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AUSTRAC DCE Licensed Company for Sale in Australia

Oceania - Australia
AFSL (Financial Services License) Australia

Overview A newly AUSTRAC-licensed Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) company is available for quick sale in Australia. With no prior activity, this pristine company serves as a perfect turnkey solution for entering the cryptocurrency exchange market. What’s Included License: Clean AUSTRAC DCE license company for sale allowing for immediate operation in digital currency exchange. Bank Account: Already established local bank account. Corporate Documentation: Includes a complete set of corporate documents and an Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) program. Additional Support: The seller can assist with local recruitment to effectively staff the company. Asking Price The sale price includes the ready-made company’s AUSTRAC license, bank account, corporate documentation, and AML/CTF program. Additional Details Quick Sale: The seller is highly motivated for a quick transaction, ensuring a swift change of ownership. Operational Support: Post-sale support is offered to help establish the company’s operations in Australia. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

AFSL Licensed Company with Credit License for Sale in Australia

Oceania - Australia
Forex Broker License

Overview For sale An Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) company established in 2004, also holding a credit license. This fully licensed entity is ready to operate and provide comprehensive financial services. Company Details Registration Year: 2004 Bank Account: Active account with St. George Bank. Support: Available assistance in finding a new responsible manager. Licensing and Services of Ready-Made ASFL company in Australia License Type: AFSL and credit license. Authorized Activities: Financial Product Advice: Provides advice on financial and life products. Managed Investment Schemes: Authorized to manage interests in schemes. Securities: Licensed to deal in securities. Financial Product Dealing: Empowered to apply for, acquire, vary, or dispose of financial products on behalf of retail and wholesale clients. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Exclusive Opportunity: Ready-Made AFS Market Maker License Available in Australia

Oceania - Australia
AFSL (Financial Services License) Australia

Here’s your chance to seize an extraordinary opportunity: acquiring a pre-established AFS Market Maker license in Australia. With this license, you gain the authority to conduct financial services business, enabling you to: Provide comprehensive general financial product advice across various assets, such as deposits, derivatives, FX, debentures, stocks, government bonds, and managed investment schemes (MIS). Amplify your trading capabilities by acting as a Market Maker in FX contracts and derivatives. Diversify your service offerings by providing custodial and depository services to both retail and wholesale clients. But that’s not all—this license’s authorizations extend beyond the mentioned services, offering adaptability and versatility to meet a broad spectrum of client needs. Leverage the established operating history of the company, providing a robust foundation for your financial services venture. Plus, we’re here to assist you in appointing a responsible manager, ensuring seamless compliance and operational efficiency. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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AUSTRAC Licensed Company for Sale in Australia

Oceania - Australia
AFSL (Financial Services License) Australia

An outstanding opportunity has arisen to acquire an For Sale AUSTRAC licensed company in Australia, offering authorization for both money remittance and crypto exchange services. This clean and licensed company, with no prior activity, presents an excellent opportunity for individuals or entities aiming to enter or expand within the financial services sector in Australia. Key Inclusions: Clean Licensed Company: Acquire a reputable and ready-made AUSTRAC licensed company with no prior activity, providing a fresh start and a clean slate for your financial services venture. Authorization for Money Remittance and Crypto Exchange: The company is authorized to operate as a money remitter within Australia and conduct cryptocurrency exchange activities, catering to diverse financial needs in the market. Fast Transfer and Full Support: Enjoy a swift ownership transfer process, complemented by comprehensive support from our experienced team, ensuring a seamless transition and operational setup. Bank Account Setup: While the company currently lacks a bank account, arrangements can be made to open one upon request, facilitating smooth financial transactions and operational activities. Foreign Exchange Services: Additionally, the company has the potential to provide foreign exchange services, further broadening its range of activities and revenue streams. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

AFSL Licensed Company with Credit License for Sale

Oceania - Australia
Forex Broker License

An exceptional opportunity has arisen to acquire an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) company with a credit license for sale, providing a strong platform for individuals or entities seeking entry or expansion in the Australian financial services sector. Established in 2004, this company boasts a distinguished track record and offers a comprehensive range of financial services tailored to diverse client needs. Key Details: Year of Registration: The company has been registered since 2004, demonstrating a longstanding presence in the financial services industry and garnering trust and credibility over the years. Banking Relationship: The company maintains a banking relationship with St. George Bank, facilitating efficient financial transactions and operational processes. Assistance with Responsible Manager: Support will be provided to assist in finding a new responsible manager, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and seamless operational continuity. License Authorizations: The Ready Made AFSL license allows the licensee to conduct various financial services activities, including: Providing Financial Product Advice: Offering advice on a wide range of financial products, such as life products, interests in managed investment schemes, and securities, catering to both retail and wholesale clients. Dealing in Financial Products: Engaging in the dealing of financial products, which encompasses activities like applying for, acquiring, varying, or disposing of financial products on behalf of clients. Credit License: The license includes authorization for credit-related activities, empowering the company to provide credit services to clients. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Company Licensed by AUSTRAC in Australia for Sale

Oceania - Australia
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Seize this exclusive opportunity to acquire an AUSTRAC licensed company in Australia, authorized for cryptocurrency exchange and money remittance services within the country. Key Inclusions: Clean Licensed Company: Acquire a licensed company with a pristine record and no prior activity, offering a fresh start in the financial services sector. Authorized Activities: The company is permitted to engage in money remittance services within Australia and operate as a cryptocurrency exchange, catering to diverse financial needs. Fast Transfer and Full Support: Enjoy a seamless ownership transfer process with full support provided by our experienced team, ensuring a smooth transition. Bank Account Inclusion: A bank account will be opened with the new owner, and all associated costs are included in the sale price, facilitating convenient financial operations. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enter the burgeoning cryptocurrency and money remittance market in Australia with this For Sale AUSTRAC licensed company. Contact us now to learn more about this lucrative offer and kickstart your financial services venture. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

AFSL Available for Purchase

Oceania - Australia
Forex Broker License

Take advantage of the vast opportunities within the Australian financial services market through this exclusive offering – an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) is now up for sale. Key Features: Newly Established Company: A newly established company is on offer, presenting a fresh entry point into the dynamic financial services sector. Banking Account: The company holds an account with Westpac Banking Corporation, ensuring smooth and secure financial transactions. License Benefits: This Ready-Made AFSL provides authorization for the licensee to operate a financial services business, including: Offering general financial product advice exclusively for the following classes of financial products: Securities. Conducting transactions involving financial products, including: Issuing, applying for, acquiring, varying, or disposing of financial products related to the classes of financial products such as securities. Acting on behalf of another person in transactions related to financial products, including: Applying for, acquiring, varying, or disposing of financial products on behalf of others, focusing on securities. This license is tailored for wholesale clients, offering a distinct opportunity to engage in professional-level financial services activities. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Australian Credit License for Sale

Oceania - Australia
Payment institutions

Unlock the potential of the Australian credit market with this exceptional offering – an For Sale Australian Credit License is now available for acquisition. Key Features: Bank Account: A bank account is already opened, streamlining financial operations. Prompt Change of Ownership: Enjoy a swift and hassle-free transfer of ownership process. License Authorization: This Credit License in Australia For Sale authorizes the licensee to: Engage in credit activities other than as a credit provider, including providing credit services where the licensee is not or will not be. Engage in credit activities as a credit provider, such as: Carrying on a business of providing credit subject to the National Credit Code. Acting as a credit provider. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

AUSTRAC License Available for Purchase

Oceania - Australia
AFSL (Financial Services License) Australia

Registration: Independent registration for digital currency transfers and exchanges. Clientele: Absent since establishment. Services: Absent since establishment. Bank Accounts: Absent since establishment. AUSTRAC Annual Compliance Reports: Up to date until 2023. What’s Included: Pre-existing trademark and domains. Registered license identification number (LEI) and BIC number. Customer account with an FCA-authorized Payment Service Provider (PSP). Current payment currency in euros via SEPA/Target2. Software as a Service (SaaS) core on-site banking solution. Customer identity verification provided by Sum & Substance Ltd. Option to issue a card. Existing staff may remain post-negotiation. Ability to open accounts with cryptocurrency exchanges upon request. For further details and pricing on this available Canadian business, please contact us for details regarding this offer.

Ready-made AFS Market Maker license in Australia

Oceania - Australia
Forex Broker License

New investment opportunity – AFS market maker license in Australia for sale. This company operates actively. AFS market maker license for sale: deal details By holding this license, a licensee is authorized to conduct financial services operations, including advising on financial products related to the following categories of financial instruments: Deposits, Derivatives, Foreign exchange, debentures, stocks and government bonds, Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), Securities, Others. The business can operate as a Market Maker in Forex contracts and derivatives and offer custodial and depository services.

Before reaching an Australian market, businesspersons have to take a range of factors into account. Various corporate structures are available, each with their own regulative and tax implications. Also, businesses could need to create their brand through a trademark, an internet presence, or both. Read on to explore advantages of doing business in Australia and core aspects of forming a commercial presence there.

Benefits of conducting business in Australia

Policy conducive to corporate concerns and interests

Due to the government’s promotion of an open corporate climate, the Commonwealth of Australia is regarded as a top location for expansion. Whilst the country has a robust regulatory framework, it also rates as one of the best jurisdictions for commercial purposes.

Australia is praised for its stability, which extends to its financial institutions, judicial system, and corporate debt. S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch have all awarded the region a “Triple A” credit rating, designating it as an economy with low risk. The country’s banking and financial rules are among of the strictest in the world, and the region’s stock market is renowned for its effectiveness.

Strong connections to the Asia-Pacific region

Australia’s location close to the significant Asia-Pacific markets puts firms in a good position to benefit from trade. Trade and investment ties between the nation and the Asia-Pacific area have a long history.

With key markets like China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, and the ASEAN, many trade agreements are in place.

For companies who want simple commerce within the area, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is currently in effect. 11 nations will be in alignment after complete adoption, giving firms access to 495 million people.

These legally binding trade agreements are crucial because they provide special access to trading partners’ marketplaces for goods, services, and investments. The fact that 12 of Australia’s top 13 trading partners are situated in the region highlights the interconnectedness of Australia and other significant Asia-Pacific economies.

Vibrant industries

Many areas, including energy and resources, education, tourism, financial services, and agribusiness, have seen success from Australian companies. The nation is changing to assist sectors that use disruptive technologies in the fields of health care, finance, agriculture, education, and other areas.

Services in the fields of tourism, education, health care, and professional management are in great demand worldwide and preserve a strong place in the marketplace for Australian goods and food.

Setting up a business in Australia

Choosing a corporate form

It is possible to launch a business using a variety of standard forms. Proprietary corporations, public firms, and branch/representative offices are the key organizations. The best choice will depend on your company’s needs, size, tax objectives, and other factors.

Which structure best meets their company’s needs should be thoroughly considered by entrepreneurs. The licenses required to run, as well as any tax and legal repercussions, will depend on the chosen form.

Registering a business in Australia

The Australian market is favored by a number of corporations since conducting commercial activity there is not difficult. The nation was placed seventh for launching a business in the World Bank’s Doing Business handbook. A new firm merely needs to complete three simple steps to get registered. The first one is to fill out and submit the “Application for Registration” section of Form 201. Getting an ACN, and a certificate of formation are two more steps.

A business must also enroll in workers’ compensation insurance with an insurance company and enroll for an ACN with the ATO. Three days on average are needed to finish these steps. Registered businesses are legal entities.

Enrolling as a foreign co

It’s possible for foreign organizations to operate as foreign corporations. The ASIC lays forth the standards by which foreign firms are classified and the privileges they obtain.

Buying a company in Australia

Creating and building an entity from scratch is not always the best way to enter the market. Thus an option to buy a business in Australia might be a better decision than launching a new or sub business.

The ASIC is in charge of overseeing commercial entities in the country. The regulative and counseling materials pertaining to the acquisition of companies are kept on file by ASIC.

Foreign investors’ acquisition proposals for businesses might need to include a written proposal. The Australian FIRB must approve this for it. When evaluating projects, FIRB informs the government of their suitability for approval under applicable policy.

The Australian Stock Exchange listing

With connectivity to the Asia-Pacific area and a time zone that allows for non-stop trading, Australia boasts a contemporary and vibrant stock market.

The ASX, Securities Exchange, is Australia’s main stock exchange. Registered business can apply to list on the ASX.

Companies must comply with the required conditions outlined in the stock exchange listing regulations in order to achieve and retain an ASX listing. This covers the needs for corporate reporting and disclosure.

Registering a trade mark and domain name

For companies with a growth mindset who are interested in entering new markets, IP rights are an important factor. In Australia, IP is strongly protected and covers a wide range of topics, such as trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights, and plant breeders’ rights.

Trade secrets and confidential information are also protected, and there are safeguards against individuals misrepresenting their ownership of goods or services.

The nation is a party to international agreements that are overseen by the WIPO and takes part in the WTO’s agreement on trade-related aspects of IP rights.


In terms of taxation, the tax rates might range from 27.5% to 30%, subject to the company’s sales and organizational structure. There are tax treaties with more than 40 jurisdictions, and the value-added tax rate is 10%.

If you are keen on the idea of buying business in Australia, please take a look at business in Australia for sale on our website.