnered with City Bank Luxembourg, ensuring robust financial services and stability for investors. Administration: Managed by Creatrust in Luxembourg, a renowned administrative service provider known for its reliability and expertise. Legal Status: Operates as a Ready Made Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management Company under Luxembourg law, ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards and requirements. Audit Requirements: Not mandated for Luxembourg Alternative Fund and Management For Sale audits until reaching 100 million in assets, allowing for streamlined operations and cost efficiency. Investor Base: Attracts funds from professional investors, catering to a sophisticated and discerning clientele seeking investment opportunities in Luxembourg. Depositary Bank: Utilizes City Bank Luxembourg as its depositary bank, providing secure custody of assets and ensuring investor protection. ISIN: Issued with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), simplifying trading processes and enhancing market access. Euroclear Registration: Registered under Euroclear, enabling access to a wide network of investors and counterparties, facilitating efficient transactions and liquidity management. Online Platform: Offers a user-friendly web area for investors to access real-time Net Asset Value (NAV) updates and execute new subscriptions, promoting transparency and convenience in investment management processes. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

South African FSP Regulated Broker with MT5 for Sale:

Africa - South Africa
Forex Broker License

Client Base: Boasts a substantial client base of 1000 accounts, providing a ready-made revenue stream and potential for further growth. MT5 Platform Included: The sale includes the MT5 trading platform, offering advanced trading capabilities and enhancing client satisfaction. Bank Account: Operational efficiency is ensured with an established bank account, facilitating seamless financial transactions and management. Monthly MQ Fees: Monthly MetaQuotes (MQ) fees amounting to $5,500 are covered, ensuring uninterrupted access to the MT5 platform and its features. Clean Company: The company has a clean record, with no outstanding debts or complaints, instilling trust and confidence among clients and stakeholders. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Curacao Gambling License Ready for Acquisition

South America - Venezuela
Forex Broker License

Delve into this exceptional chance to secure a Curacao gambling license for sale, boasting: A ready-made Curacao gaming license, providing immediate legal authority. A Cyprus subsidiary furnished with comprehensive payment solutions. Seamless website integration for streamlined operations. Impeccably maintained company records, ensuring reliability. Company registration renewal bundled with the purchase for enhanced convenience. Rapid change of control process, ensuring agility and adaptability. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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