Sell my business in South America

Photo Sell my business in South America

As long as you are pondering: “How to sell my business in South America?”– you have come to the proper place! Parting ways with an enterprise is not easy. Some entrepreneurs plan the way out from the first day of making company, but the others have to do it due to circumstances.

Selling my Business in South America: Things you must take into account 

Here’s the vital notes you have to know when making your organization ready for trading:

  • Comprehension of each country’s regulations;
  • Consider that the procedure can consume some time;
  • Pick the ideal acquirer;
  • Figuring out the reason of selling;
  • Engage business specialists for prosperous transaction.

Direct selling business opportunities in South America

Direct selling business in South America presents such advantages:

  • Requires minimal contribution;
  • Flexibility and commanding position over your enterprise;
  • An opportunity to build direct relationships with the clients;
  • The absence of intermediaries can speed up the procedure.

Direct sales are compelling for small enterprises, family enterprises (if you want to transfer enterprise to your child or other relative), and for companies in niche markets.

This type of selling will help you to conduct the procedure smoothly and prosperously.

How to sell a small business in South America

Here’s the guidance:

  • Define the reasons of selling;
  • Choose the ideal time of transferring the enterprise;
  • Obtain a valuation of your small organization;
  • Use the assistance of a broker;
  • Collect all significant papers;
  • Look for the acquirers;
  • Manage your gain.

By considering all these stages, you will be able to conduct the transferring of your small enterprise prosperously. But do not forget that you need to adhere to local regulations and communication style in negotiations.

How to sell a business idea in South America

Here’s the guidance that will help you with prosperously transferring your idea:

  1. Begin with a detailed plan;
  2. Figure out more facts about your audience;
  3. Make clear and concise pitch;
  4. Expect questions and criticism;
  5. Show a concise plan for funds;
  6. Built trustworthy relationships with feasible acquirers;
  7. Be ready for further appointment with investors after the pitch;
  8. Be prepared for negotiation.

By completing these stages, you will be able to transfer your idea prosperously.

Tax implications when selling a business in South America

You have to take into account that tax implications differ within each region, so hiring a tax specialist is mandatory for smooth and clear procedure.

Let’s take Chile as an example:

  • Stock deal: From a seller’s perspective, the tax cost of the stocks can be deducted from their sale cost, which can lead to a lower tax burden. Moreover, the conveying of stocks is easy and calculating their tax cost is simple. 
  • Asset deal: From an acquirer’s perspective, the seller’s tax duties (as well as other duties) are not inherited. Tangible assets purchased can be depreciated.

Taxes that would influence a boost of profit on the sale of stocks are CIT and GCT (for Chileans) or WT (for foreigners). (If you are a taxpayer with no accounting)

Do I need expert instruction if I want to sell my business in South America?

Selling business in South America is a sophisticated decision that requires patience and stamina. Taking into account that trading regulations differ within regions, guidance of specialists is what you need for an effortless and smooth sales procedure.

How do I sell my company in South America?

Here’s the direction for those who is asking the question of how to sell a business in South America:

Make ready your enterprise for selling;
Comprehend its value;
Increase enterprise efficiency;
Gather all significant papers related to your firm;
Evaluate your enterprise exit structure;
Asses the necessity of using the services of a broker;
Look for feasible acquirers;
Sign the compulsory contracts with customers.

What is the best site to sell your business?

Whether you transfer an enterprise due to personal issues, making another organization, retirement, etc, “Eli-Deal” is the perfect website that will lead you in trading. 

How to sell your business?

Here’s the guidance that will help you in trading:

Figure out the reasoning of selling;
Determine the ideal time for trading;
Obtains the valuation of an enterprise;
Use the services of a broker (if necessary);
Gather all significant papers;
Look for the acquirer;
Manage the income.

Selling a business in South Africa is a difficult procedure, so this instruction will assist you with comprehension of the whole list of actions.