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Successful Radio Station in Spain

Europe - Spain
Tech & Media

A good opportunity to buy a radio station in Spain. Radio station for sale A very good listening and supportive radio station for over 12 years Operated from a nearby rental/block on the outskirts of a small town. Can be controlled by owner with a small maintenance staff or a couple’s organization or group. Owner will stop for some time after the deal to prepare and help with organization. Income from promotion, including neighborhood sponsors and spectators in English and Spanish. There is the prospect of business growth in the media field. Owner is leaving the business for family reasons at this time. Therefore, the business is for sale.

Great television base in Spain

Europe - Spain
TV and Radio

Facts:  The organization has been working since 2015.  The base is in the Kingdom of Spain, EU. The telecom permit for the station was acquired in 2015. It communicates in Russian to all EU nations (cross-line broadcasting). The telecom satellite is Hotbird 13′, covering the whole European piece of Eurasia up to the Urals. The station is available in IPTV, VOD, and link administrators’ communicating bundles. The principal pay source is publicizing. The absolute crowd of the channel is 7 million families. The channel’s primary crowd is Russian-speakers in the EU, which address about 80% of family units. The business sum incorporates:  The organization holding the permit.  License for two enrolled TV stations. All realistic components of the TV station. Broadcasting hardware, all ground-based correspondence channels (rental), prepared studio (can be introduced at any area for an extra expense). Graphic bundles for briefly ceased news projects. Social media. Licensed substance. All current promoting contracts. 8 architects, 2  studio administrators, one SMM trained professional. Bookkeeping on an outside premise.  News broadcasts can be re-dispatched for an extra expense and gave over during the change time frame.  

USA Video & TV Production Company

North America - USA
TV and Radio

A video and TV broadcasting company is a vehicle for fame. Thanks to this company, you can significantly expand your audience and attract many customers. Cooperation takes place with many well-known TV channels, which are included in the list of more than 600 customers. Some of the best known clients are Louisiana, Mississippi television and news, and civilian documentaries. The work is proceeding promptly, so the materials for the broadcast are always fresh, often programs can be filmed on the day they are released. Specializing in politics and news makes the company even more in demand. In connection with the pandemic, the work of the company has changed a little, now the broadcast comes from video conferences and a lot of information is taken due to the active tracking of what is happening online. However, the company has not disappointed customers in any setting.

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Financial License AFS

Oceania - Australia
Misc. Media

The AFS license acts as an excellent alternative EU EMI license. Capabilities: • Multicurrency accounts; • Electronic money transactions; • Ability to receive and service a debit card; • Cryptocurrency; • Investment product services, insurance, credit, etc. Benefits: • No need for authorized capital; • If income is not earned in Australia, 0% tax; • Only 3-4 months to obtain a license; • No need for Australian shareholders. Requirements: • Qualified manager; • Financial stability of shareholders; • Absence of any previous convictions. Full legal assistance is guaranteed from our specialist with a good reputation (more than 15 licenses in Australia and New Zealand).

International hosting company

North America - USA

An international hosting company. Income comes from add-ons, dedicated hosting, virtual and VPS hosting. Large reach of clients from the Middle East, Europe, China and the USA. Servers in the EU. 80% Linux and 20% Windows. Support is available in three languages: English, Russian and Chinese. Payment is possible via CC, PayPal and bank transfer in USD and EUR. 90% of servers are in use (Enom, cPanel, etc.). Reason: The salesperson needs time for family and other personal matters.

Original streaming TV Platform

North America - USA
TV and Radio

A totally original TV streaming platform, which includes the creation of TV streaming websites, 24/7 broadcasting, e-commerce equipping and CMS. With streaming TV websites, absolutely any sale is possible: real estate, belongings, cars, donations, and more. It is also possible to increase the base of private subscribers. All user subscriptions and payments belong to the publishers because the platform is independent of the publisher. All license websites that direct to mailboxes or publisher payment processing. Updates and plugins include: • live chat • video conference • drafting TV programs • SDK for native Android application • SDK for native iOS application. There is an opportunity to provide resources for the rapid growth and development of the company.

Radio and television for sale are mass media that are especially important and significant for the formation of the social and cultural life of the population. With the help of certain technical means necessary for contacts with a wide range of people, society is promptly and properly notified of the most important and relevant political, economic, cultural, social events, as well as various educational programs, films and film news and other information are broadcast constantly arousing public interest.

Radio communication business services are available throughout the planet using radios manufactured as separate technical means or built into a car, TV, etc. Radio transmissions are also available via the Internet. There are over a billion radio stations in the world. However, their accessibility to all segments of the population is not the same, since in some places in the world there is radio interference and there is no possibility of broadcasting some radio stations. Of course, this problem does not arise if the broadcasts of a particular radio station can be listened to over the Internet.

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