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Android mobile app with ARR in Sao Paulo

South America - Brazil

On sale Android mobile app with ARR in Sao Paulo! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner. Review of an Android mobile app with an ARR in Sao Paulo No maintenance is required and only minimal staffing is needed. The company has been developed and managed by one person for 5 years and has been profitable for the past 3 years. Pricing and business model: in-app purchases . The product technology stack consists of native Android with Java, Node.js for Firebase and native Android with Java. Expansion into other countries, app store optimization, marketing with international influencers, advertising campaigns and more digital marketing are all potential growth strategies.   Automated payment process. Zero operating costs. Number of app downloads: 2,800,000. Number of active users: over 100,000. Don’t miss your chance to buy a mobile app in Brazil! You can also see other offers in category software.

Open-pit marble mine for sale in Brazil

South America - Brazil
Manufacturing Businesses

This is an open-pit marble mine for sale in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A plant is not included in the sale, but it is subject to negotiation. Key aspects of a marble mine for sale Approximately 100 extracted blocks 2mx2mx3m (application–construction material) are available for immediate sale. As Calcium Carbonate, marble is available in a volume of 2,725 kg per m3. According to the geological study, the territory rich in such a material covers 2,570,070m3 (research conducted in 2006). It shall be noted that other marble mines around the world are drying up! The significant advantage of this marble mining corporation for sale is the proximity to North America, which presents a huge market potential. By acquiring this mine, a purchaser will obtain a 202 ha site (2,020,000m2) Mining rights are now transferring to a landowner, with a completion date in Feb/Mar 2022. The proprietor is willing to sell ASAP, so there will be minimal delays from his side. Property overview At the disposal of the corporation, there are two usable buildings, water deposits, electricity, satellite Internet and excellent access from all important roads. *See other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

IT Digital Transformation Company in Brazil

South America - Brazil
IT Consultancies

This is a great opportunity buy IT Digital Transformation Company in Brazil! Overview of IT Digital Transformation Company in Brazil for sale The IT-company in Brazil for sale, which was founded in 1991, works in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, finance, agriculture, and oil and gas. IT solutions, primarily from agile approaches, are the company’s main revenue streams. They have different solutions for optimizing, digitizing, and combining corporate operations among the development of strategies, goods, and services. Its strategy is revolutionary, not evolutionary, in that it aims to increase efficiency by re-engineering processes and systems with best-in-class personnel and unique software solutions. Since then, the IT-company in Brazil for sale has expanded its product and service offerings while also developing cutting-edge automation technology. Our customers’ automation solutions enable users to efficiently accomplish activities, track progress, perform queries, and send customer care messages in the field, all while controlling the automation of robotic processes, using a non-invasive and configurable platform. You can see more interesting offers in the category “IT-Consultancies”.

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Boutique resort in State of Bahia

South America - Brazil

A unique chance buy Boutique resort in State of Bahia! Overview of Boutique resort in State of Bahia for sale Key features of hotel business in Brazil for sale: Beautiful beachfront resort with a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. There is a large two-story main house, four bungalows, two apartments, a restaurant, a swimming pool and a children’s pool, five stables with five horses, and a caretaker home with laundry on the property. The months of December, January, and February bring us a lot of business. It’s a popular destination for marlin fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. The resort is excellent for a couple or a family to live in and administer. TripAdvisor and listings. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Marble mine in Brazil

South America - Brazil
Manufacturing Businesses

This is a marble mine in Brazil for sale, located just 200 kilometres from Natal. Overview of a marble mine in Brazil for sale Approximately 100 extracted blocks 2mx2mx3m are available on site. It should be noted that other marble mines across the world are drying up but this one has good conditions. This marble mine for sale features very close proximity to North America, with presents a huge market potential. The total area includes 202 Ha. The mining rights should be transferred with the completion expected at the first quartal of 2022. The mine also features 2 buildings, water deposits, electricity, Internet and easy access. *More interesting offers for sale are available in the category “Manufacturing”.

Hotel business in Sao Paulo

South America - Brazil

This is a good opportunity buy Hotel business in Sao Paulo! Overview of Hotel business in Sao Paulo for sale Key features of hotel in Brazil for sale: A hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that first opened its doors in 1989. There are a total of 20 rooms. Television, air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, table and chairs, fully equipped bathroom, intercom, hairdryer, and WiFi are all included in each room. There is also a restaurant, a salon, a spa, and a parking lot at the hotel. The neighborhood is a major tourist destination, and we have a good occupancy rate all year. We intend to expand and eventually have 40 rooms. Land, hotel setup, and equipment are examples of physical assets. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

3-star hotel in Beberibe

South America - Brazil

Don`t miss the opportunity buy 3-star hotel in Beberibe! Overview of 3-star hotel in Beberibe for sale Key features of hotel business in Brazil for sale: Beautiful 3-star hotel in front of the beach with 12 suites, 2 apartments, and 2 superior rooms. The beach is only 50 meters away. Have all of the essential amenities, such as a swimming pool, restaurant and pizzeria, massage service, private balcony, parking, reception, fully air-conditioned rooms, TV, hot shower, gym, and minibar. We provide a laid-back dining experience with in-room dining and a multi-cuisine menu. Have a mix of regular and occasional customers from all around the world. On an annual basis, we service over 1,000 customers. Business assets include land, building, kitchen equipment, furniture and the website. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Hotel business in Porto Alegre

South America - Brazil

This is a fantastic chance buy Hotel business in Porto Alegre! Overview of Hotel business in Porto Alegre for sale Advantages of hotel in Brazil for sale: Hotel in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that makes a lot of money. The facility comprises 10 stories and 109 rooms (with the option of adding 80 additional rooms), 350 sqm restaurant, parking space, fitness center, and business center on a 1,750 sqm plot of land. Hotel in Brazil for sale is in a privileged location, essentially at the Porto Alegre entrance, which sets it apart from competitors in that visitors, particularly automobiles, do not have to walk more than 500 meters from the city entry to the hotel. This is the most popular option for hosting. The hotel shines in its strategic positioning as an executive/family hotel, focusing on affordable rates for businesses and making the capital accessible to families visiting for leisure, health, and education. We are listed on nearly every internet booking platform, and we also receive bookings through our own website. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Drone school investment opportunity in Brazil

South America - Brazil

Training Institute Business Investment Opportunity in Curitiba for sale Drone school working since 2014. The setup business for sale incorporates: We give proficient pilot courses, essential pilot courses, photogrammetry course, planning, and 3D demonstrating with robots, and RPA did the pilot course.  Have served in excess of 400 customers since 2014.  We give preparing to 5 of the 10 biggest organizations in the south of the country.  Also, we have given online courses to in excess of 800 customers.  Drone school investment opportunity for sale has conveyed over 12,000 hours of preparation since origin.  On request, we likewise give drone counseling and do ramble projects.  Promoter has over 5 years of involvement with this business.

Spacious warehouse in Brazil

South America - Brazil

A storage space including staff members and hardware is available to be purchased. Aspects of this business for sale: Spacious warehouse for sale gives month-to-month rental space to reports, furniture, family merchandise, and stock. Likewise, they offer protection for the products. The total rentable space of the distribution center is 21,527 sq ft with a limit of 200 boxes going in size from 21.5 sq ft to 129 sq ft and an adjustable territory. The business for sale has 123 dynamic B2B and B2C customers. Promoter has over 4 years of involvement with the warehousing industry.

The country that we will review today is the largest state in Latin America by economy and 9th in the world by this indicator. Brazil is a good choice for doing business. Also, in recent years, Brazil has experienced some economic difficulties. For example, in 2009, Brazil’s economy shrank by 0.3%. This was partly due to reduced demand for Brazilian commodity exports. Over the past decade, a combination of tight credit restrictions, high levels of bureaucracy, political instability and damaging corruption scandals have hampered Brazil’s economic growth and investor confidence in the region. Read on to find out why you should consider doing business in Brazil.

Despite years of economic difficulties, the country looks positively to the future. The new government came to power in 2019 and plans to reduce government intervention in local markets, eliminate government corruption, open Brazil to foreign participation, and cut the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy that Brazil is famous for.

Brazilian biz culture

Business culture in country is relaxed, but at the same time sophisticated. Openness and friendliness are expected in most biz relations. Brazilians also value patience and control.

Brazil has a vertically hierarchical biz structure, meaning that final decisions are likely to be made by the highest-ranking member of the counterparty. This may result in a longer waiting period.

The line between personal and professional relationships is rather vague. Online business for sale in Brazil relationships are more about individuals than companies, which emphasizes the importance of easy conversations, face-to-face conversations, and constant discussion with business partners. Proximity and physical contact are used in casual or business discussions, although biz etiquette and culture become slightly relaxed the further south you go in the country.

Benefits of business in Brazil

Brazil offers many commercial possibilities for investors. Combined with the key benefits of doing business in Brazil, the possibilities become clear and accessible. Although the Brazilian biz habitat has its challenges, partnering with a local group ensures that you can successfully overcome these challenges and succeed in the market.

As you might have guessed, Brazil has traditionally been a world leader in agriculture, and this is still true today. Commercial opportunities are available for firms that have access to new technologies, equipment and services and can help modernize and make the agricultural sector more efficient. This type of investment is true for many national sectors, including the energy sector, mobile application development and fintech, all of which are growing at an impressive pace.

Business ideas in Brazil

Entrepreneurs can choose different areas for their investments, but which industry is the most profitable for a foreign investor to invest in?

  • In forestry. Very good conditions are provided for the development of this direction in the country – these are favorable rates on loans, and low prices for land.
  • In agriculture. In Brazil, this industry is very developed, moreover, the country lives off the export of agricultural products.
  • In the extraction and sale of minerals. According to statistics, only 10% of the mineral resources of Brazil have been explored. The extracted resources can be sold at international auctions.
  • In meat preparation. This is one of the most profitable industries: the meat produced in Brazil is known all over the world.

Brazil’s infrastructure

Country has excellent infrastructure and transport links, unlike some of its neighbors. Brazil has extensive and developed roads (and one of the largest highway systems in the world), as well as a diverse railway system. For companies that import and export goods, this is highly valued and makes Brazil a great trading hub.

Opportunities of market in Brazil

Brazil has the fifth biggest population in the world and a rapidly growing middle class (as in the entire Latin American region), which means a huge consumer market. The size and diversity of the consumer market has created a host of exciting biz opportunities for foreign business-companies looking to gain access to new clients in Brazil.

Brazil businesses for sale registration forms

In Brazil, there are various forms of business registration. The most popular include:

  • Limited liability companies;
  • Joint-stock corporations.

A limited liability company must have two or more founders who are citizens of Brazil, who may have representatives in that country. However, the requirements for the authorized capital of such a company are not spelled out in Brazilian law.

As for the joint-stock corporation, when registering an enterprise, it is necessary to pay 10% of the authorized capital, and among its founders must be at least two Brazilians.

Taxation system

In Brazil, individuals and legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs, pay taxes at different rates. For legal entities, this rate will be 15% of net profit. To this number it is necessary to add the pension tax, its value is 8%. All taxes listed are federal, but each state also provides for regional taxes, which are approximately 5% of the federal tax rate.

Step by step instruction how to buy a business in Brazil

Another attractive option for doing business in Brazil is buying a ready-made business. This method can be interesting for those who do not want to start from scratch.

Starting a new business in Brazil can take a long time, especially for foreign entrepreneurs who are not used to Brazilian biz procedures. An alternative option is to purchase a ready-made biz, which will permit you to skip many stages of planning. This is because the company already has a known track record, which reduces the uncertainty of the investment. You can also count on an already assembled structure, guaranteed customers and an estimated income. 

So instruction of buy ready-made business in Brazil for sale:

  • Choice of industry and business size

An entrepreneur must have the knowledge necessary to manage a company. But it is also important to analyze the market situation in the sector, if it is declining or has chances of growth.

As for the size of the business, it depends on some factors such as: the amount of money available for investment, the number of employees, etc.

  • Search

Besides consulting the media, you can contact a business broker or do your own research by visiting places or asking people if there are good businesses for sale in Brazil.

  • Getting to know the seller of the offer

At this stage, it is important to ask him why he is selling the company, what is the income, who are the customers, etc. The buyer is even interested in spending a few days observing the company from the inside, watching its work. and take notes.

  • Start the “evaluation” process

At this stage, you should check all the necessary documents to make sure that the business is legal. Here are some of the documents:

  • Certificate of payment of federal and municipal taxes;
  • INSS pass certificate;
  • FGTS regularization certificate;
  • Certificates of the criminal partner of the firm;
  • Certificate issued by the State Committee for Trade in full;
  • Regularity of the company’s headquarters;
  • Lease of property;
  • Statutes;
  • Furniture taxpayer registration card;
  • Due Diligence

Due Diligence is perhaps the most important of all steps. Here, the buyer will evaluate the target company or its assets and ensure that they are not buying assets that are tied to other liabilities or responsibilities, i.e. they are not buying assets that require the approval of others.

  • Preparation and signing of the contract

The amount the business owner is asking is not every time in line with the market or what the business has to offer. One way to find out the true value of a project is to calculate how much profit the company will make over the next five years based on the previous years’ revenue.

  • Payment

It is quite difficult to get a Brazilian fund to finance your purchase, especially if you are from abroad. The good news is that most business owners will sign a business for a 50% down payment and allow the rest to be paid in a certain number of payments.