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Found property: 1910

Spacious townhouse with three bedrooms in Torrevieja – Torreblanca

Price from: €205000
We present to you a townhouse with 3 bedrooms for sale in Torrevieja, which is located just 700 meters from the beach. The townhouse is built with three comfortable bedrooms, double beds, and two bathrooms for your comfort. Moreover, the house has two separate rooms that you can use as you wish. The total area...
Area: 80м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Spain, Torrevieja

Exquisite bungalow on the first floor in the urbanization of Torrevieja, Spain

Price from: €220900
We present to you an elegant bungalow in Torrevieja for sale. This residential complex, which has been built using the finest materials, allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja and create an environment of complete seclusion and privacy. The bungalow for sale in Torrevieja in Spain contains two bedrooms and...
Area: 62м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Spain, Torrevieja

Cozy apartments in one of the most beautiful places of Iskele

Price from: €175500
The residential complex with apartments for sale, built in one of the most beautiful places in Iskele. Being in the arms of nature will be your the most enjoyable experience. The layout of the apartments for sale in Iskele in Cyprus includes two-three bedrooms, a wardrobe, and a High Gloss kitchen; also, there are installed...
Area: 75-104м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Northern Cyprus, Iskele

An elegant villa complex with an original design created by the developer in Famagusta district

Price from: €441500
Located in the Famagusta area, this exquisite villa complex has a stylish design and functional layout, which takes into account all the necessary details for a comfortable habitation. The construction of the project will be carried out by a company with extensive experience in Cyprus and, first of all, conscious of aspects of construction quality...
Area: 365-485м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Northern Cyprus, Famagusta

Wonderful apartments in a residential complex from the developer in the Iskele district

Price from: €172400
Iskele is a place where luxury becomes an integral part of everyday life. The presented residential complex is an example of this. Exclusive apartments for sale in Iskele Cyprus come in a variety of layouts including 1+1 and 2+1 studios as well as lofts that provide comfort and a unique lifestyle. The apartments from the...
Area: 70-178м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Northern Cyprus, Iskele

Apartments in a new residential complex in Los Balcones of Torrevieja

Price from: €229900
This residential complex  in Torrevieja consists of 136 apartments that embody the essence of modern living. This exceptional residential complex stands out for its amenities. Among them are three large swimming pools nestled in verdant gardens, a jacuzzi, a paddle tennis court, and even a mini-golf course. It also features a modern fitness centre equipped...
Area: 131м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Spain, Torrevieja

Spacious bright apartment with two bedrooms in La Mata

Price from: €229900
A flat with two bedrooms for sale in La Mata in Spain is offered. It was built in a residential complex in Torrevieja city. A flat for sale in Torrevieja in La Mata has an area of 75 square meters. It has two large bedrooms and a modern bathroom. Comfort and coziness are created by...
Area: 75м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Spain, Torrevieja

Magnificent penthouse in Torreblanca overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (just 600 m from the beach)

Price from: €230000
We present the 81 square meters penthouse for sale in Torreblanca, which has two bedrooms, one bathroom, living-dining room with terrace and equipped kitchen. The penthouse in Torreblanca has an access to 57 square meters solarium, also barbecue and  jacuzzi. From the terrace and solarium of the penthouse you can enjoy beautiful sea and surroundings...
Area: 81м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Spain, Torrevieja

An extensive complex of luxury villas located near Rawai Beach in the south of Phuket

Price from: €461582
An extensive villa luxury complex in the south of Phuket provides all necessary amenities for convenient living and resting. The development company is offering a contract for 5 years of management with an 80/20 division of profits in favor of the owner. This complex includes 92 villas of three different types with a total area...
Area: 272-619м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

An exquisite villas in Phuket overlooking the sea

Price from: €225376
We present villas for sale in Phuket in Thailand, which are located on the shores of Layan Beach. Comfort, luxury and exquisite landscape with sea views are intertwined here. Plan to provide a guaranteed income of 5% annually for 5 years. This complex, consisting of 28 villas, offers guests a full-fledged hotel infrastructure, including a...
Area: 85м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxurious villas in a hotel complex on Karon Beach

Price from: €816988
The complex of exquisite villas, which is located on a hill among the rainforest in Karon Beach, will operate as a five-star hotel managed by a renowned international company. Villa complex for sale on Karon Beach consists of a separate part with 150 luxury rooms, residences for personal living, and luxurious private villas with breathtaking...
Area: 300м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury villas located on Bang Tao Beach

Price from: €920135
Villas for sale on Bang Tao Beach in Phuket combine new-fangled design with the elegant simplicity of minimalism. High-quality finishes and spacious layouts are designed to provide a comfortable lifestyle. The complex consists of 7 villas, which are strictly guarded. The contemporary villas in Thailand on Bang Tao Beach are designed in a minimalist style;...
Area: 488м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket
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Popular properties

The realm of real estate presents a rich tapestry woven with countless prospects, arousing dreams of property possession and serving as fertile ground for savvy investors. As we set out on our exploration into the expansive world of “available properties,” we discover a multitude of paths, each carefully designed to accommodate various aspirations and investment goals. In this comprehensive journey, we will navigate through the diverse landscapes of the property market, embracing the charm of “currently listed homes,” the efficiency of “apartments ready for purchase,” the splendor of “houses awaiting acquisition,” and the potential of “properties prepared for new ownership.” Along this voyage, we will also explore strategies for wealth generation that extend beyond mere property ownership.

Homes on the Market: Transforming Dreams into Reality

The term “homes on the market” serves as the gateway to a world brimming with limitless possibilities, each offering a profound transformation to countless individuals. Within this category resides a wide spectrum of housing solutions, ranging from modest starter homes to luxurious estates. The journey to find the perfect home involves a deep dive into aspects such as location, size, amenities, and personal preferences. It is a voyage that aligns aspirations with reality, with the “homes on the market” category playing an indispensable role in shaping this transformative journey.

Apartments Available for Acquisition: Modern Urban Living

In the heart of bustling urban centers, “apartments available for acquisition” epitomize the essence of contemporary city living. This category amplifies the allure of metropolitan life, offering convenient access to cultural and economic hubs. Apartments often come with an array of lifestyle amenities, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, concierge services, and round-the-clock security, providing a refined urban living experience. Their convenience and sense of community attract city dwellers, urbanites, and investors alike, making “apartments available for acquisition” an enticing proposition for those who seek the perfect blend of comfort and cosmopolitan living.

Houses Available for Purchase: The Epitome of Spacious Living

For those with a penchant for abundant living space, privacy, and a slice of the outdoors, “houses available for purchase” beckon. Houses epitomize the quintessential definition of a home—a place where memories take shape, and dreams find form. The vast array of architectural styles and features available within this category ensures that there is a house to cater to every unique preference. Single-family homes, townhouses, and grand estates offer distinct embodiments of what “houses available for purchase” can offer. Here, spacious living is not merely a concept; it is a way of life.

Properties Ready for New Ownership: Efficient Urban Living

“Properties ready for new ownership” exemplify modern living at its most efficient. Typically situated within multi-unit buildings, these properties master the art of space utilization, making them a preferred choice for young individuals, students, and those who appreciate low-maintenance living spaces. These residences offer well-designed homes equipped with features that enhance urban living and convenience, making “properties ready for new ownership” the epitome of contemporary efficiency.

Enriching Wealth Through Real Estate Investment

Plunging into the domain of “real estate investment” reveals a financial odyssey that transcends the mere acquisition of tangible assets. Real estate, as a formidable instrument for accumulating wealth, presents an array of intricate investment pathways, each distinguished by unique attributes and the potential for financial opulence. These multifaceted strategies encompass the acquisition of real properties with the objective of generating rental income and active engagement in real estate ventures. The enduring allure of the real estate market emanates from its well-documented resilience, endowing it with an exceptionally compelling allure for those in pursuit of fortifying their financial future.

Rental Income: The Resilient Wealth Stream

Investing in real estate with the purpose of nurturing rental income represents a venerable strategy celebrated for its unwavering dependability. The allure of possessing properties that yield consistent monetary streams holds profound appeal for a multitude of investors. Whether operating within the domain of residential or commercial real estate, these revenue-generating assets bestow the dual advantage of enduring asset appreciation and a stable stream of income. Their tenacity and potential for growth substantiate rental income as an indispensable component within a diversified investment portfolio.

Property Ventures: Entrepreneurial Pursuits

For the enterprising investor, property ventures present a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and profit. This approach involves acquiring properties, often in need of renovation, with the aim of refurbishing and reselling them at a higher price. The appeal of this strategy lies in the potential for substantial returns in relatively short periods. Successful property ventures require a keen eye for identifying properties with untapped potential, the ability to execute renovations efficiently, and a knack for timing the market to maximize profitability.

Conclusion: Navigating the Property Multiverse

The vast realm of real estate reflects the diverse aspirations and ambitions of those who dare to explore it. Whether your quest leads you to a cozy urban apartment, a sprawling suburban house, a sleek property, or a visionary real estate venture, the property market offers a variety of options. To navigate this multifaceted world effectively, meticulous research and well-informed decision-making become guiding stars. Collaborating with experienced property experts can prove to be a valuable resource in your quest for property excellence.

The world of real estate remains an unceasing fount of possibilities, where dreams manifest and visions materialize. With its dynamic nature and ever-evolving landscape, the world of real estate continues to be a captivating realm of discovery and transformation, promising fulfillment to those who embark on its diverse avenues.

FAQ: Global Property Insights

Identifying the perfect city for home acquisition is a subjective process, reliant on a multitude of factors, including individual preferences, investment objectives, and the prevailing economic milieu. Cities renowned for their property markets encompass London, New York, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai. In order to align your criteria with a city that best suits your housing ambitions, it is imperative to conduct extensive research.

The optimum country for property purchase fluctuates in accordance with your specific aims. For investors in pursuit of stability and robust returns, countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany have historically proven to be attractive. Conversely, emerging markets like Portugal, Mexico, and Thailand proffer cost-effectiveness and potential growth. Prudent deliberation of your objectives and your tolerance for risk is crucial.

The planet’s most opulent residence was Buckingham Palace in London, boasting an estimated valuation exceeding £2.2 billion. It is pivotal to bear in mind that property valuations are liable to alteration over time, thus I strongly advise perusing the latest reports to ascertain the contemporary status of the most expensive property.

A jurisdiction’s suitability for property investment hinges on numerous factors, including economic stability, legal frameworks, and prevailing market trends. Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada have consistently been favored destinations for property investment due to their robust legal safeguards and robust economic fundamentals.

The accolade of the “optimal” property market is contingent upon the context of evaluation. Nonetheless, markets in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are celebrated for their transparency, liquidity, and enduring stability. Emerging markets like Vietnam, India, and the United Arab Emirates proffer growth potential. Your selection should be aligned with your investment goals and your risk tolerance.

The prognosis for the most promising property investments in 2024 necessitates contemporary data and comprehensive market analysis. As the property landscape is in a constant state of flux, it is prudent to solicit the counsel of property experts, conduct extensive research, and vigilantly monitor market trends to pinpoint burgeoning prospects in regions with potential for both growth and stability.

The country yielding the highest returns on property investment is subject to fluctuation over time due to market dynamics. Historically, countries with robust returns include the United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia. However, the potential for substantial returns is not without concomitant risks, underscoring the importance of conducting thorough due diligence prior to investment. Seeking the advice of a property professional can proffer invaluable insights into contemporary opportunities.