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Company GmbH in building sector with Deutsche Bank account for sale in Germany

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The company was founded in 1990, it is a marginally active company with an annual turnover of approx. 9,000 EUR, no employees (as of 04/2018). The company already has a tax number and a VAT ID number (sales tax identification number). Terms and conditions Share capital: DEM 76,000.00 (Deutsche Mark) Sector: Commercial construction project development, design services, building renovation, real estate projects, purchase and sale of commercial properties Object, purpose, Fields of activity: Commercial construction project development, design services, building renovation, reconstruction, real estate projects, development, commercial properties Purchase and sale, renting, leasing, construction properties Infrastructure services, urban development Reason for sale: The GmbH is for sale due to age, is for sale. Bank account with: Deutsche Bank The purchase price includes a plot of land worth EUR 325,000 with a plot area of approx. 16,200 m² GE (commercial units) (as at 18.04.2018). The GmbH is to be sold with the property.

PSP Software for sale

Europe - Germany
PSP license

Fully Functional Payment Gateway Software License for Sale – Start Your Merchant Services Business Today Are you looking to enter the lucrative world of merchant services? Here’s your chance to acquire a fully functional Payment Gateway software license and start your own Payment Gateway business. With our software, you can offer a wide range of payment options to your merchant to seel their products via website using your payment gateway and you can earn commissions from transactions. What our software offers: Fully working software used by other successful companies. Ability to offer API for seamless integration. Offer dedicated dashboard to merchants and admins Generate withdrawal reports for better financial management. Manage chargebacks and risks efficiently. Our software is user-friendly and comes with comprehensive support to help you get started. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced player, our software can help you grow your business and increase your revenue. Contact us today for more information about the software and to schedule a demo. Start your journey in the merchant services industry with our reliable and feature-rich Payment Gateway software.

Ready-made Banking Company in German

Europe - Germany
Banking License

Below you can see the basic information regarding ready-made banking company in German for sale. A structure fully equipped with everything – you get everything an entrepreneur needs to successfully promote their own commercial project on the market. You will become the owner of a business that has already proven itself within the jurisdiction, however, one that has a clean history. You can start your journey by realizing your ideas. Ready-made banking company in German for sale – what you get and great possibilities range If you buy ready-made banking company in German, you get stable organized structure. Year of registration: 2022, Frankfurt. Bank account in Deutsche Bank. Authorized capital is fully formed. Clear company without activity. No debts. Full support. For you to open the way to many partnerships within Europe, which you can enter into on mutually beneficial terms of joint profit. You can also see other offers in the category “Banking licenses“.

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Online Marketplace Business in Berlin

Europe - Germany

Don`t miss the chance buy Online Marketplace Business in Berlin! Overview of Online Marketplace Business in Berlin for sale Key features of online platform in Germany for sale: Parents can identify childcare providers in Berlin using an online portal provided by the company. Our company aims to fill a gap in the market, which is the absence of childcare facilities in Germany. Our platform features a directory of qualified babysitters who offer childcare and before and after-school care. The babysitters have been vetted and have passed a background check. Parents can reserve childcare services for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years old, with priority selection. Our database contains over 350 active parents and 380 active babysitters. Over half of our customers are repeat customers, with the majority opting for daily childcare. Bookings are currently only available through our website. In the future, we intend to release a mobile app. We also intend to offer our services to hotels and businesses, as well as grow into new cities. Several consumers in Munich have already benefited from our services. Revenue model: Charge an hourly fee for the service the parent has requested. The CMO has over ten years of experience in eCommerce marketing. Sales are accompanied by a Berlin, Germany-based company. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Websites”.

Metal equipment manufacturing business in Germany

Europe - Germany
Equipment manufacturers

Offered: metal equipment manufacturing business for sale in Germany, being in operating since 1991. Overview of a metal equipment manufacturing business for sale This is a succession sale of a specialized metal equipment manufacturing company working with heavy (up to 80 tonnes) parts. There are 153 employees providing high-quality services to a repeat customer base. The metal equipment manufacturer for sale has an impressive average net profit. The real estate is included in the sale. More information about this opportunity will be provided after signing an NDA. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us for more information. * See other offers for sale in the category “Equipment manufacturers”.

Full Licensed Bank in Germany

Europe - Germany
Banking License

A good opportunity buy Full Licensed Bank in Germany! Overview of Full Licensed Bank in Germany for sale Advantages of bank in Germany for sale: Setting up a Bank in Germany, one of the Europe’s Fundamental Budgetary Centre Regulated by the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Central Bank) and Bundesanstalt hide Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht BaFin) which oversees 2,700 banks and 800 financial Very low to zero possibility of Deutsche Bundesbank and BaFin to approve new banking license application. Union permitting items and administrations of the bank to be passported to 27- part Details: The bank in Germany for sale was built up more than 60 a long time ago. Full authorized permit the bank to offer a full suite of item and administrations covering directed money related exercises such as store taking, securities managing, resources administration, e- money/credit card administrations etc.., without the got to apply for new Access to worldwide multi-currency journalist clearing Robust Center Banking/IT frameworks with all significant procedures/policies are in The bank has all the significant staffs in put and in agreement to BaFin There are no other branches but one office on short-term rent with all the requirements to function as a bank in The bank encompasses a clean client record with no open or uncertain legal Purchase is for a larger part stake >95% Purchase cost incorporates the prescribed capital injection. Category: Banks & Other Budgetary Benefit You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Fintech bank in Germany

Europe - Germany
Banking License

Here is presented Fintech bank in Germany for sale! Overview of Fintech bank in Germany for sale It is a German Fintech-firm for sale with an excellent reputation that has established itself well in its respective market. The company was bought by the chief architects of the former one of the largest online trading banks in Switzerland. The company is currently in the process of applying for a license, which must be possessed by a German bank dealing with securities and derivatives. Further, the company is ready to start a professional activity. By this year, the organization will finish developing a complete digital banking package, which will help it upgrade its license to a full-fledged German banking institution. Ultimately, the company will be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Company With the transfer of the company, one of the team members is given the strongest authority and the most active in business development, which is the main driving force behind successful Swiss online banking. This company is a well-known and sought-after provider of Fintech solutions, which brought good profits to its founders. Now, the firm’s proven capabilities in the Fintech content industry and the development of appropriate solutions will be closely combined with the business skills of the new owners. Moreover, obtaining a license and the status of a German bank for trading in financial derivatives and securities will give the company the opportunity to develop its own trading platform that can cover the entire value chain. This transformation will lead to a dramatic increase in the company’s revenues. The new business owners have brought a solid and long track record in the development of online commerce. They previously founded the largest Swiss bank for online trading. The old management and new owners have combined their own efforts and commercial strategies to create commercial enterprises that will belong to a group of institutions centered around the German bank. These are firms based in Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, engaged in online brokerage, data analysis and asset management, among others. Information about the company Location: Germany, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt. Major commercial operations: global. Company products and services The company in Germany for sale carries out commercial activities in several financial areas: trading operations with financial instruments; white label; asset management activities; granting loans (excluding mortgage loans); work with online analytical and trading tools; development and delivery of the latest Fintech solutions. The purpose of attracting capital investments Cost of licensing and authorized capital. Funds aimed at expanding the branch network. Implementation of marketing campaigns and getting into the media. Unique financial offer The new business management team has extensive experience in the development of similar projects. The old company that became the basis is a well-known provider of Fintech solutions, proven by time and customers. The logistics department and the team are completely ready to work. It is the first Fintech bank to operate in Germany with global reach. The company has several projects under development, which will contribute to increased income and active growth. Cooperation with America and Asia is planned. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Beauty salon in Germany

Europe - Germany
Beauty project

This is a great opportunity buy Beauty salon in Germany! Overview of Beauty salon in Germany for sale Running a massage studio and a cosmetic nail business for the past four years. Beauty salon in Germany for sale has four massage beds, one cosmetic room, a lounger space, a nail care area, an office, a small kitchen, and a restroom. Hire freelance masseuses and beauticians on an hourly basis. We’ve had roughly 10 customers per day for the past year. The number will undoubtedly rise as a result of the Covid limits. Can hire more employees to provide additional services. The rented studio is 84 square meters and comprises four rooms: two massage treatment rooms with four loungers, one cosmetic room with one lounger and a nail care space, one office, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. All furniture and technical equipment, including massage beds, cosmetic beds, nail salon equipment, and other related products, are delivered to the buyer. See more other offers in the category beauty project.

Hotel with restaurant in Germany

Europe - Germany

This is a great opportunity buy Hotel with restaurant in Germany! Overview of Hotel with restaurant in Germany for sale This historic family-owned Hotel with restaurant in Germany for sale is strategically positioned in a lovely hamlet on this Baltic Sea island. The hotel has been in the family’s possession since 1750, and it has been used as a hotel and restaurant by the family since 1822. The building has been refurbished and upgraded on a regular basis over the decades. Hotel Hotel business in Germany for sale is situated on a 2500 square meter site with two entrances from separate streets. It contains a private parking lot, three garages, and parking for two buses. The hotel has 35 double rooms, each measuring approximately 20 square meters, and two single rooms. Wardrobe, Writing Desk, Luggage Storage, TV, Locker, Chair or Couch, big Beds, bedside Tables, Safe, Telephone, Shower, WC, Hairdryer are all included in all non-smoking rooms. On the ground floor, several rooms have their own terrace. During the winter of 2018-2019, a covered bridge will connect the guesthouse to the main structure. All static and fire safety criteria have been met. It is possible to add a second floor to the guesthouse because the essential pipes and tubing are already in place and have been certified by a structural engineer. The hotel management rents and manages nearby holiday apartments owned by local families. There are 7 flats located approximately 300 meters from the hotel, as well as 4 hotel rooms and 2 holiday apartments located approximately 100 meters from the main hotel. The hotel also has two private apartments (280 m2 and 170 m2) on the first and second floors, each with a wonderful view. On the second story, there is a separate entrance for the flat. A kitchen, a bathroom with tub, shower, WC, and sauna are included in both apartments. A balcony is included in the flat on the second level. Restaurant The restaurant is in an ideal location to observe the city’s “whirlwind.” The two terraces face the central square and can accommodate up to 80 people during the warmer months. The cafe section is furnished with high tables and huge windows that provide a fantastic view of the city’s pulsating life. A excellent overview is also provided by the large bar in the centre of the restaurant. The restaurant (about 170 m2) can be divided into three rooms (restaurant, café, and chimney chamber) by a partition. The restaurant has a total of 130 seats. Throughout the decades, large parties, festivities, and weddings have taken place. The distinct hotel reception, which was refurbished in 2015, is separate from the restaurant entrance. The front desk and back-office functions are available at the reception, which is accessible from both the front and back sides of the hotel. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Cleaning Business in Berlin

Europe - Germany

Two companies working in the field of facility management. Offered cleaning business in Berlin for sale are in Berlin, Germany. One firm was established in 2012, and the other in 2019. There are regular customers who come here for recommendations even during a pandemic. There are about 30 employees. The whole work process and the provision of services are organized and well, without incidents. Realize your own commercial potential – highly profitable cleaning business for sale in Berlin The firms that are marketed have long collaborations with some of the largest and most international IT enterprises. There is an office of 80 square meters located in the center of Berlin – fully equipped and decorated for all day-to-day work. There is also its own website, completely new and updated, as well as social media profiles. If you buy cleaning business in Berlin, you will be taken over by all insurance contracts that cover all parts of the job. There is also a contract with wholesale companies for free delivery of materials for the company. All financial expenses under the contract will be borne by the clients. All in all, you will become the head of cleaning business in Berlin for sale, which has the following characteristics. Specialization – commercial and home cleaning, property management. Legal cover – registered company. There is insurance and good communication with certain recommended professional lawyers in various fields – HR, contracts, data, government issues, and more. The main sources of income are recommendations from clients and employees. You can also see other offers in the category “General“.

Many people seek to open their own business abroad, which will allow them to provide a stable yield and a decent life. Business in Germany in 2023 is quite a promising direction for this. The country is economically attractive and successfully developing, despite the influx of refugees and the global financial crisis. It creates favorable conditions for business activities not only of its own citizens, but also of non-citizens.

Advantages of organizing and doing business in Germany

Anyone with a sufficient amount of money and promoterial skills can open a business in the country, regardless of their place of residence. At the same time, it is important that business activities benefit the region and the economy.

Before investing money, you need to think about which business will be profitable and make a plan for its development. It should be noted that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to transfer to Germany a business already existing in another country, to create a subsidiary, buy a share in a German company or open a company from scratch.

The country opens wide prospects for foreign investors:

  • goods produced in Germany are recognized worldwide as a high-quality German brand;
  • the government gives subsidies to enterprises and, if necessary, allocates subsidies for development;
  • companies can take out a loan on preferential terms in German banks:
  • the low level of taxes, in comparison with other states, allows to increase profits faster;
  • there is an opportunity to conduct commercial activities not only in the domestic market, but throughout the territory of the European Union.

An entrepreneur has the right to enroll intellectual property and participate in international business projects.

In order to begin a biz in Germany and open a limited liability company, you need minimum authorized capital of EUR 25,000. At the initial stage, it is allowed to deposit half of the amount – 12,500 euros.

Types of companies in Germany

  1. JSC is a joint-stock company. The authorized capital of the company is converted into shares, which are distributed among the owners. The minimum amount of initial capital is 50,000 euros. Under certain conditions, which relate to the company’s income and its structure, the AS can go public, which allows the owners of the company to trade shares on the market. First of all, it is suitable for large or rapidly growing companies, when the necessary investments can be attracted by placing shares on the market.
  2. KGaA – is a joint stock corporation. Private promoters can also organize it, as described in the article on “Personengesellschaft”, but at the same time, shares of the company are issued, and it also has a legal entity. The statutory fund must be at least 50,000 euros. But at the same time, the owners of the company are responsible for debts not only with the company’s capital, but also with their property. The main difference from Ab is that the owners of KGaA are always its managers. Other shareholders do not have voting rights. In addition, as in ordinary companies, all limited partners have equal votes, regardless of the number of shares. This allows you to always keep control of the company, regardless of how many shares other investors have. Even if it turns out that someone on the stock exchange buys more than 509 shares of KGaA, this will not give him the right to manage the company. ideal for a family business that does not intend to sell under any circumstances. This is not the most usual form of doing biz  in Germany. There are no more than a hundred such firms. But for some reason it is very beloved by the owners of German football clubs.
  3. GmbH – this form is the most widespread among corporations. The limited liability company is an invention of the Germans, which was born in 1892. Statutory The fund should amount to 25,000 Е, of which at least half must be deposited immediately upon opening, and the rest can be to be added in subsequent years, it is also allowed to fill the company’s statutory fund with the rights to own things, real estate, pledges and other tangible assets. Registration takes place through the district branch of the court with the participation of a notary with mandatory entry to commercial enrollment. Therefore, the procedure for opening a BTI takes one day, and then another month and a half on average we have to wait for confirmation of entry under all needed registers. It is worth registering from 450E to 10006, depending on the specific address of the company’s registration.
  4. UG – a relatively new form of doing biz in Germany, which is also called Mini-GmbH. This is a good way for a private entrepreneur to avoid responsibility for the firm’s debts, since the authorized capital of a given enterprise can be as small as desired, up to 1. On the other hand, the law obliges them to report about the limited liability of the company to all partners, which means that it will be more difficult to get loans and trust. It is forbidden to replenish the fund with tangible assets instead of money. It is necessary to transfer at least 2,596 from the profit to the statutory fund every year, until 25,000 is collected, after which, as a rule, the company is re-registered.

How to open your business in Germany

To open a company, you need to decide on its organizational and legal form and collect a package of the necessary documents

GmbH – an analogue of the widespread Limited Liability company (LLC) – consists of the founders and director. It is allowed to be one man.

What documents will be needed

The GmbH legal form allows you to open a business in Germany without having citizenship. To register a company with limited liability you will need detailed info about the founders, the director and yourself the enterprise. You need to prepare:

  • the company’s charter, which describes the company’s activities in detail
  • list of founders;
  • information about shareholders’ shares;
  • home address, name, date of birth of each member of society. The data must be written in Latin;
  • information on the marital status of shareholders. Legislation requires that the husband or wife of the founder be present at the registration of documents.

The legal address of the company must be in German. Foreign investors usually indicate the address of a tax lawyer or firm that helps to prepare the documents. After registration, the founders have the right to receive a business visa. Its validity period varies from one month to a year.

Buying a ready-made business in Germany

Doing your business in a country of the European Union allows you to raise your social status and establish new partnerships. However, some people prefer not to create a company from scratch, but to buy ready-made businesses in Germany. Country has created all the conditions for this. It is easy to buy a company that provides certain services or produces goods, along with equipment, a customer base and employees.

Buy business in Germany is quite profitable – this is facilitated by transparent legislation and a stable economy of the country. For example, income real estate is very popular in Germany.

However, before proceeding with the execution of the agreement, it is necessary:

  1. Analyze the available offers.
  2. Study the company’s documentation, reporting, reputation among partners, and credit history.
  3. If pitfalls are not identified, apply to the local municipality for a purchase permit, providing a business plan for the development of the enterprise.

After receiving permission, you should draw up a sales contract, necessarily in the presence of a notary, and arrange the transfer of ownership rights. Documents are signed by two parties and notarized. After that, the purchase of the business is considered complete.

It should be noted that the purchase and sale of enterprises in Germany happens quickly no problem. And yet to exclude the possibility of a scam on the part of the seller, it is better to trust professionals when buying a business. There are many companies that provide legal support in the purchase of commercial and residential real estate. their employees select the enterprise, taking into account the wishes of the client, check the object for legality and accompany the buyer at all stages of the operation.