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Ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale

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A ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale was established in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This company is not currently active. Buy a ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain A shelf company with an account for sale in Spain was registered as a commercial structure in 2011. The company has several active bank accounts: Caixa and BBVA. Field of activity: trading, consulting services, IT, services for organizing and supervising business processes. Absolute absence of any obligations and debts. When the company was in operation, its turnover was about 60,000-200,000 EUR. The business will be transferred to the new owner remotely. Nominee services are available if required. Join our Telegram channel. There we post new offers of ready-made companies for sale every week. Fill out the form on the website and our specialists will contact you shortly.

Online store for innovative products for sale

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New investment opportunity – online store for innovative products for sale. This is a ready-made company for sale with capital, website, logo, goods in stock and social networks. Online store for sale: deal details This is the first and only distributor of smart swimwear in Spain. Its formula is quite subtle; it doesn’t leave any white casts, protects the skin from photo-aging gently (SPF 15–35), dries rapidly, and enhances your physique while camouflaging blemishes. This swimwear is the best defense against allergies, inflammation, and sun-accelerated aging for sensitive or newborn skin. Every year, renowned designers offer new collections with one-of-a-kind fashion prints. The company has an exclusive arrangement for the selling of smart swimwear and clothing that allows sunburn to flow through with production based in Lithuania. No competitors in Spain. The business created a website and visual marketing materials with the assistance of a renowned Riga business designer. It functions as an online store and is available in three languages. The commodities in the warehouse are valued at 30 thousand euros, but they are being sold for 90 thousand. No official sales occurred. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please contact us for details.

Ready-Made Trading Company in Spain

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Below you can see the basic information regarding the ready-made trading company in Spain with bank account for sale. An organization that aims for future profits and stable income. This firm has everything that a future investor interested in conquering the market as soon as possible needs. You do not need to make additional efforts to make the enterprise successful or respectable. You are provided with a ready-made platform through which you can realize your commercial potential and boldly step towards profits and profitable partnerships with Spanish entrepreneurs. Trading company in Spain for sale – whats included Stable commercial structure in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Company was registered in 2014 year. Opened bank account in BBVA bank. Declared activity: general trade. VAT 7%. No debts and fees. Full support. Possibility of nominee service or director. You have the possibility to buy ready-made trading company in Spain and start your business as soon as possible. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

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Turnkey medical clinic in Alicante

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Medical clinics

Turnkey medical clinic for sale in Alicante! Business is ready for transfer to the new owner. Overview of a turnkey medical clinic in Alicante The clinic has been in existence for many years, has an excellent reputation and has clients all over the world. The four dentists include a specialist in orthodontics, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a cosmetic dentist. General dentistry is widely practiced, as well as implant and cosmetic dentistry. Three air-conditioned, automated and well-equipped operating rooms make up this purpose-built clinic. Each surgery has a large waiting/reception area as well as a specialized sterilization room and digital radiography. All equipment and needed material is included in the sale price of the business. Don’t miss your chance to buy a turnkey medical business in Spain! You can also see other offers in the category medical-clinics.

Ecological Rural Hotel in Malaga

Europe - Spain

Incredible chance to buy ecological rural hotel in Malaga – a charming place built in a natural area. This is a well-equipped farm, completely environmentally friendly. The institution is equipped with everything necessary for a wonderful holiday and complete relaxation of guests. The hotel is located in the beautiful region of Andalusia – just an hour from the Strait of Gibraltar. This is the outskirts of a small old Spanish village in a mountain range. You can use the hotel as a home for your own residence and as a business structure at the same time. Structure and assets of ecological rural hotel for sale in Malaga The facility is structured to meet the needs of guests and hosts. In particular, the ecological rural hotel in Malaga for sale looks like this: nine rooms, each of which is equipped with a private bathroom; large dining room and common living room; SPA-center; massage room; sauna; mud and hydromassage baths; kitchen with professional equipment. On the territory of the garden plot there is a small covered gazebo used for yoga, meditation, coaching lectures and various other activities. The gazebo can be booked for a retreat. Rural hotel in Gaucin for sale has been refurbished to a modern standard while retaining all of the original Spanish flair. The rooms are equipped with unique rustic furniture – comfortable and creative in design. The hotel is quite popular in the region. In addition, foreign guests also love this place for its magnificent natural views, the atmosphere of complete relaxation and the high quality of service. The surroundings are truly amazing – guests can fully recover from the bustle of the city, restore peace of mind and fill up with strength for future achievements. You can also see other offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts“.

Full-service beauty salon in downtown Las Americas

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Beauty project

Full-service beauty salon for sale in downtown Las Americas! Business is ready for transfer to new owner. Overview of a full-service beauty salon in downtown Las Americas A beauty and manicure salon is for sale. It is located in the heart of Las Americas, right in front of the lively promenade and with spectacular sea views. The salon provides a wide range of services, including manicures, pedicures, depilation, massages, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, facials and much more. The salon has excellent equipment, which has recently been upgraded to high quality. The salon has a treatment room, storage and kitchen for staff, and a restroom. The main room has a waiting area, front desk and ten treatment stations. The staff wishes to remain employed after the sale of the business. Therefore, you will not need to spend time looking for new employees. This is a great opportunity to buy a beauty salon in Spain! You can also see other offers in the category  beauty-project.  

Turnkey hair salon in Santa Catalina

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Beauty project

Turnkey hair salon for sale in Santa Catalina! Business is ready for transfer to new owner. Overview of a turnkey hair salon in Santa Catalina Barbershop in a fantastic location on the major thoroughfare of Santa Catalina for sale on lease (traspaso). Modern salon, modest enough to be self-managed if desired, in a trendy and lively location with high foot traffic. Reasonable area of about 30 m2 with elegant stations and washing areas, rest room for customers and storage areas. Contract for 5 years. The space has been beautifully renovated. There are excellent reviews and a large number of regular customers. Do not miss the opportunity to buy a beauty salon in Spain! You can also see other options in the category beauty-project.

Turnkey beauty salon and hair salon in Velez Malaga

Europe - Spain
Beauty project

Turnkey beauty salon and hair salon for sale in Velez Malaga! Business is ready for transfer to new owner. Overview of a turnkey beauty salon and hair salon in Velez Malaga The salon, consisting of a lobby, waiting area, hair salon, three beauty salons and a tanning salon, covers 140 square meters, making it a regional icon. All rooms are decorated to a high standard and are attractive, ensuring guests a pleasant visit to the salon. Through active participation in many fashion events, the salon has a high public profile and has won top awards at numerous hairdressing competitions, acting as an ambassador for some of them. This has led to significant growth in business for photo shoots for world-renowned photographers as well as video shoots for singers, bloggers and influencers. Many of the salon’s wedding ideas have been featured on the blog, which has over 60,000 subscribers, and the salon itself has been featured in well-known international magazines as one of the best salons. Very profitable hair and beauty salon in Velez Malaga Founded in 2006 and now has more than 3,000 customers Lively residential shopping center in the center of town The salon works with well-known brands. Among the services offered are hairdressing, aesthetics, tanning, micropigmentation, laser, extensions, eyelashes, cosmetics, makeup and wedding preparation. The company has no debt and runs like a well-oiled machine. On mutually agreed terms, the owner is willing to give the buyer an extended period of handover and training. Do not miss the chance to buy a beauty salon in Spain! You can also see other offers in the category beauty-project.

Beauty salon and spa in Torrevieja

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Beauty project

Beauty salon and spa for sale in Torrevieja! Business ready for transfer to the new owner. Overview of a beauty salon and spa in Torrevieja A fantastic chance to buy a well established beauty and spa business with the added advantage of ownership. The company started in Switzerland and has been successfully operating in Spain for the last four years. Health, wellness, beauty, natural medicine and massage are all areas of the company. Jacuzzi with hydromassage Steam bath treatment room Massage room Facial treatment room Separate room with Jacuzzi Deluxe Double Room for Massage Buying a beauty salon in Spain will be a sound investment! You can also see other options in the category beauty-project.

Beauty salon with great location in Fuengirola

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Beauty project

Beauty salon for sale with great location in Fuengirola! Business is ready to be transferred to the new owner. Overview of a beauty salon with an excellent location in Fuengirola The business is located in a well-known area of Fuengirola, surrounded by several vacation homes, residences and hotels (as well as many locals of different nationalities). The 80 m2 salon has four seats, two sinks, a massage area and a beauty cabinet! This fully furnished and equipped beauty and hair salon is for sale. This salon is perfect for the stylist who wants to run their own business. It is located in a very busy neighborhood with lots of foot traffic and only a short walk to the beach. Buying a beauty salon in Spain would be a great investment! You can also see other offers in the category beauty-project.

A growing and stable economics, a relatively cheap but competent workforce, tough but transparent and fair conditions for investors. These are far from all the reasons why today is the best time to open a biz in Spain. The economy of the state is interested in attracting foreign investments, because the current legislation does not put non-residents in a less favorable position than locals: the terms for all are equal.

Features of the business environment in Spain

Despite the status of an industrial country, as in any other European state, the basis of the Spanish economy is small-sized businesses in Spain, Local legislation defines the business structure of Spain as a country of this type of  enterprises, emphasizing their central place in the issues of increasing national wealth, creating workers places and supporting employment, as well as flexibility in case of economic turmoil.

The historical predominance of the rural population and the small number of large industrial enterprises determined a certain, so to speak, Spanish national tradition, such a “folk economic style”. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the foundation of entrepreneurship and the production structure in Spain as a whole, which is demonstrably confirmed by statistics:

  • 99.8% of Spanish enterprises belong to SMEs;
  • 95.8% of them are organizations that employ up to 9 people;
  • 97% of SMEs have a profit of less than 2 million euros;
  • only 0.1% of Spanish companies have a turnover exceeding 50 million euros;
  • 66% of jobs and 65% of Spanish GDP are accounted for by small and medium-sized enterprises.

According to the uniform criteria that have been in force in the EU since 2005, the following are created in Spain:

  • micro-enterprises: 0-10 employees, with a turnover of up to 5 million euros;
  • small enterprises: 10-49 employees, with a turnover of up to 10 million euros;
  • medium-sized enterprises: 50-249 employees, with a turnover of up to 50 million euros.

About 25% of all these organizations work in trade, the second most significant in this context is the construction of businesses in Spain for sale – it accounts for about 12.7% of the total number of all small enterprises.

About 9% of companies belong to hotel complexes.

How to open a company in Spain

Opening a company is associated with certain features and requirements in non-European countries. But let’s dispel the myth right away:

  • in order to open your own company, you do not need to obtain a visa or GNP and be a resident of Spain:
  • if all the work will be performed by hired personnel or Spanish partners, the founder does not need to obtain any civil status at all. If the conduct of affairs will be carried out independently – at least a biz can’t be dispensed with.

To obtain a company in country, a non-citizen must:

  1. not be a citizen of the EU;
  2. to be legally in Spanish territory;
  3. not have a criminal record in country and the country of accommodation during the last 5 years;
  4. not have a ban on entry to Spain and not be considered as a person undesirable for admission to Spain;
  5. comply with the requirements of legislation for a specific type of commercial activity;
  6. possess the necessary qualifications and experience for the implementation of a specific business plan (if it is a rental business – a realtor’s qualification, if it is a construction business – construction education);
  7. prove the sufficiency of the planned investments for the implementation of the opening business plan and the necessary jobs;
  8. to prove the sources of financing and the availability of funds for own maintenance and maintenance of family members.

Terms of company formation of business in Spain for sale

As stated by the World Bank’s Doing Business in Spain report, the country is not among the countries with the possibility of quick business registration. According to the World Bank, the kingdom ranks 85th in the world according to this criterion: due to the many bureaucratic procedures, opening a company in Spain takes an average of about 13 days, compared to 8 days in average spent by entrepreneurs in other OECD countries. However, such data are derived only on the basis of SB calculations, and according to sociologists, entrepreneurs spend an average of 47 days on creating a company.

Costs of businesses for sale in Spain

On the example of an LLC, it will be:

  • obtaining a certificate of registration of the name in the Center for Central Development – about 40 euros;
  • formation of authorized capital – minimum 3 thousand euros;
  • development of installation documentation – 100-150 euros;
  • notary services – 150-300 euros depending on the region;
  • registration in the provincial trade register – 150-300 euros;
  • other administrative costs – up to 200 euros.

How to buy business in Spain

Considering the difficulties of registering a business in the kingdom, foreign capital often prefers to buy an already existing Spanish enterprise. In this case, we are talking about more serious amounts. But buying a ready-made business has its advantages.

In short, it is the presence of a ready-made target audience, established corporate mechanisms, equipment, advertising, probably stable income. Among the most popular destinations are the hotel and restaurant business, beauty salons and shopping complexes, coffee shops and gas stations.

It is interesting that a foreigner will not need a special resident status to buy a company. Moreover, after the purchase of the enterprise, the investor can apply for a business visa or even a GNP.


Summarizing all that has been said, we can highlight several obvious pros and cons of setting up a business in Spain. Among advantages:

  • open EU market;
  • cheap labor force, including from among the natives of the CIS countries;
  • the presence of a residence permit, which opens the freedom of movement within Schengen;
  • protection of foreign investments and the growing economy of the country.

And disadvantages:

  • expensiveness, bureaucracy and duration of enterprise registration;
  • difficulties in understanding local legislation;
  • the need to issue a visa and GNP for independent business management;
  • the need for large investments