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Transfer of Equity in Chinese Bank

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Banking License

A good opportunity buy Equity in Chinese Bank! Overview of bank in China for sale The bank in China for sale was established in 1999 and is considered a joint stock commercial bank of an independent legal entity. The Bank has recently ranked among the top 100 largest enterprises in the province where it is located. In addition, the Bank is included in the thousands of the world’s largest banks, and for the last 4 years it is also included in the list of the five hundred largest enterprises in the field of services in China. In addition, it has been listed as one of the hundreds of the province’s largest local and national tax businesses. The main areas of the bank’s activities are the following: opening of deposits by the population; issuance of short-, medium- and long-term loans; implementation of domestic and foreign payments; acceptance and accounting of bills; issuance of financial bonds; work on the issue, issuance and underwriting of bonds from the state; purchase and sale of state and financial bonds; interbank lending; purchase and sale of currency; provision of accreditation and guarantees; acting as an insurance agent; service of providing a safe deposit box. The bank also provides other services that are approved by the regulatory body under the State Council. Now the jurisdiction has more than 10 branches in its administrative area, about 165 branches (43 of which are local), and more than 2.9 thousand employees. The bank also took the initiative to create bank branches in villages, as well as a leasing financial company. The holding has 4 subsidiaries. In 2020, the optimization of the org. structure and restructuring of the head office department into retail, public, financial markets, digital banking, risk control and other 5 important business sectors. The previously existing 24 departments have been reduced to 21. The bank has formed a service network that spans the entire province, as well as a relatively solid product system. It is a large bank that is not listed on the stock exchange. In the future, it is expected to go public. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Stake of Chinese Company with AMC License

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Banking License

The firm was established in 2015 and, thanks to the approval of the PRC Banking Regulatory Commission, is recognized as a municipal company AMC, which deals with the sale and purchase of many non-performing assets of financial enterprises in 2016. Now the AMC license in China for sale is a resource that is in short supply. The main activity of the firm is the purchase of non-performing assets and their management using various financial instruments and means. The purchase of assets takes place through auctions, liquidation, restructuring, etc. The scope of the company with AMC License in China for sale purchase of assets; trust management of assets of financial and non-financial enterprises that do not work; investment, management and sale of non-performing assets; transformation of the creditor’s rights into equity capital; investment, management and sale of equity assets; foreign investment, purchase and sale of securities; pledge of assets; production of bonds; transactions between banks, commercial financing from Finn. enterprises; consultations; appraisal of assets and projects; administration of bankruptcy, guardianship and liquidation of fin. enterprises, etc., which are approved by the regulatory authorities. The company’s shareholders plan to sell 66.67% of the shares. In the mainland of the PRC, an AMC license in China for sale is a guarantee of getting rid of assets that are not working. If one of the investors wants to start selling non-performing assets in China, pay attention to this point. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Beauty Salon in Kowloon

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Beauty project

This is a great opportunity buy Beauty Salon in Kowloon! Overview of Beauty Salon in China for sale A well-known beauty salon in China for sale with a large and loyal clientele. Each month, we have approximately 700-800 clients, the majority of whom are repeat customers. Provide services to men and women alike. Cosmetics retail sales account for a little portion of our revenue. We were previously located in another part of the city and only recently relocated to our current site in the mall. A high-end Japanese cosmetics company recently struck an exclusive Hong Kong distribution agreement with us. Salon equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventories, and other operating assets are among the company’s physical assets. See more other offers in the category beauty project.

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Online 3D Printing Service in China

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This is a unique opportunity to buy a 3D printing business. Selling a 3D printing and milling business in China Our organization is known for fast product delivery, and we have all the capabilities you need. CNC milling, injection molding, 3D printing on plastic, urethane casting, metal casting, and other services are among the many services our company offers. All services are valuable and cost-effective. For the convenience of our consumers, we provide services with the utmost care.

Well-respected health center in China

Asia - China
Fitness clubs

Our well-respected health center and profitable gym furnishes wellness preparing programs with exceptional, best-in-class offices.  About this ready business for sale: We offer to prepare for muscle acquire, consuming fat, body conditioning, back and joints help with discomfort, counteraction of muscle misfortune maturing, post-maternity body preparing programs. We use EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) gear, which is protected by the organization, for giving more customized preparation to our customers.  Well-respected health center  for sale get customers through business areas of our focuses which is a major benefit, and furthermore through internet promoting and web-based media. Android and iOS portable applications help customers to self-book, see timetables,s and talk with individuals from the local area. It additionally actually assists clients with setting difficulties, track progress, and recommends nourishment and diet-dependent on client inputs.

Profitable top gym studio in China

Asia - China
Fitness clubs

Business for sale is one of the top gym studios and it is available to be purchased.  It is situated in a focal area of money and shopping center point having high people walking through.  Our classes are extremely focused and execution-based, educated by exceptionally experienced coaches.  We give month-to-month and yearly membership designs and have appealing proposals on the plans.  Profitable top gym studio for sale has around 410 dynamic individuals getting prepared.  We work with numerous worldwide brands to give workout schedules to their customers

Certified medical logistics company in China

Asia - China

Opportunity to buy a medical logistics company in China. Overview of this business for sale This freight & logistics company for sale specializes in medical logistics services. Based in Beijing. GDP and ISO certified. Carries clinical trial and pharmaceutical transportation services to organizations. Has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan that are fully staffed with employees who maintain cold rooms for Credo Boxes pre-conditioning. These are thermal isolation chambers broadly used in the transportation of clinical trial materials. Contracts commercial & private air carriers to service over 100 countries. The medical logistics company for sale takes care to ensure that the products are maintained in the right temperature regime. It has become an exclusive service provider for one of the biggest clinical trial European organizations and caters to more than 10 customers.

Profitable medical center investment in China

Asia - China
Medical clinics

Profitable medical center investment for sale was set up in 2014. Through collaboration with public notable top-notch clinics and free brand development, the Group had put resources into the development and activity of a few top-of-the-line clinical establishments to meet the broadened clinical necessities of the majority. As of now, the clinical organizations under the medical center include a rehabilitation group, a maternal and child hospital, and a traditional Chinese medicine children’s Hospital. What’s more, business for sale  has likewise deliberately put resources into general health care. Over half of the center group has considered or worked abroad, including incredibly famous alumni, for example, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the London School of Economics. The Shareholders of the Group expect to move 73.13% of their offers at a debatable cost. Intrigued financial backers are free to direct due persistence. Medical clinics/Institutions include: Maternal and child hospital – The clinic is a three-level incorporated emergency clinic for ladies and kids, which coordinates clinical treatment, instructing, logical examination and counteraction. The medical clinic covers a space of 38,000 square meters, with a development space. Company for sale, with in excess of 300 wellbeing professionals, has 23 clinical controls, including 43 strengths. The clinic is furnished with in excess of 30 arrangements of cutting-edge huge scope imported clinical hardware, including attractive reverberation imaging gear, ongoing four-dimensional shading doppler ultrasonic symptomatic instrument, etc. Restoration Hospital Group – the recovery bunch is a light resource activity and the executive’s stage organization that profoundly coordinates restoration and clinical consideration, and can send out administration and direct enormous scope chain activity. Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Established in 2012, the clinic unites well-known pediatricians of customary Chinese medication to give a conclusion, treatment, anticipation and medical care administrations with conventional Chinese medication qualities for individuals matured 0-18 years of age.

Electric manufacturing organization in China

Asia - China
Electronics manufacturing

Overview of the business for sale: The electric-power organization for sale was set up in 2002. It essentially takes part in coal-terminated force age, creation and deals of electric warming and its subordinate items, and gives comparing the executives and specialized administrations. The Company for sale is situated in perhaps the most extravagant territory, with all-around created land and water transportation and prevalent market climate.  As well as putting resources into other force age organizations, the Company has assembled six creating units, including two 135MW, two 320MW, and two 330MW units. As of now, the absolute introduced power age limit of the Company is 2170MW. The Company has a waterway bank line of 1,700 meters and an extraordinary coal wharf with twofold billets. The most extreme berthing limit of the two billets is 50, 000 tons and 70, 000 tons, individually, with the greatest plan limit of 9 million tons each year.  The Company for sale has constructed and placed the activity of the warming pipeline covering a space of 15 square kilometers, warming line length of 30 kilometers, the normal steam supply of almost 100 tons/hour. As indicated by the arrangement, the warmth supply of the Company will arrive at 500 to 600 tons/hour in the following five years, which is the solitary warmth source around there and its encompassing towns.

Profitable medical services business in China

Asia - China
Health project

Profitable medical services business for sale giving free agreements in clinical research. Operations have stopped since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Provided clinical preliminary related administrations and clinical examination consultancy administrations. Typical customers included little drug, biotech, clinical gadget, and agreement research associations. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to turn down agreements with a few customers. The purchaser of the organization has colossal expected freedom to get to the drug, biotech, and clinical gadget markets.

Today, small and medium-sized companies have become an integral part of the economies of most developed countries. They quickly respond to all changes in the business environment and are the first to suffer from excessive bureaucracy. In addition, they significantly contribute to social and regional evolution and are an example of innovation and well-being.

China’s economy constantly attracts the attention of the world public. A fast-growing consumer market, growing middle class, promising demographics, financial reforms and demand for services are attracting businesses from around the world.

Small business in China

Small business in China is the scientific engine of the country, due to the fact that small businesses offer the largest number of innovative products and technical inventions. Small technological firms are developing rapidly. Most of them were created within the framework of technology parks and business incubators, in which the state invested significant funds. These firms continue to receive government support in one form or another. Beginner entrepreneurs have the opportunity to acquire the needed info with the help of electronic libraries, as well as participate in video conferences, which are organized by leading Chinese and global specialists in the field of small biz development.

Registration form of business in China

Chinese law allows foreigners to register firms under several forms of ownership, each of which has certain advantages. Let’s consider the most popular and affordable:

Agency of a non-citizen business-company

The most affordable way of doing business in China is to register a representative office of a foreign company. The representational office has the right to conduct the following types of activities related to the work of a foreign enterprise:

  1. Marketing research, exhibition activities and activities for the promotion of goods related to the goods and services of a foreign enterprise.
  2. Establishing relations related to the sale of goods, implementation of favors, procurement and investing in the PRC by a foreign corporation.

At the same time, the representative offices of foreign companies do not have the right to conduct activities of online business in China. Exceptions to this rule are provided only for representative offices of foreign airlines.

A branch of a foreign company

Large global organizations can organize their activities in the PRC through branches. Under this form, the enterprise complies with both the provisions of the parent company and the legal terms in China. The business activity remains the same, as does the company name, and it can act as an addition to an existing firm, regardless of the country of origin.

Currently, the legislation of the PRC allows the creation of branches of foreign companies to conduct certain types of activities (for example, branches of foreign banks and insurance companies).


The peculiarity of societies is that this organizational form does not belong to legal entities. At the same time, for the most part, the company can engage in almost all types of business activities. Chinese law provides for two forms of companies: general companies and limited companies. The main difference between these forms is the responsibility of the participants:

  • In an ordinary partnership, all members bear unlimited joint and some liability for the partnership’s commitments.
  • In a limited partnership, part of the participants bear unlimited joint and several liability for the commitments of the partnership, and the other part – only in the amount of their contributions.

In practice, the partnership form is rarely used, as it implies unlimited liability of all or part of the participants for the partnership’s commitments.

Commercial legal entity

Creating a commercial legal entity with 100% foreign investment is the most attractive and common solution, as it gives you the opportunity to have full control over your businesses in China.

Commercial legal entities include limited liability companies and joint-stock companies with limited liability. Both types of enterprises are legal entities, have separate property and legal entity rights to property. The company is responsible for its commitments with all its property. In turn, the liability of the company’s participants (sharers) is limited to the size of their fees to the authorized capital.

A LLC is a commercial legal entity, the authorized capital of which is divided into shares that are not in public circulation.

When creating a limited liability company, it is necessary to comply with a number of demands of Chinese legislation, in particular, a certain number of participants (no more than 50 participants), the presence of a total amount of capital investments, the presence of a charter, requirements for a name, the creation of a certain structure, and the presence of a company location.

A joint-stock company with limited liability is a commercial legal entity, the authorized capital of which is divided into shares that are in free circulation.

In practice, a joint-stock company with limited liability is rarely used due to the complex procedure of creating a legal entity, as well as the residency requirements of the founders (at least half of the participants must be residents of the PRC).

Which business activity should you choose?

Determine its specifics, while taking into account the policy of local authorities regarding foreign investors. TOP in-demand areas where you can implement a profitable project:

  • Environmental protection and innovation in this field.
  • Consulting and other professional services.
  • Specific areas supported at the state level. For example, the field of care for the elderly.

You can run a small business in China by trading in various goods, which is one of the most popular and sought-after areas today. Supplying Chinese products is a good and cost-effective idea, given the excellent quality of goods manufactured in the Celestial Empire and their low prices.

Initial capital requirements for China Businesses

There are no statutory minimum registered share capital requirements for companies, except for those operating in certain regulated sectors such as financial leasing and telecommunications, where minimum capital requirements apply.

Documents needed for opening business in China

In order to properly enroll a firm, it is necessary to collect a certain list of documents:

  • It will not work to open a business in China without an enroll certificate, founding agreement.
  • Copies of all pages of investors’ passports.
  • Papers from a banking institution confirming the impeccable financial reputation of investors.
  • Passport copies of the director of the parent company, the representative of the Chinese company and its manager.
  • A proposal consisting of various options for titles is attached to the package of documents.
  • Photos of the installed sample.
  • Share capital.
  • References, where the industry, type of biz is indicated.
  • Address of the representative office in China.
  • Copy of power of attorney.
  • Other documentation upon request (depending on the region, type of corporation).

How to buy a business in China

A shelf company is an option if you want to start a biz in China quickly. The process of buying a company is that you acquire all the registered capital of the firm and a new director replaces the original one. Buying a shelf company in China offers several advantages over starting a new business in China, the most significant of which is the short time it takes to get your business up and running.

Entrepreneurs are allowed to buy a company with turnover in China as long as they comply with the transfer of ownership rules. Documents that you will receive after purchasing a ready-made business in China with an open account:

  • Statutory papers.
  • Identity documents and signatures.

In addition, buying a shelf company in the IT services industry in China, acquiring a shelf Chinese telecommunications company is considered the best choice for those who are interested in a modern technology-oriented biz.

Also, the logistics industry is developing in China. Therefore, the purchase of a ready-made logistics business-company is considered one of the priority decisions.