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For sale ready business on production of smoked meat delicacies in Georgia

Europe - Georgia
Food project

Ready business in Batumi, Georgia. Operating company, without debts and loans, with a good reputation and quality products. The business is 2 years old and is gaining momentum. The products are distributed in local retail chains and supermarkets, but the main sales market is restaurants and cafes. Type of business: production of smoked meat delicacies, whole muscle products from meat and sausages Customers: mainly restaurants, as well as several supermarket chains, stores. Production capacity 10+ tons per month. HACCP standardization. Employees speak Georgian and Russian. The raw material supplier is located in the adjacent premises, no delivery required. The cost of the business including equipment. The premises are rented, but built specifically for this type of activity. Therefore, the business is being sold together with the rental space. Equipment: Izhitsa z115A smoking chambers, drying chambers and vacuum stuffer Izhitsa, cutter and sausage stuffer German Konti, lots of peripheral equipment, cold and freezer rooms, commercial equipment, distribution truck with refrigeration unit, etc. We will guide you into the business, provide advice, transfer together with customers. The owner is tired of running several businesses simultaneously and wants to retire due to age.

Salt Factory for Sale in Cairo, Egypt

Africa - Egypt
Manufacturing Businesses

Overview: Located in the bustling city of Cairo, Egypt, this salt factory offers a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to enter the thriving salt industry. Providing a high premium quality of Salt according to the Egyptian Ministry of health, and food safety authority. Key Features: – Factory land is more than 6400 m2 – Administrative building of 250 m2 of 4 floors each floor with 7 to 10 offices. – Warehouse area for the raw material capacity up to 5000 ton/salt of area 1250 m2 – Production factory area 665 m2 – Packing factory area 1200 m2 – Silos area 100 m2 for finish product 3 silos each of 30 to 35 ton capacity, total capacity up to 100 ton. – Complete production line for refining salt of total machines 64 machine with capacity of 10 ton/hour of stainless steel on 2 centrifuge, each centrifuge of 6 ton/hour ,which is power saving and environment friendly.

Mining business in Tiruchirappalli

Asia - India
Manufacturing Businesses

Below you may see basic details of the mining business in Tiruchirappalli for sale.  This is an asset sale. Mining business in Tiruchirappalli for sale: what’s included: This is a wonderful opportunity to buy a mining business in Tamil Nadu, India, with a core in mining natural river bed mineral sand & blue metal rock. Overall, the business has 50 acres (20 hectares) of land for sale & total extent of land is 110 acres (43.5 hectares). Overview of resources Sand: 1 feet-35 feet natural river bed sand. Rock: 47 feet -120 feet & goes on. blue metal rock used for roads and concrete mixtures, crushed into gravel. The sizes are 5mm,10mm,20mm, and 25mm sizes and the rock also is crushed & used in powder forms like M-sand (manufactured sand), and P-sand (plastering sand). For more information about this mining business in Tiruchirappalli for sale, please send a request.

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Tombstone Factory In Hartbeesfontein

Africa - South Africa
Manufacturing Businesses

Available is a tombstone factory in Hartbeesfontein for sale. It is located in the North West province of South Africa. Tombstone factory in Hartbeesfontein for sale: what’s included: The Tombstone Factory was established in 1960 in an industrial area as an open-air factory. The core business is erecting tombstones. Currently, the business employs 8 workers. The business is fully established and generates great profits. There is an option to relocate the operation if this is of interest to the future owner. For more information about this tombstone factory in Hartbeesfontein for sale, please contact us by using the form below.

Cider Producing Company in Cambridge

Europe - United Kingdom
Manufacturing Businesses

Profitable company with excellent experience and excellent product quality. The offer to buy cider producing company in Cambridge includes the following assets: industrial tanks for the initial wort of different volumes: from 530 to 2000 liters; dump trucks for transporting products; professional press, sinks, elevator and mills; oak barrels for aging cider of different volumes; pumps for water circulation and cider output; tasting equipment, and much more. Successful cider producing company for sale – unlimited prospects The business was launched about 8 years ago. Cider producing company in Cambridge for sale from year to year increases the volume of production, however, it is not possible to fully satisfy the demand of consumers – the number of consumers is constantly growing. The range of the company is as follows: different varieties of cider on tap; packaged cider in bottled containers; organization of events for tasting and promotion of self-made cider; a personal bar where you can buy a variety of drinks; selling cider at fairs and other events. The new owner can work on promoting the company’s products through marketing campaigns. This is a great untapped opportunity to take your business to the next level. You can also see other offers in the category “Manufacturing“.

Industrial manufacturing conglomerate in the USA

North America - USA
Manufacturing Businesses

This is an industrial manufacturing conglomerate for sale with a presence in the USA and Canada. Overview of this industrial manufacturing conglomerate for sale The organization is looking to enhance its paper and packaging operations in Eastern North America. The purchaser is looking for corrugated sheet and container plants in North America (precisely, East of the Mississippi). More information on this conglomerate for sale is available on request. You can also see other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

Swimming pool products manufacturing and distribution business in the US

North America - USA
Manufacturing Businesses

This is a highly profitable swimming pool products manufacturing and distribution business for sale in the United States. Overview of a swimming pool products manufacturing and distribution business for sale Offered is a company located in the USA that specializes in the distribution of specialized swimming pool-related products and accessories. Offerings are sold via a diversified network of distributors, and retailers. The business is proud to have a highly efficient business model, stellar reputation and loyal clients that come back for services due to the highest level of servicing, quality and value. This swimming pool products manufacturer and distributor for sale would be an excellent fit for businesses seeking to vertically integrate, cross-sell and/or up-sell offerings by growing their client base. You can also see other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

Steel and metal buildings manufacturing business in the USA

North America - USA
Manufacturing Businesses

This is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and/or providers of steel, pre-engineered buildings, building products, construction materials, storage, insulation, roofing, windows & doors; contractors; specialty retailers to benefit from an acquisition of a steel and metal buildings manufacturing business for sale in the USA. Overview of a steel and metal buildings manufacturing business for sale A rare scalable business opportunity as part of a roll-up strategy is what this steel and metal buildings manufacturer for sale presents by itself. It offers a high level of quality with domestic steel sources and a well-established supply chain. Since now there is a shortage in the workforce and growing traditional material pricing, this is a cost-efficient opportunity for those in the industry. The business ensures a safe and timely delivery that is normally done within 1-3 months with a nationwide footprint. The business performs the following products: pre-engineered/cold-formed steel structures, metal roofing and construction parts of superior quality. These components are easy to assemble and, what is more, feature flexible usage in many sectors: residences, retail space, self-storage, hangars, barns, warehouses, garages, etc. A large dealership network with a plethora of opportunities to grow a customer base in both residential and commercial dimensions. Dedicated management and employees ensure the business is running in a duly manner. A comprehensive automation system from design to production. The product offerings are a preferred choice of Do-It-Yourself providing for quick hassle-free installation, minimal maintenance, and a warranty for 40 years. Strong industry position and low CAPEX demands to achieve growth. As for 2021, the business achieved 263% year-over-year growth. You can also see other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

Specialty pet food manufacturer in Oklahoma

North America - USA
Manufacturing Businesses

In business for 2 years, this specialty pet food manufacturer for sale in Oklahoma is a true niche opportunity with just several competitors! Overview of the pet food manufacturer for sale in Oklahoma The business’s core is the packaging and distribution of its products nationally to animal food wholesalers and private label items for well-recognized industry brands. The products are also available on their website. Initially, the business was started by its current owners in their garage, where they were mixing and packaging products without any side help, Now this pet food manufacturer for sale is an industry leader, with a great number of proprietary formulas, and many trademarked brands names, which are covered in the sale cost. The dedicated team of employees is in place, supporting an exceptional reputation for industry knowledge, quality, and customer service, that is why this is a rare opportunity for either an absentee owner or an owner/operator. The property, with a prime location in proximity to a key interstate, belongs to the owner and is available for sale or lease as the purchaser prefers. The owner also has a neighboring expansion area that can be included in the deal. Inventory, receivables, and property are not included in the sale price. The business is being offered for sale due to the retirement of the owner. *See other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

Printing and finishing business in Maryland

North America - USA
Manufacturing Businesses

Established in 1999, this is a leading printing and finishing business for sale in Maryland. Providing innovative solutions in creating signs and graphics, and catering to both trade and corporate clientele. Overview of the printing and finishing business for sale This is an excellent lifestyle business or it can be sold as a perfect add-on opportunity to an existing company delivering services such as making trade show booths, murals, posters, banners, window graphics, backlit/ POP retail/ exhibit signatures, cut vinyl graphics, etc. This printing and finishing business for sale provides high-quality innovative digital output solutions to assist in making your marketing or advertising projects look fantastic. The business comes with a stellar reputation gained for 20+ years in the market, and over 50 years in the total experience. This well-established business enjoys great profit margins and has multiple opportunities for continued growth. Now it is available because of the retirement of the owner. *See other offers for sale in the category “Manufacturing”.

Manufacturing is main branch of state market and economy in any country. This sphere includes all companies, plants, factories that extract natural raw materials, process them and create various objects and energy resources.

Key economical task is to improve the material condition of people and satisfy their needs. With such goals, the industry copes well. Production creates the bulk of goods used by man. Field of manufacture business for sale is amazing and diverse – from chocolate to a satellite. All this is created by dividing the industry into various sectors. One of these points for development of whole economical situation can be called the creation of production parks – sites for turnkey investments, which make it possible to start fabrication quickly and at minimal costs.

Enterprises use raw-materials to design finished goods. The number of production processes is based on type of small commercials and activity field. There are so many directions of manufacturing – from pharmaceuticals to electronics and products for children, and a person uses their services, depending on their needs.

ELI Deal experts will help you do all this quickly and without problems. This category contains plenty of manufacturing businesses for sale.

Manufacturing business for sale in Europe: what information do buyers need?

It is important to evaluate the data correctly when looking for a production to make a purchase. The potential owner of the production should have access to all organizational papers of a commercial enterprise, all licenses, certificates and constituent documents. You also need to provide the owner with reports on the movement of money for each year, reports on profit and loss, balance-sheet, to assess all risks.

For franchises as a manufacturing business for sale, buyers need to give access to documentation to all partners. If the proceedings have any pending trials or other legal issues, interested parties need to be aware of this.

How to evaluate a small business manufacturing for sale?

Evaluation is essential component of manufacturing investments. Enterprise price is significantly impacted by resources that the buyer wants to invest in. Proprietor uses a ton of formulas to calculate cost of small-business before selling. Reports and balance-sheets of firm are applicable to assess its condition from a financial point of view. Investors intending to get manufacturer business for sale have the right to demand fiscal documentation to evaluate the past performance of an individual manufacturing company. The main points that should be given more time to study:

  1. Stocks. Industries have different types of inventory, from raw materials to finished products. The condition, age and volume of such stocks affect cost. Seller provides new proprietor with a specific way to evaluate implements to determine value.
  2. Debit debts. In such documents there’s a history of client accounts – paid in full and disputed, as well as all collateral.
  3. Customer debts – such paper contains distributor accounts and invoices of suppliers.
  4. Equipment. The production facilities use complex and heavy equipment, which also affects the assessment. It is necessary to calculate the price of equipment, taking into account its service life, maintenance needs, etc.
  5. Real estate. The market price of commercial real estate where business operates has an impact on its overall cost. Future owners must also be aware of all the lands that the company owns.

What is the status of the trading platform?

Market status refers to the position of enterprise in a particular area. Manufacture companies serve various customers, and base of individual firms being sold affects profitability. Buyers of business for sale manufacturing enterprises need to be aware of the relationship between production and customers. Before a decision is made, the analysis can be displayed in numbers and across the industries served. Geographical strength, competitive advantage and market share have an impact on market status. Also, the buyer must realize powers and weaknesses of competitors.

If you do not quite understand how to correctly evaluate firm, draw up documentation and which direction to go in, or just want to limit yourself from unnecessary worries with papers, please contact our specialists. All employees of enterprise are highly qualified and possess many years of experience, so they’ll help you choose the right production and take possession quickly and without problems.