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Urgent sale flat at affordable price in Batumi

Price from: €50000 SKU: PRY73189
Immediate Availability for Sale! A studio apartment for sale, spanning an area of 32.48 square meters, is now on offer within a premier residential complex, situated directly on the front line, positioned on the 21st floor. This property is delivered fully furnished and is currently generating income, as the flat is leased out. The complex...
Area: 32м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Studio flat with sea and mountain view in Batumi

Price from: €43000 SKU: PRY62933
This 31 m² studio flat for sale in Batumi, located on the 8th floor of a residential complex, offers breathtaking views of both the sea and mountains. It’s a gem in a prestigious 5-star complex, perfect for residency, vacations, or as a rental investment. Fully furnished, this studio boasts a stylish designer renovation, modern appliances,...
Area: 31м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Modern flat in a residential complex in Batumi

Price from: €54000 SKU: PRY62938
Exquisitely renovated studio flat in a Versatile Hotel-Style in Batumi, Georgia! Overview: Discover the charm, situated on the 13th floor, offering an expansive view encompassing both the serene Black Sea and the majestic mountains. Spanning an area of 29.57 m², the space includes a well-appointed bathroom and has undergone a complete, high-quality designer renovation, ready...
Area: 30м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

3-storey townhouse with renovation and furniture in a complex in the respectable holiday village of Chakvi

Price from: €145000 SKU: PRY62966
This exquisite 3-storey townhouse, complete with renovations and furnishings, is nestled in the esteemed Chakvi holiday village, a stone’s throw from the sea and close to the Botanical Gardens in Chakvi. The development boasts 15 beautifully designed 2- and 3-storey townhouses, each with its own charming private garden courtyard. The perimeter of the village is...
Area: 147м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Ready studio flat in close proximity to the sea in Batumi

Price from: €53000 SKU: PRY62971
This elegant studio flat, situated near the picturesque Batumi seafront residential complex for sale, offers a prime location and stunning views. Occupying a space of 32.48 square meters, it is conveniently located on the 21st floor of a residential complex from the developer in Batumi, ensuring a serene living experience. The flat comes fully furnished,...
Area: 32м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Flat in a multifunctional residential complex in Batumi

Price from: €37000 SKU: PRY62976
Offered for sale is a studio apartment in a multifunctional complex located in Batumi. This apartment, an ideal option as a multifunctional complex from the developer in Batumi, is currently in a black frame condition. The apartment features a sturdy metal entrance door designed to mimic the appearance of wood and is secured with high-quality...
Area: 34м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Land plot on the first line from the sea, in the resort town of Kobuleti

Price from: €160000 SKU: PRY62981
Located in the stunning resort town of Kobuleti land for sale, this exceptional land plot presents a unique investment or development opportunity. Kobuleti, a mere 20 km from Batumi, is celebrated for its health-boosting climate, rich mineral springs, and breathtaking natural scenery, including unspoiled beaches. The town is dotted with a range of accommodations, from...
Area: 495м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Land plot with commercial premises in Thilnari village

Price from: €72000 SKU: PRY62986
Situated in the scenic village of Tkhilnari, just 15 kilometers from Batumi, this non-agricultural land plot features commercial structures and offers an array of opportunities. Tkhilnari is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, making it an ideal spot for activities like picnics and barbecues, as well as river swimming. The village boasts a captivating waterfall and...
Area: 802м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Flat in a modern residential complex in Batumi

Price from: €68488 SKU: PRY62997
Studio flat with designer renovations and sea views in a versatile hotel-style complex in Batumi Description: This studio offers an exclusive living experience with its compact yet luxurious design. The property, boasting a total area of 35.52 m², is strategically located on the 6th floor, providing breathtaking sea views and an ambiance of serenity. Features...
Area: 36м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Flat with separate bedroom with turnkey renovation in Batumi

Price from: €71970 SKU: PRY63002
This flat for sale in Batumi includes a flat spanning 47.98 m2, featuring a separate bedroom and high-quality, designer turnkey renovation, located within a multifaceted hotel-style complex. This flat in the offers: High-quality standards; Reliable management and income assurance from “SOPHOS HOTELS SA”; Complimentary vacation options through “RCI”. “RCI”, representing a global holiday exchange program,...
Area: 48м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Ready 1 bedroom flat with sea view in a complex in Batumi

Price from: €119214 SKU: PRY63007
This 1-bedroom flat for sale in Batumi, featuring a high-quality, turnkey designer renovation and offering a stunning sea view, is situated in a versatile hotel-style complex in Batumi. The flats within this complex boast: A high standard of quality; Reliable management and assured earnings through “SOPHOS HOTELS SA”; Complimentary vacation opportunities via “RCI”. “RCI” is...
Area: 50м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Studio with qualitative designer repair “turnkey” with sea view in Batumi

Price from: €63936 SKU: PRY63012
This studio flat for sale in Batumi, boasting a designer renovation of superior quality and a picturesque sea view, is situated within a multifaceted hotel-style. Details: Comprises a single bedroom and one bathroom. Encompasses an area of 35.52 square meters. Located on the 9th floor of a residential complex. Features of the flats: Built to...
Area: 36м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Flats in a new residential complex in Batumi in Makhinjauri resort

Price from: €46000 SKU: PRY63087
Two exclusive flats for sale in a new residential complex, situated in Makhinjauri, a renowned resort area of Batumi. This complex stands out for its unique location, offering beachfront apartments that guarantee breathtaking sea views. Carefully designed with an emphasis on harmonizing with its prime location, the architecture optimally utilizes the site’s natural advantages. Each...
Area: 31м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

4-star hotel in the tourist-recreational holiday zone in Makhinjauri

Price from: €2000000 SKU: PRY63096
For sale, a four-star hotel nestled in the serene tourist and recreational zone of Makhinjauri. This splendid property, also known as ideally located in close proximity to the Botanical Garden, offers easy access to the beach and sea. It’s positioned across from an inviting wine house and a popular tourist restaurant. The bustling heart of...
Area: 964м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Apartments in a residential complex in Batumi in the area of New Boulevard on the first line

Price from: €60000 SKU: PRY63102
Flats located in a residential complex for sale in Batumi, prominently situated along the first line of New Boulevard, offer a modern living experience. This elegantly designed residential complex from the developer in Turkey in Batumi includes three distinct blocks, each outfitted with advanced silent elevators. The ground floor features essential infrastructure amenities, catering to...
Area: 37м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Ready to operate hotel in Sarpi

Price from: €2000000 SKU: PRY63158
This operational hotel, nestled in Sarpi, Georgia, stands as a prime destination for travelers seeking a unique vacation experience. Renowned for its pristine waters along the Batumi Black Sea coast, Sarpi offers an unparalleled holiday retreat. Perched on a mountain and enveloped in lush greenery, the hotel’s architecture is reminiscent of a charming ‘swallow’s nest’....
Area: 908м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Flat in a new house in Batumi

Price from: €40000 SKU: PRY63164
For Sale: Elegant 2-Bedroom Flat on Pushkin Street, Batumi Apartments for Sale Property Overview: Bedrooms: 2 Total Area: 46.6 m² Bathrooms: 1 Discover this charming flat, a highlight among Batumi real estate opportunities, located on the 5th floor of a newly constructed building in the vibrant area of Batumi, on Pushkin Street. The property stands...
Area: 47м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Studio flat in a unique complex on Heroes Alley in Batumi

Price from: €71000 SKU: PRY63174
For sale studio flat in Batumi – fully renovated in a premier multifunctional complex! Located in the prestigious multifunctional complex in the heart of Payallar, this studio offers an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a dynamic lifestyle or a lucrative investment. Nestled in the bustling Alley of Heroes. The Alley of Heroes is the pulse...
Area: 41м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Townhouse complex in Kapreshumi in Batumi

Price from: €145000 SKU: PRY63188
Flats in the Altıntaş neighborhood are ideally situated near the airport, offering eligibility for residence permits and the allure of coastal living. Just 5,000 meters from the sea, it perfectly combines accessibility with the tranquility of a seaside environment. The complex, spanning 1,129 square meters, consists of a single four-story block. This layout fosters an...
Area: 159м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Cosy studio flat with turnkey renovation in the resort area of Makhinjauri in Batumi

Price from: €38500 SKU: PRY63196
Presented for sale is an inviting, luminous studio flat, boasting a turnkey renovation situated in the scenic resort locale of Makhinjauri. This studio is part of a residential complex for sale in Makhinjauri, conveniently positioned a mere 50 meters from the alluring beach and sea. Key Features: Studio layout Compact yet comfortable 21 m² space...
Area: 21м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Premium villas with sea and mountain views in Batumi

Price from: €363000 SKU: PRY63805
This seaside residential complex for sale in Batumi, situated in the serene “Green Cape” area, offers 14 luxurious villas. These villas present an unparalleled view of both the sea and mountains, epitomizing the harmony of ecological living. The residential complex in Batumi seamlessly integrates elegant architecture with modern interior design. With a variety of sizes...
Area: 165-200м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Отель с видом на море в Батуми

Price from: €3000000 SKU: PRY64700
Hotel for sale in Batumi with sea view This newly constructed and elegantly refurbished hotel for sale in Batumi is now on the market. Featuring a prime location, the property includes 10 tastefully decorated rooms, each offering stunning views of the sea, the dynamic Batumi cityscape, and the tranquil mountains. Ideally located just a 7-minute...
Area: 500м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Georgia, Batumi

Modern large-scale residential complex in Tbilisi

Price from: €38650 SKU: PRY65283
For sale new flats in Tbilisi, Georgia! Spanning across 12 hectares in Tbilisi, this expansive residential development features 23 blocks of flats, nestled amidst an arboretum garden on a scenic, rocky elevation. The design of the complex affords its residents captivating panoramic views of Tbilisi, enriching their living experience. The complex offers a diverse range...
Area: 38-261м2
Property type: Apartments

A modern complex in the elite metropolitan area of Vake

Price from: €385000 SKU: PRY65288
For sale flats in Georgia, Vake district of the capital, this contemporary complex stands as a beacon of modern living. The development encompasses three 17-story buildings, all harmoniously designed under a unified concept. This concept draws inspiration from Vake’s renowned parks, adorned with ancient trees, integrating a “green” philosophy into its very architecture. The buildings themselves...
Area: 175м2
Property type: Apartments
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Popular properties

Property for sale in Georgia

Georgia is a country known for its stunning scenery, rich culture, and welcoming atmosphere, making it a desirable destination for investors. In recent times, Georgia has emerged as a hotspot for global investors, particularly in the real estate sector.

This article will help you to deal with all details of acquiring property for sale in Georgia.

Benefits of getting real estate in Georgia

Investing in real estate for sale in Georgia is appealing for several reasons.

Firstly, property prices in a country are relatively low compared to other countries of Europe, making investments more accessible for beginners. Additionally, there is a high demand for rental housing in Georgia, especially during the tourist season, which can provide a steady income for property owners. Moreover, acquiring property in Georgia for sale can also serve as a pathway to receiving a residence allowance in the country, making it an attractive option for those looking to relocate permanently.

Country is known for its stability and security, with a robust legal framework that safeguards the property rights of foreign investors.

Furthermore, the country’s progressive tax policy offers benefits and reduced real estate tax rates for foreign investors, adding to the appeal of investing.

Overall, these factors combine to make investment in Georgia a lucrative and enticing chance.

Characteristics of Georgian properties

When purchasing a housing here, non-citizens should be prepared to buy it as a “white frame” property. This means that the housing will come with basic amenities such as a metal door, windows, lighting, electricity, water, internet and phone connections, and a heating system.

Typically, housing in a country is sold in this unfinished state, with bare concrete floors and walls, as local buyers prefer to customize their living spaces. However, developers also offer fully finished apartments to cater to the preferences of foreign buyers who may have different expectations.

Is real estate cheap in Georgia?

Tbilisi, the capital, presents an incredible chance for international investors seeking affordability. With pre-construction apartment prices starting as low as $35000, Tbilisi boasts some of the most competitive real estate prices among capital cities in developed nations. If you’re finding prices elsewhere exceeding your budget, Georgia emerges as the ideal destination to fulfill your international real estate aspirations.

How is the real estate market in Georgia?

The Georgian property market is currently experiencing a period of remarkable growth and transformation.  A notable shift in customer preferences towards modern and luxurious properties is driving demand for both residential and commercial real estate for sale in Georgia. Several factors contribute to this upward trajectory:

Can a foreigner buy a property in Georgia for sale?

Nom-citizens can buy housing under the same rules as local citizens, with no distinction between the two.

Foreign entrepreneurs can also purchase housing for commercial use, and the process is overseen by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

What should a foreigner know when purchasing a Georgian property?

Foreigners looking to establish a company or relocate to Georgia can enjoy legal rights similar to those of citizens. When purchasing residential property, the process is the same as for locals, with no additional documents or taxes required. Some aspects of acquiring that you need to know:

What does the purchase procedure imply in Georgia?

When buying a real estate in Georgia for sale, non-citizens typically follow a series of steps:

What are the average real estate prices in Georgia?

The cost of housing ranges from 500 to 2000 euros per m2. The highest prices are typically found in new properties in Tbilisi, the capital, and popular resort areas. Older properties generally sell for 10-50% less than new ones. Affordable housing options can also be found in rural villages and areas where construction is still ongoing.

What requirements must be taken into account by foreigners planning to buy real estate in Georgia?

Foreigners looking to buy properties for sale in Georgia need only a valid passport, with no additional documentation required. They are permitted to purchase all kinds of housing except for agricultural land, which is restricted to citizens only.

Where is the best place to buy housing in Georgia?

Country provides a diverse range of real estate options, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Luxury Properties:

Affordable Alternatives:

What steps to complete after buying a housing?

Once you’ve secured your ideal property, registering it with the Georgian Land Register is a simple and efficient process. With the support of experienced lawyers, navigating this step is a breeze.

Financial Perks of Investing in Georgian Real Estate:

What main scenarios when buying from a developer?

Acquiring a property from a developer in Georgia presents two major options:

Buying an Existing Property:

This scenario offers a straightforward process where you can personally view the housing and assess its condition before making a purchase decision.  The transaction typically involves a direct sale from the developer to the buyer through a purchase agreement.  Seeking legal advice to review the agreement and ensure compliance with Georgian laws is highly advisable.

Buying Off-Plan:

This option involves purchasing a property that is either yet to be built or currently under construction, commonly known as “off-plan” purchasing.  This method is gaining popularity due to the increasing demand for modern residential developments. Within off-plan purchases, there are two primary situations:

Regardless of the construction stage, off-plan purchases require a pre-purchase agreement outlining the obligations of both the buyer and the developer. This agreement typically includes:

Buying from an Individual:

When purchasing homes for sale in Georgia from an individual owner, it’s essential to conduct a thorough background check on the property through a process called due diligence. This involves: