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An extensive complex of luxury villas located near Rawai Beach in the south of Phuket

Price from: €461582 SKU: PRY62351
An extensive villa luxury complex in the south of Phuket provides all necessary amenities for convenient living and resting. The development company is offering a contract for 5 years of management with an 80/20 division of profits in favor of the owner. This complex includes 92 villas of three different types with a total area...
Area: 272-619м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

An exquisite villas in Phuket overlooking the sea

Price from: €225376 SKU: PRY62354
We present villas for sale in Phuket in Thailand, which are located on the shores of Layan Beach. Comfort, luxury and exquisite landscape with sea views are intertwined here. Plan to provide a guaranteed income of 5% annually for 5 years. This complex, consisting of 28 villas, offers guests a full-fledged hotel infrastructure, including a...
Area: 85м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxurious villas in a hotel complex on Karon Beach

Price from: €816988 SKU: PRY62357
The complex of exquisite villas, which is located on a hill among the rainforest in Karon Beach, will operate as a five-star hotel managed by a renowned international company. Villa complex for sale on Karon Beach consists of a separate part with 150 luxury rooms, residences for personal living, and luxurious private villas with breathtaking...
Area: 300м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury villas located on Bang Tao Beach

Price from: €920135 SKU: PRY62360
Villas for sale on Bang Tao Beach in Phuket combine new-fangled design with the elegant simplicity of minimalism. High-quality finishes and spacious layouts are designed to provide a comfortable lifestyle. The complex consists of 7 villas, which are strictly guarded. The contemporary villas in Thailand on Bang Tao Beach are designed in a minimalist style;...
Area: 488м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury villas on Bang Tao Beach with guaranteed income and infrastructure

Price from: €335247 SKU: PRY62363
We present a villa complex on Bang Tao Beach in Thailand for sale, which provides hotel amenities: a varied layout, a gym, professional management, and 24-hour security. The complex offers two- and three-bedroom villas with a private swimming pool, a well-kept garden, and a parking area. The use of high-quality finishing materials creates a feeling...
Area: 125-158м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Gorgeous flats in a residential complex in a premium Bang-Tao area

Price from: €121317 SKU: PRY62474
Gorgeous flats 31-89 m2 for sale in Phuket in the Bang Tao area are currently the best offer on the market. The residential complex is located in a premium location, and the sea is within walking distance! You can already place a reservation for units, despite the fact that sales have not yet officially opened....
Area: 36-89м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Elegant villas near the prestigious Laguna Resort in Phuket

Price from: €817464 SKU: PRY63395
Discover the epitome of elegance and spaciousness with these 3-bedroom villas, perfectly situated near the esteemed Laguna resort, offering a prime residential complex for sale in Phuket. Just 1.5 kilometers away lies a bustling shopping center and promenade, brimming with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and spa centers, making this an ideal residential complex from...
Area: 370-485м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury villas with 3 and 4 bedroom in Phuket

Price from: €925621 SKU: PRY63400
Experience the epitome of sophisticated living in this residential complex for sale in Phuket, an exclusive collection of luxury villas, where contemporary design elegance meets serene natural surroundings. This distinctive project, a residential complex from the developer in Phuket, offers an exceptional blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility, encased in untouched beauty. The development,...
Area: 318-567м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Townhouses in the prestigious neighbourhood of Laguna

Price from: €353209 SKU: PRY63423
Acquiring ownership of a townhouse in a prestigious residential complex for sale in Payallar not only provides a luxurious living space but also grants exclusive membership to the elite club, offering substantial discounts of up to 50% across a wide array of amenities in one of Asia’s most expansive hotel complexes. The residential complex from...
Area: 211-238м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury villas in the prestigious neighbourhood of Bang Tao

Price from: €752214 SKU: PRY63433
Nestled near the fashionable Laguna district, this exclusive residential complex for sale in Payallar offers a collection of 12 opulent villas, complemented by an office for the management company and round-the-clock security. These villas showcase an exquisite Indonesian-inspired interior design, blending elegant wooden furnishings with light, airy walls. Each villa features generously sized rooms with...
Area: 319-479м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Luxury new flats in a luxury aparthotel in Bang Tao beach area in Phuket

Price from: €135000 SKU: PRY63492
Fulfill your dreams with this exquisite flat located in an aparthotel at Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, a true paradise for those seeking luxury and tranquility. This splendid 36 square metre flat is designed for utmost comfort and relaxation, offering an ideal blend of luxury and homeliness. It features a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and...
Area: 36м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Spacious villas surrounded by the rainforest of Bang Tao Beach

Price from: €588684 SKU: PRY63592
Nestled in the heart of a lush tropical paradise, this exclusive villa complex near Bang Tao beach offers an ideal opportunity for those seeking a private and tranquil retreat. The spacious interiors, accentuated by soaring ceilings, provide an ideal living space for families. Encircled by dense tropical rainforest, the complex ensures utmost privacy while being...
Area: 305-380м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Flats with a guaranteed income of 7% per annum in a unique project on Karon Beach

Price from: €95293 SKU: PRY64063
Exclusive Residence Project at Karon Beach This unique apartment complex near Karon Beach, managed by a well-known hotel, boasts an ideal location close to the bustling beachfront scene, featuring dining spots, shopping outlets, bars, and massage parlors. The developer presents an enticing rental income agreement with a guaranteed 7% annual return over a five-year span....
Area: 28-116м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

The complex on an elevated position surrounded by tropical forest on Karon Beach

Price from: €213865 SKU: PRY64068
Situated atop an elevated plateau amidst the lush environs of a tropical forest, this beachfront complex in Karon Beach offers a prime location with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. Managed by the esteemed Meliá Hotels and Resorts, a 5-star international hotel operator, this development is not only a luxurious residential haven but also a...
Area: 56-89м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

New residential complex on the shore of Kamala beach 200 metres from the sea

Price from: €136352 SKU: PRY64074
Introducing an exceptional residential complex for sale in Kamala Beach, this new development epitomizes coastal luxury living. Located a mere 200 meters from the pristine shores of Kamala Beach, the complex boasts an innovative marine-themed interior design, featuring a restaurant modeled after a pirate ship, a reception area that evokes the feeling of the ocean...
Area: 40-70м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Flats with a guaranteed income of 5% per annum within walking distance to one of Phuket’s best beaches

Price from: €141233 SKU: PRY64079
Situated in the northern segment of the island, this expansive, premium residential complex for sale in Phuket is perfectly located within a short stroll from one of Phuket’s finest beaches. Nestled in an esteemed locale surrounded by 5-star hotels, tennis courts, and golf courses, it offers an unparalleled living experience. The complex, comprised of three...
Area: 30-120м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Apartments close to the most beautiful Nai Harn beach

Price from: €109674 SKU: PRY64093
Discover Your Dream Home in Nai Harn’s beachside residential complex Nestled near the stunning Nai Harn beach, renowned for its crystalline azure waters and soft sandy terrain, lies a mesmerizing beachside residential complex in Nai Harn. Each floor of this unique establishment boasts its own distinct and captivating theme, ranging from Zen, Reign, Den, Atelier,...
Area: 24-40м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Apartments in a complex managed by a hotel brand on Nai Harn beach

Price from: €102244 SKU: PRY64184
Located adjacent to the renowned Nai Harn Beach, this apartment complex for sale near Nai Harn Beach is expertly managed by a distinguished hotel brand. The developer presents an attractive rental income contract, offering a 7% annual return, making it a lucrative investment opportunity in Nai Harn Beach. This expansive complex houses 218 flats, featuring...
Area: 27-70м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Sea view apartments managed by 5 star Wyndham hotel on Rawai Beach! Expected rental income 8-10% per annum

Price from: €117900 SKU: PRY64189
Experience the allure of seaside living with these exquisite apartments in the residential complex for sale in Payallar, meticulously managed by the prestigious Wyndham 5* hotel. Boasting a promising rental yield of 8-10% annually, this development, a residential complex from the developer in Turkey in Payallar, is crafted by a renowned developer and is strategically...
Area: 29-156м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Flats in a modern complex with an income from 8 % per annum near the white beach Surin

Price from: €90481 SKU: PRY64195
This exquisite property, a residential complex for sale in Surin Beach, Phuket, is situated in an enviable location, just a stone’s throw from the pristine white sands of Surin Beach. It’s a perfect choice for holidaymakers or those looking to invest in a residential complex from the developer in Turkey in Payallar. With an anticipated...
Area: 31-78м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Spacious residences close to the sea in the prestigious Laguna Phuket resort complex

Price from: €836268 SKU: PRY64207
Nestled near the serene shores, this exclusive enclave within the Laguna Phuket resort complex presents an unparalleled opportunity for both residency and generating rental revenue. This prestigious location offers the full array of five-star hotel amenities to its residents, making it an ideal property for sale in Laguna Phuket. The development boasts three new low-rise...
Area: 120м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Ready-made flats in a complex with developed infrastructure in Kamala district in Phuket

Price from: €111249 SKU: PRY64324
A newly completed residential complex for sale in Kamala by a renowned developer is now available, ideally situated within the vibrant Kamala district, renowned for its extensive array of dining and nightlife options. This development presents an exceptional opportunity for both residence and investment through rental income, positioning it as a residential complex from the...
Area: 35-70м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

New condominium on Kamala Beach, Phuket

Price from: €65763 SKU: PRY64331
Introducing a distinguished new condominium development situated on Kamala Beach, this boutique complex is comprised of two elegant eight-story buildings, collectively housing 164 meticulously designed apartments available with one or two bedrooms. It stands out as a premier residential complex for sale in Kamala Beach, offering a unique blend of luxury and tranquility. The complex...
Area: 27-53м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket

Apartments for profit in a new complex on Nai Yang Beach

Price from: €42028 SKU: PRY64337
Introducing an unparalleled opportunity to invest in a newly developed flat complex at unbeatable prices, conveniently situated near the airport and adjacent to the national park! This exquisite complex, nestled on Nai Yang Beach, comprises two buildings offering studio flats with serene garden views. Amenities within the complex include a dedicated management company office, an...
Area: 21-35м2
Property type: Apartments
Country: Thailand, Phuket
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Popular properties

Property for Sale in Thailand

Thailand, an enchanting tapestry of tropical wonders and cultured wealth, has not only secured its place on the global tourism map but has also emerged as a dynamic real estate deposition place. Beyond the picturesque landscapes and vibrant cityscapes, Thai real estate commerce offers a spectrum of abilities for both domestic and worldwide investors. In this extensive guide, we will delve deeply into the multifaceted realm of Thailand’s real estate branch, unraveling the factors that contribute to its allure. From the nuances of real estate in Thailand procurement to exploring the abundance of real estate for sale, we will direct through the complexities of this thriving commerce.

Tourism and Economic Growth

At the heart of Thailand’s real estate expansion lies its flourishing tourism industry, a linchpin for the nation’s economic prosperity. The perpetual influx of millions of visitors to iconic places like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai has generated an insatiable demand for accommodation and deposition possessions. The symbiotic relationship between tourism and real estate improvement has given rise to an array of opportunities, from upscale hotels and resorts to more personalized vacation rentals, meeting the diverse needs of both short-term holidaymakers and long-term investors.

Foreign Ownership Directions

For those contemplating buying real estate in Thailand, understanding the intricacies of foreign possessions directions is primary. While direct land possessions is generally restricted for foreigners, the avenue remains open for flats and specific property for sale in Thailand types. This regulatory landscape has spurred a surge in condominium development, particularly in urban hubs, presenting international investors with a viable ownership option within prescribed quotas. Navigating these regulations is a pivotal step in making informed decisions and tapping into the vast potential of Thai real estate commerce.

Property Categories and Areas

Thailand’s housing market is a mosaic of variety, proposing a plenty of possessions to suit different inclinations and monetary plans. From opulent beachfront villas in Phuket to contemporary urban flats in the loud heart of Bangkok, investors have a broad spectrum of options to explore. Each region in Thailand carries its unique charm and raising ability, emphasizing the need for meticulous research and an understanding of personal deposition targets prior making a purchase. With numerous properties for sale in Thailand, the market caters to a wide range of investors.

Infrastructure Improvement

The proactive investments by the Thai government in infrastructure have played a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity and accessibility throughout the country. Ambitious projects like high-speed rail networks and expanded airports have transformed certain regions into hotspots for real estate investment. Improved infrastructure not only bolsters the tourism industry but also significantly enhances the worth of properties in Thailand for sale in strategically located areas, making them enticing prospects for both local and worldwide buyers.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Initiatives

In response to global environmental concerns, sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives have taken center stage in Thailand’s real estate branch. Developers are increasingly incorporating green technologies and environmentally conscious designs into their projects. This shift towards responsible and sustainable practices not only aligns with global trends but also caters to the growing preference of investors who seek financial returns alongside a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Real Estate for Sale in Thailand

The real estate market in Thailand suggests a vast array of options, with possessions for sale spanning residential to commercial segments. Perspective buyers can peruse listings tailored to their preferences, whether it’s a tranquil beachfront retreat, an urban condominium pulsating with city life, or an investment property promising lucrative returns.


As Thailand’s real estate market continues to evolve in tandem with tourism, economic raising, and sustainable development, it presents a myriad of opportunities for investors. When one seeks a vacation house, a deposition property, or a long-term residence, Thailand’s diverse real estate landscape accommodates a wide spectrum of objectives. Thorough research, compliance with regulations, and seeking professional advice are integral steps to ensure a successful and rewarding experience in the Thai possessions commerce, where properties for sale are abundant, catering to the discerning needs of investors worldwide. The enchanting allure of Thailand, coupled with its robust real estate commerce, gives a trip of exploration and deposition with endless possibilities.

Can foreigners acquire real estate in Thailand?

Indeed, outsiders can purchase land in Thailand, yet there are sure limitations ashore possession. While unfamiliar people are by and large not permitted to claim land through and through, they can, be that as it may, own structures and designs. Townhouses are an exemption, and outsiders can claim them as long as the all out unfamiliar assets of units in a condo doesn’t surpass 49%.

How much does real estate cost in Thailand?

The expense of land in Thailand fluctuates broadly relying upon elements, for example, region, property type, and conveniences. In significant urban communities like Bangkok or famous traveler objections like Phuket, property costs will quite often be higher. Condos in metropolitan spaces could go from a couple hundred thousand Thai Baht to a few million, while sumptuous oceanfront estates can arrive at multimillion-dollar sticker prices. Planned purchasers should explore explicit regions and property types to get a more exact comprehension of the market.

Is Thailand a good place to invest in real estate?

Thailand can be a decent spot to put resources into land in light of multiple factors. The nation’s flourishing travel industry, financial development, and foundation improvement add to the engaging quality of the housing market. Furthermore, the cost for many everyday items in Thailand is somewhat more modest compared with numerous Western nations, making it an engaging objective for the two financial backers and exiles. Be that as it may, likewise with any venture, it’s significant to direct careful examination, grasp the legalities, and look for proficient exhortation earlier deciding.

Is Thailand cheap to buy a house?

The affordability of buying a house in Thailand depends on the location, type of possessions, and individual budget reviews. In contrast with many Western areas, Thailand often suggests more affordable real estate options. Apartments in urban areas or houses in less touristy regions can be relatively cost-effective. However, luxurious properties in prime areas can have higher price tags. It’s advisable for possible buyers to assess their budget, explore different areas, and consider the type of property in Thailand for sale that aligns with their financial goals.