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Ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy for sale

Europe - Italy

A ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy for sale was founded in 2023. The company is established in Rome. Buy a ready-made firm with an active bank account in Italy A ready-made company with a bank account for sale in Italy is registered as an SRL. The company has a commercial account with the Main Bank of Italy. Field of activity: development and sale of computer systems, further support and administration, provision of related services, consulting. The company will be transferred to the new owner remotely. Nominee services are available if required. Pure history; there are no debts or any obligations. Join our Telegram channel. Every week we add new listings of shelf companies for sale in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world. Fill out the form on the website and we will contact you shortly.

Ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale

Europe - Spain

A ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain for sale was established in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This company is not currently active. Buy a ready-made firm with an active bank account in Spain A shelf company with an account for sale in Spain was registered as a commercial structure in 2011. The company has several active bank accounts: Caixa and BBVA. Field of activity: trading, consulting services, IT, services for organizing and supervising business processes. Absolute absence of any obligations and debts. When the company was in operation, its turnover was about 60,000-200,000 EUR. The business will be transferred to the new owner remotely. Nominee services are available if required. Join our Telegram channel. There we post new offers of ready-made companies for sale every week. Fill out the form on the website and our specialists will contact you shortly.

Comoros-based ready-made business with a gaming license

Africa - Comoros

This is a brand-new investment chance to buy a ready-made business in Comoros with a gaming license. The general information about this deal is provided below. Ready-made business for sale with a gaming license: specifics of the deal The company for sale was registered in Anjouan, Comoros, in 2023; The license permits the activity with all forms of internet gaming activities, including online casinos; Two URLs can be added; No debts or a bad history; Complete compliance with the regulator; The nominee service can be provided. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to buy a business in the Comoros.

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Ready-made company in Poland with no outstanding liabilities

Europe - Poland

This is an opportunity to buy a ready-made company in Poland with no outstanding liabilities and clean history. This business can be purchased through the accelerated procedure. Ready-made business in Poland for sale: key considerations The company was registered in 2023. Has accounts with two local banking institutions. Engaged in services in the field of information technology, marketing, and can act as a payment agent for offshore structures. Possesses a VAT number. Has no debts or any unresolved legal issues. Remote control opportunity. Looking to buy business in Poland? Please contact us and we will provide detailed information regarding this proposal.

Polish ready-made business formed in 2023

Europe - Poland

New investment opportunity: For sale is a ready-made Polish company that has been operating since 2023. The proposal’s main outline is provided below. Polish ready-made company for sale: information about the transaction The business was established in Warsaw in 2023. No litigation, complaints, inquiries, or conflicts. No debt. The business has no outstanding debts, including loans, tax liabilities, or legal issues. Bank: Two bank accounts are part of the arrangement. Business: The organization could serve as a payment middleman for offshore businesses. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about this investment opportunity.

Polish ready-made company registered in 2023 for sale

Europe - Poland

This is a Polish ready-made company registered in 2023 for sale. A general overview of the offer can be found below. Ready-made company for sale: deal details The firm was established in Warsaw in 2023. The firm doesn’t have any loans, any hire purchase or contract agreements, does not owe any money in terms of VAT or corporation tax; no debts at all as well as any unresolved legal issues; Two bank accounts are included in the deal; The firm can act as a payment intermediary for offshore entities; VAT registered. If you are seeking to buy business in Poland, please contact us for more details regarding this investment proposal.

Polish ready-made company

Europe - Poland

New investment opportunity –  Polish ready-made company sale. The primary details of the proposal are listed below. Company in Warsaw for sale: deal details No debts or unresolved issues; The legal entity was incorporated in 2023, Warsaw; Has two accounts in local banks: Credit Agricole and Santander Bank; Activities: marketing, IT; can act as a payment agent for offshore firms; Possesses EU VAT number. Seeking to buy business in Poland? You can complete a form on this page and get further details regarding this offer.

Shelf company with gambling license in Costa Rica for sale

North America - Costa Rica

A proposal newly provided on the market. A ready-made company with a gambling license in Costa Rica for sale was launched in 2023. Company with a gambling license for sale in Costa Rica Organization is officially-authorized and certified to run business-activities in field of online-gambling, in particular, to manage virtual casinos. No income tax will be charged. Proposal to buy a ready-made company with a gambling license in Costa Rica consists of next-mentioned: commercial project ready for operations; active licensed permission to operate; physical presence in Costa Rica; corporate tax – 0%; active software supplied by a leading provider in the field of gambling. The firm has no history and debt obligations. This is a completely new structure. If you are interested in this offer, please contact our specialists.

Property in Liberia

Africa - Liberia

This property is located in West Africa, central Monrovia broad street adjacent to the Ministry of Finance. A three-storey building with 12 apartments. It’s an ideal and safe environment that could be used for a lot of businesses including five-star hotels, shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, etc. Please contact us for a detailed information.

Event Catering Service Company in Brecon

Europe - United Kingdom

A well-established business that was opened in 1988. Event catering service company in Brecon for sale offers first-class catering services, guaranteeing personalized service at the highest level to each client, uncompromising standards and freedom of choice. The company is engaged in servicing all events in any place. Additional assets of event catering service company for sale The company also offers crockery and cutlery, glasses for hire. When you decide to buy event catering service business in Brecon, you will also receive a refrigerator trailer, which is perfect for storing masses of food on the road, on site, as well as for cooling drinks and alcohol. This company is located in a pleasant and affordable location in a small modern business complex near Brecon. You can get this excellent business at the first opportunity if you want to develop and earn huge money. The business has many opportunities and a lot of customers, so expanding the range and adding advertising will help increase sales and interest existing and new customers more. You can also see other offers in the category “General“.

This category contains offers with a general commercial focus. Here the entrepreneur will be able to consider different areas of business activity. It is worth saying a few words about what the business environment is in general.

Business is an activity that is carried out by business entities in order to obtain material profit. It helps to sale products and services and then it brings a big profit. Moreover, the risks and responsibility for possible failures in the business process fall on the shoulders of these entrepreneurs. And an entrepreneur is a person who is focused on the continuous development and improvement of his/her business. It is entrepreneurs who do business. They do not stop there, but continue to conquer new heights.

Whether people or companies enter into deals with each other is business. The relationship between the company and the state is also a business and so on. Almost all discoveries and inventions were also made in an entrepreneurial environment in the interests of business.

The space of the business for sales today is open to opening new horizons, therefore there are many profitable opportunities for beginners and already experienced investors.

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