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Luxury Champagne Brand in France

Europe - France

Available: Luxury Champagne Brand For Sale In France. Overview of a Luxury Champagne Brand For Sale The business on offer makes a few world-class Champagne varieties based on an exclusive 30-year contracted partnership, fully controlling a storied 5th generation French Champagne house. An owner of multiple awards, this Champagne brand for sale enjoys excellent rates from some of the most influential wine critics and is proud to have popular celebrity endorsement and marketing. A normal production capacity is more than 1.5 million bottles per year and strong international distribution partnerships. The business is positioned to grow in the luxury international market. This offer would be interesting for brands seeking to expand luxury offerings and wineries considering easy access to exclusive Champagne offerings. You can see other offers for sale in the category “General”.

Nightclub in Les Alpes

Europe - France
Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

This is an incredible chance buy Nightclub in Les Alpes! Overview of Nightclub in Les Alpes for sale This great company is set in a huge independent chalet in the centre of the resort’s activities. This venue in France for sale has a good reputation for working closely with the several tour operators who bring large groups on a regular basis, as it is the largest and only one of two running night clubs in the resort. Summer and winter, the resort offers an excellent and growing schedule of international student and sporting events. The nightclub in France for sale consists of two primary activities: the first is a three-story bar and nightclub. An entrance, reception with cloakroom, and an outside patio are all located on the ground floor. Two bars, a DJ booth, a stage, and an upper gallery surround the dance floor in the main club area, which has three levels. The restrooms are on the lowest level. A smaller pre-club bar on the bottom floor is the second activity. Because it has its own distinct alcohol license 4, it can operate as a stand-alone business or as part of a pre-club activity that feeds into the main nightclub. If desired, it might also be sublet to another private individual. A large apartment and a studio apartment are also included in the business lease, which can be used as lodging for personnel or the owners if needed. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Pubs/Bars/Nightclubs”.

Bar in Courchevel

Europe - France
Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

Don`t miss the chance buy Bar in Courchevel! Overview of Bar in Courchevel for sale This business is now used as a busy bar, but it may be repurposed to make the most of the excellent location. The property is 110m2, has a large “store front,” and is located near the piste in a popular area of Courchevel. This busy pub in France for sale is currently well established, and the business for sale has a bar license valid until 1 a.m. During the winter, the bar in France for sale is open all day and provides snacks and drinks during the day, with evening business. Throughout the season, live bands and themed party or comedy evenings are typical. The surrounding area is popular with both resort personnel and vacationers, and there are several additional bars, stores, and restaurants nearby. The possibilities for this 110m2 house in a wonderful location are boundless. People go to this area in the afternoons and evenings to visit the stores, pubs, and restaurants. There is foot traffic both during the day and at night, which opens up various possibilities for the property’s use. This well-established bar is being sold with its license, as well as all bar equipment, fixtures, and fittings, such as tables, chairs, music systems, TV screens, refrigerators, bar taps, coffee machines, and panini makers. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Pubs/Bars/Nightclubs”.

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Bar and restaurant with apartment in Savoie

Europe - France

An excellent opportunity buy Bar and restaurant with apartment in Savoie! Overview of Bar and restaurant with apartment in Savoie for sale This restaurant in France for sale offers both business and residential space, as well as a plethora of potential for a new owner in a bustling neighborhood. You’ll find yourself at the bar/restaurant section if you enter on the ground floor. Client WC and a storeroom are located down the steps to the left of the entryway. The professional kitchen is located at the back of the restaurant, and stairs go up to the 3 bedroom apartment or down to the lower level of the building, which has further storerooms that could be transformed into additional accommodation and a one bedroom studio that has already been restored. The upper-level three-bedroom apartment is exceptionally big, with a wide open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen. This floor also houses the main bedroom, which includes a shower and a basin. Stairs go up from the living room to two more good-sized bedrooms and a huge family bathroom. A little garden with cellars provides additional storage space on the lower level. This restaurant business in France for sale would be ideal for a couple or family wishing to run a company while yet having enough room to live. The lower level has additional room that is ready to be refurbished to match the future owner’s vision. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Licensed Restaurant in Saint Caprais

Europe - France

An incredible opportunity buy Licensed Restaurant in Saint Caprais! Overview of Licensed Restaurant in France for sale This family restaurant business in France for sale, which has been recognized throughout the region for over 50 years, must not die in the country of mushroom, truffle, and foie gras. With various regional delicacies such as raising nomic, boiled chicken, pastis, stews, and more, we are ready to train future top chefs. This wonderful hall, which can accommodate 115 people for banquets, weddings, seminars, christenings, and other events, will no longer be routinely opened with a license IV, but it will continue to serve the new owners. Attached to this is a two-story apartment with three bedrooms and a living room, as well as a lovely park and private parking for clients. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Pizzeria Restaurant in France

Europe - France

This is a good opportunity buy Pizzeria Restaurant in France! Overview of Pizzeria Restaurant in France for sale Hightlights of restaurant in France for sale: 72 m2 building with pool, courtyard, patio, and storage spaces. Late in 2014, the property was renovated. Possibility of constructing a terrace off the street in a 40m2 courtyard. There are two kitchens, one in the snack room and the other in a separate restaurant. Both are set up for this pastime, with a chilly room, lights, and other amenities. Material removal is possible. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Licensed Traditional Restaurant in France

Europe - France

An excellent chance buy Licensed Traditional Restaurant in France! Overview of Licensed Traditional Restaurant in France for sale Traditional restaurant in France for sale with excellent location with terrace, DSV standards + security disability, total rehabilitation, high-quality furniture, kitchen with oven, hob, dishwasher, worktop, rolling stamp with marble cell bath, hot table, mini oven, microwave, refrigerators, and storage units, Ideal young pair, easy to set up and begin with the option of being accompanied. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Restaurant in Montelimar

Europe - France

Don`t miss the opportunity buy Restaurant in Montelimar! Overview of Restaurant in Montelimar for sale It is in the centre of the city, on a major thoroughfare, in a prime location. A wide window with a high metal s’ opens onto a 20-seat patio; the restaurant in France for sale can accommodate 60 people inside. It’s made up of the following parts A 40 m2 room on the ground level A 26 m2 room on the third floor The 16-seat covered terrace A 24 m2 kitchen with high standards A workshop inputs and bakes for approximately 9 minutes. A 37 m2 reserve/cellar A 9.5m2 laundry A 10m2 storage room A chilly environment Staff toilets, changing rooms, and showers Toilet Standards for People with Limited Mobility You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Restaurant in Aubenas

Europe - France

This is a great opportunity buy Restaurant in Aubenas! Overview of Restaurant in Aubenas for sale We are pleased to offer you exclusive use of our lovely restaurant and bar, which has 40 seats and a 46-seat covered terrace. This restaurant in France for sale features a 52-square-meter dining room and a 27-square-meter kitchen with a roughly 3-meter-long counter. The room has been elegantly restored while still maintaining its original character. A service unit with a terrace of around 40 m2 is also available. Located in the midst of a bustling village with a plethora of local businesses. This sign has been a part of the neighborhood’s life for over 6 years. The price is justified by the current business figure and the remaining professional equipment. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

Restaurant in Maubeuge

Europe - France

A fantastic chance buy Restaurant in Maubeuge! Overview of Restaurant in France for sale Because of retirement, business is being sold. This restaurant, which has fifty seats and a summer terrace with 30 chairs, is located on a busy commercial area. The resort, which is licensed IV and V, is well-run with high kitchen standards. There is some room for improvement. Appropriate for a young couple with ambition who will be qualified for a 4-room official dwelling. Buy restaurant business in France today in order to make profit tomorrow! You can see more interesting offers in the category “Restaurants”.

France has all the necessary assets to attract, grow and expand your business, no matter how big or small. The government and the common ecosystem come together to offer your business the best conditions for success.

France’s strategic geographic location and quality transport infrastructure enable businesses to easily reach many geographic regions, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Registration in France is fast and affordable. In fact, a limited liability company in France can be registered within two weeks with only one director and one shareholder, who can be of any nationality. The minimum required paid up share capital is EUR 1.

Although France is mostly known for its amazing culture, sights and resorts, it has also long earned a reputation for having a reliable and stable economic climate.

According to French law, any foreign citizen, whether natural or legal, can open a business in the country.

General info

Although most of France is famous for its amazing culture, sights and resorts, it has also long earned fame as a country with a reliable and stable economic climate, a stable political system and legislative regulations that meet modern requirements.

The indisputable advantage of the country is also its membership in the European Union, the UN and the OSCE. The state is active in foreign policy and is a manufacturer of many brands of various products.

All this every year attracts investment flows to the state, which further strengthen France in its economic stability, therefore the state is very interested in cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs and international organizations and creates favorable conditions for them at all stages of enrollment and doing business on its territory.

Types of company

The amount of taxes and the responsibility of the owner depends on the form of ownership of the organization. The most common of them are:

  1. SARL. This is a French analogue of an LLC, it provides for the presence of at least two shareholders and a managing director. The amount of the authorized contribution can be from 1 euro. For companies representing small businesses in France of this form, it is possible to deduct income tax instead of the corporate tax.
  2. EURL – differs from SARL in that one person can act as the owner of the company and the sole shareholder. At the same time, responsibility and commitments will depend on the amount of investment deposits and regulatory documents.
  3. SA. Society of Shareholders – a form designed for a large enterprise, it is assumed that there are more than 7 shareholders. The smallest authorized amount is 37,000 euros. The organization is governed by a board of directors, which should consist of 3 to 18 directors. Such a firm should have an auditor appointed for regular audits.
  4. S.A.S. This is a company in which a minimum number of shareholders is allowed. The appointment of an auditor is required only if the company has more than 20 employees and the annual turnover exceeds 1 million euros.
  5. SNC. This is a general partnership in which all participants are liable with all their property. The enrollment of such a company does not require the contribution of the authorized capital and public reporting in the future.

What documents i need to doing business in France

  • Copies of shareholders’ passports;
  • A document confirming the home address;
  • TNS form;
  • Company Form M0;
  • Contract for the lease of an office or postal address;
  • A document from the bank confirming the deposit of capital;
  • company charter;

What legislative demands there are for business in France for sale

Foreign investments in France are, in principle, free from any administrative control. Whatever your development strategy, in France you will find the legal formula that best suits your choice of implantation. You will be able to implement it, temporarily or permanently, with full legal certainty, investors are free to develop their project on simple and inexpensive terms.

Some takeovers in so-called “sensitive” sectors are subject to prior approval by the government minister responsible for the economy. This permission is granted within two months from the moment of receipt of the request by the Minister of Economy. If no response is given, tacit approval may be reviewed.

The transactions under consideration relate to the acquisition of control, the acquisition of all or part of a business line or exceeding the threshold of 33.33% of capital or voting rights.

What business for sale in France should i open

There are several ways to open your business in France:

  • create it yourself, step by step performing the main steps;
  • find and buy a business in France that will bring good results.

Before you are going to open your own biz, you need to apply for a residence permit. The ideal option would be to issue a merchant card. You can get it for one year, after which you can extend it for 3 years. We will collect the necessary documents and arrange them so that you receive a positive response from the French Consulate.

To answer the question of how to open a business in France for a non-resident, you need to understand the basic steps of its creation, each of which requires legal support:

  • choose a unique and relevant company name;
  • determine the legal form of activity;
  • open your own bank account;
  • registers the company in CFE;
  • discovery and mass informing of society.

Business-culture in France

For a successful business in France, it is vital to familiarize yourself with some features of the business culture of this country. Let’s highlight the main points:

  • During business meetings and contacts with business partners, it is necessary to keep a distance and observe formalities. For example, when addressing a person, especially when meeting someone who holds a managerial position, you must state your first and last name and be sure to use the words Monsieur or Madame.
  • Always carry business cards with you, with information in both English and French. A business suit should be the main part of the wardrobe regardless of the day of the week. Outside, you need to look neat, no three-day-old stubble or bright make-up.
  • Schedule business meetings in advance and learn the rules of etiquette at the dinner table. Being late for 10-15 minutes is considered the norm. If the meeting takes place at a business partner’s home, it is advisable to send flowers to the hostess in advance, and it is better to exclude wine as a gift. If it is not an expensive elite drink.

Can a non-citizen start a business in France?

Before the practical implementation of the idea of opening a business in France, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the legal norms that allow foreigners to carry out business activities on French territory. Foreigners, who are not from EU countries, can register a company in the country quite freely, but it is far from always possible to obtain a French permit for full business management.

Achieving a French business visa

To move to France for the purpose of business activity for a period of more than 90 days, it is necessary to issue a long-term business visa. The document is drawn up in person at the French Consulate in your country.

Papers for a business visa to France:

  1. Three completed visa forms.
  2. Four color photos of the installed sample.
  3. Copies of civil and foreign passports.
  4. Certificate of no criminal record in your country.
  5. A statement about the absence of a criminal record and bankruptcy in your country and the states where the foreigner has lived for the past 10 years.
  6. Completed administrative document or CERFA form.
  7. Payment of the consular fee – 99 euros.
  8. Documents confirming the intention to open or the existence of a valid business in France.

If necessary, employees of the Consulate of France may request additional information. Documents must be translated into French and notarized.