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Real estate for sale Italy

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A villa in a Roma park

Price from: €5800000 SKU: PRY68635
Villa for purchase in the prestigious park of the ancient appian way, Rome, Lazio This distinguished property is nestled within the serene surroundings of the Ancient Appian Way Park in Rome, Lazio. The estate features a main villa covering an area of approximately 450 square meters, complemented by an office annex, accommodation for domestic staff,...
Area: 450м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

One bedroom flat in a new residential complex in Milan

Price from: €841000 SKU: PRY68640
A one-bedroom flat within a newly developed residential complex in Milan! This 87 sq.m. flat, located on the first floor, features a layout comprising a living room, a dressing area, a kitchen space, a terrace, and a bedroom complete with a dressing room and an en-suite bathroom. The residential complex, embracing architectural cues from neighboring,...
Area: 87м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Milan

Seaside house in Lavinio

Price from: €570000 SKU: PRY68645
Offering an exquisite seafront residence for sale in Lavinio, part of the Anzio municipality in the Lazio region, this exceptional property stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort. Merely 250 meters from the beach, it allows residents the unique opportunity to bask in the serene beauty of the coast with unparalleled ease. Moreover, Rome’s...
Area: 260м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Two bedroom flat in Milan in a new residential complex

Price from: €1612000 SKU: PRY68650
For sale three-bedroom flat in Milan, situated within an up-and-coming residential complex currently under development. This 180 square meter apartment is located on the fourth floor and features an elegant hall, a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, a master bedroom complete with an en-suite bathroom and dressing room, a second bedroom, an additional bathroom,...
Area: 180м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Milan

Five-room flat in Milan

Price from: €2900000 SKU: PRY68655
For sale five-bedroom apartment in Milan, spanning 265 square meters, situated on the prestigious fifth floor. This exquisite property features a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, four well-appointed bedrooms, four elegant bathrooms, a convenient laundry room, and three expansive terraces, offering breathtaking views and ample outdoor space. Nestled within an exclusive residential complex currently...
Area: 265м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Milan

Villa with sea view in Tuscany

Price from: €1350000 SKU: PRY68660
For sale seaview villa in Tuscany, Italia! This exquisite villa, situated in the renowned Monte Argentario resort in southern Tuscany, offers breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Spanning 327 square meters, this property is in excellent condition and boasts a generous 3500 square meter garden adorned with a swimming pool. The villa spans two levels,...
Area: 327м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Tuscany

Flat in the centre of Rome with garden

Price from: €6500000 SKU: PRY68665
Three-level flat situated in the heart of Rome, boasting a garden and nestled in the charming Fontanella Borghese square, adjacent to Piazza España and the renowned Via dei Condotti. This 600 sqm property is set within a meticulously restored historic building and features dual entrances, a two-car garage, and a terrace. The ground floor comprises...
Area: 600м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Plot of land in Lombardy on Lake Iseo

Price from: €5000000 SKU: PRY68670
For sale investment opportunity in Lombardy, Italy, designed for the creation of a distinguished residential complex with a view of the captivating Lake Iseo. This offering includes a substantial 50,000 m² parcel of land, situated 750 meters above sea level along the enchanting shores of Lake Iseo. Known as the gem of Northern Italy for...
Area: 50000м2
Property type: Apartments

Flats in Rome in a renovated building in Trastevere district

Price from: €460000 SKU: PRY68680
Currently available for purchase are five duplex flats in the historic Trastevere neighbourhood of Rome. Nestled within a beautifully refurbished building that boasts a concierge service, an elevator, and a charming patio, these flats offer a blend of elegance and convenience. Each flat unfolds over two levels, featuring an inviting entrance hall on the first...
Area: 82м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Newly built townhouses in Anzio

Price from: €320000 SKU: PRY68691
In the tranquil residential district of Anzio – Lavinio, nestled in the picturesque Lazio region and just 250 metres from the shimmering coastline, we are thrilled to showcase townhouses for sale in Italy, Anzio. Among these, three newly constructed villas stand out, each positioned ideally close to vital amenities, offering an unparalleled living experience. One...
Area: 160м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Flat in the centre of Rome in a 19th century building with balcony and lift

Price from: €2000000 SKU: PRY68696
For sale flat with balcony in the centre of Rome. Discover this charming and luminous flat, perched on the fifth and top floor of a majestic Umbertino-style building from the late 19th century, complete with an elevator. This property is enviably situated near the iconic Via Veneto, celebrated by Fellini in his cinematic masterpiece, and...
Area: 200м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Townhouse by the sea in a residential complex near Rome

Price from: €185000 SKU: PRY68705
Townhouses Available for Purchase in the Newly Developed Residential Complex by the Sea in Lavinio Mare, Anzio, Lazio Region Located in the verdant area of Lavinio Mare, within the Anzio municipality in Lazio, this newly constructed residential complex offers an exceptional living opportunity near the sea. Its prime location ensures a brief 5-minute walk to...
Area: 92м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Villa with sea view in Tuscany by the sea

Price from: €1350000 SKU: PRY68713
For sale is a spacious villa nestled in the esteemed Monte Argentario resort in southern Tuscany, boasting breathtaking views over the Tyrrhenian Sea. This property spans 327 square meters and is situated on a generously sized plot of 3,500 square meters. It accommodates six bedrooms and five bathrooms. The villa stands in excellent condition, embraced...
Area: 327м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Tuscany

Villa in Rome, Infernetto neighbourhood

Price from: €2000000 SKU: PRY68730
For sale two-storey villa in Infernetto, Rome, Italy! Presenting Californian-style villa, constructed in 2010, now on the market. This two-storey residence is situated in the serene residential neighborhood of Infernetto in Rome, a mere 4 km from the sandy shores of Ostia. Conveniently located, all essential amenities are accessible on foot, offering both comfort and...
Area: 300м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Flat in Milan near the Duomo

Price from: €1050000 SKU: PRY68735
Exceptional Value! One of the best offers to buy a flat in Milan near Duomo! Nestled in the heart of Milan on Via Larga, this exquisite property is a mere 250 metres from the iconic central square of the city. It boasts a prime location with convenient access to kindergartens, both municipal and public schools,...
Area: 105м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Milan

House in Rome with swimming pool, Olgiata district

Price from: €2250000 SKU: PRY68746
This exquisite 1000 m² residence, nestled within an elite gated community in Rome, Olgiata, is now on the market. Encircled by a meticulously kept 7000 m² park that boasts a swimming pool, this property offers both luxury and privacy. Featuring 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a garage capable of accommodating a single vehicle, this classic...
Area: 1000м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Villa in Sicily by the sea

Price from: €960000 SKU: PRY68756
For sale villa on the sea, in Sicily, Italy! This elegantly refurbished villa, positioned directly on the seafront in Sicily, presents a unique opportunity with its direct access to a pristine white sandy beach. Situated in the thriving tourist province of Messina, this two-storey, 380 sq m villa is the epitome of luxury and comfort....
Area: 380м2
Property type: Apartments

Flat in the centre of Rome, loft in Via Margutta

Price from: €1250000 SKU: PRY68874
A delightful loft situated in the heart of Rome, along the renowned Via Margutta, gains its fame from the iconic film “Roman Holiday,” where the protagonist, reporter Joe Bradley, resided. This loft for sale in Italy is centrally located and encompasses a living room, a kitchen complete with a dining area, and a bedroom. Additionally,...
Area: 100м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Flat in Piazza España in Rome

Price from: €4000000 SKU: PRY68880
Luxurious flat for sale in the heart of Rome – Piazza España Location Nestled in the vibrant heart of Rome, this high-end residence offers an unparalleled living experience in Piazza España. With captivating views over Via dei Condotti and the iconic Spanish Steps, this property stands as a testament to luxury and elegance in one...
Area: 235м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Rome

Flat in the centre of Venice

Price from: €1300000 SKU: PRY68885
For sale flat in Venice, Grand Canal This exquisite 200 sqm flat spans two floors, featuring three balconies, an entrance hall, living room, dining room, two spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a covered pier directly adjacent to the residence. The property is in outstanding condition. Nestled in Venice, this flat is a true...
Area: 200м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Venice

House near the beach in Tuscany

Price from: €1600000 SKU: PRY68892
This secluded villa in Roccamare guarantees complete privacy, nestled within a splendid garden adorned with towering maritime pine trees, spanning approximately 3,050 square meters. It is a mere stone’s throw away from an exquisite, private golden beach, where an exclusive beach gazebo, designated solely for the occupants of this villa, enhances the seaside experience. A...
Area: 136м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Tuscany

House in Tuscany with sea view

Price from: €1300000 SKU: PRY68900
This magnificent stone villa in Italy, in the centre of Tuscany, offers breathtaking sea vistas and a private swimming pool. Dating back to the 16th century, it is encircled by lush olive groves and vineyards, situated merely a few kilometers away from both the town and the coastline. Spanning 229 square meters in living space,...
Area: 229м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Tuscany

Luxury villa on the picturesque slopes of Zambrone, Calabria

Price from: €250000 SKU: PRY71335
Discover an exquisite villa in Italy nestled within the serene and picturesque slopes of Zambrone, part of an elite residential complex in this charming town. These villas, merely a three-minute drive from the pristine white sands of Costa degli Dei’s beaches—celebrated even amongst Italians—offer a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty. Currently, there’s an...
Area: 95м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Calabria

Flats with panoramic sea views

Price from: €400000 SKU: PRY72516
Luxurious flats in Vibo Marina, Italy featuring premium finishes are available within a secured estate that boasts sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian coast. Nestled in the charming resort locale along the Costa del Dei, this contemporary estate is complete with a swimming pool, offering modern living at its finest. Situated within the heart of the...
Area: 180м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Italy, Calabria

Popular properties

Italy is a remarkable country, which has a long history, rich culture, traditions, and originality. This is a country of beauty, love, and everlasting sun.

Italy’s abundant cultural heritage presents a valuable opportunity for businesses in industries like fashion, food, and design. Leveraging Italy’s cultural allure can enhance the appeal of new offerings, giving an ambitious advantage in international markets.

These are some of the few reasons why people tend to buy Italian real estate.

Reasons to invest in Italy

There are some reasons why Italy is a good country to invest in:

Promising real estate opportunities

Italy presents a wide range of appealing real estate investment prospects, from purchasing a picturesque villa in Puglia for vacation rentals to investing in commercial properties in Milan. The variety and potential of the Italian real estate market are frequently underestimated by international investors.

The Italian authority actively promotes foreign investments in the real estate sector by providing incentives and tax advantages. With less stringent regulations for non-resident purchasers, investing in Italian real estate is now more accessible, allowing international investors to take advantage of the market’s opportunities.

Also, Italy has seen a consistent increase in property values, particularly in desirable areas and urban centers. Whether you choose to invest in residential or commercial real estate, there is a strong potential for your property to appreciate in value, offering the chance to accumulate significant equity over the years.

Can foreigner buy property in Italy?

Non-citizens are generally allowed to buy real estate in Italy, but there may be exceptions for citizens of certain countries or those that do not offer reciprocal rights to Italian citizens. These cases will be reviewed individually.

How much is the average house in Italy?

The average price of real estate in Italy for sale is approximately 915800 euros with prices varying from 450770 euros in Emilia Romagna to 59728509 euros in Milan. The average cost per m2 is around 3052 euros. It is not very difficult to find cheap real estate for sale in Italy.

Where is the best place to buy property in Italy?

Northern Italy is known for having higher property prices, with costs decreasing as you move further south. However, property in southern Italy for sale has exceptions.

If you prefer the sophistication of the north, consider exploring real estate options in Veneto or southern Piedmont.

Central Italy is typically more expensive, but there are affordable areas in regions like Tuscany and Umbria. Look into the northern and southern parts of Tuscany, as well as the northern, southern, and eastern areas of Umbria. Abruzzo and Molise are regions where you can find great deals on properties, making them worth considering.

Eventually, the cheapest real estate region in Italy is Calabria (southwest). So, you really have to take into account real estate in southern Italy for sale.

How to buy real estate in Italy

Purchasing real estate in Italy is fairly simple. Enlisting the help of expert legal and technical consultants to conduct essential property assessments can greatly facilitate a smooth and trouble-free investment.

The purchasing includes different stages, such as submitting a formal letter, preparing a preliminary contract, providing the deposit, financing part, and signing the final contract.

First steps to buy property in Italy

In certain situations, buyers may need to submit a formal written offer and place a deposit in escrow to secure the purchase of a property. Seeking legal advice is highly recommended as the offer, if accepted, could become a legally binding agreement.

When that stage is accomplished, the buyer’s legal representative conducts necessary searches to prepare the preliminary contract, known as the Compromesso. This document outlines the sale details and allows the seller time to gather documents and vacate the property before the deadline.

Typically, the buyer provides a deposit of 20-30% at the Compromesso stage, which is managed by a notary who registers the transaction. The buyer must obtain an Italian tax code for this process.

Financing your property purchase in Italy

Having an Agreement in Principle is beneficial when purchasing a property in Italy for sale as it outlines the amount you can borrow from a lender, which can impact the acceptance of your offer.

Some sellers may not agree to a mortgage clause in the purchase contract, so consulting with a mortgage broker like Traverse International Finance early on can help include this clause in the Agreement in Principle.

In certain cases, it may be possible to borrow up to the full property purchase price by combining a mortgage with a Lombard loan.

Completion of an Italian property

After the Compromesso stage, an impartial notary conducts a title search and drafts the definitive contract. In the event that the seller fails to meet their mortgage obligations, buyers have the right to reclaim double the initial deposit, but they would forfeit the deposit if they withdraw from the transaction without valid cause.

The final contract is signed in the presence of the notary. The buyer settles the remaining balance and any additional costs and taxes, with the notary handling the payment of stamp duty and other purchase taxes to the government on behalf of the buyer.

Taxes and charges on property in Italy

Prospective international buyers should budget for approximately 10 – 12% of the property’s purchase price when acquiring real estate in Italy for sale. This sum includes expenses such as agent commissions, property taxes, sales taxes (akin to valuable-added tax), notary fees, and potential additional costs like document translation.

Property owners in Italy are required to pay income tax on the hypothetical rental income of their property, although non-residents are only liable if their income surpasses a certain threshold.

The Imposta Municipale Unica, akin to council tax in the UK, is collected biannually by the local government. Capital gains taxes are not applicable when selling a property if the transaction occurs more than five years after the initial purchase. Foreign property owners are encouraged to create an Italian will for their assets.