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If you are pondering: “How to sell my business in Italy?”– you have got into the proper site! Farewell with an enterprise is not simple. Some businessmen plan the exit from the first day of making an entity, but the others must do it due to circumstances.

Selling my Business in Italy: Vital points

Here’s the vital notes you ought to know when making your organization ready for sale:

  • Figure out the reason of selling;
  • Be organized and clearly plan the whole process of selling;
  • Be aware of tax regulations of the state;
  • Accurately evaluate an enterprise;
  • Engage specialists for prosperous transaction.

Direct selling business opportunities in Italy

Direct selling business in Italy presents such advantages:

  • More fruitful option, since you do not have to spend extra fees on brokers and so on;
  • Flexibility and commanding position over your entity;
  • An opportunity to build direct relationships with the clients and choose an individual approach;
  • The absence of intermediaries can speed up the procedure.

Direct sales are compelling for small entities, family businesses (if you want to transfer enterprise to your child or other relative), and for firms in niche markets.

This type of sale will help you to conduct an affair smoothly and prosperously.

How to sell a small business in Italy 

Here’s the guidance:

  1. Define the reasoning of selling;
  2. Choose the perfect time for selling the enterprise;
  3. Inspect regional tax laws;
  4. Gather all compulsory papers (to prove that an entity is in order);
  5. Use the assistance of a specialist; 
  6. Obtain a valuation of your small organization;
  7. Look for the acquirers;
  8. Convey the possession of an entity;
  9. Manage your profit.

By considering all these stages, you will be able to conduct the transferring of a small corporation prosperously.

How to sell a business idea in Italy

Here’s the guidance that will assist you with prosperously transferring your idea:

  1. Begin with a detailed plan;
  2. Figure out more facts about your audience;
  3. Make clear and concise pitch (be truthful and confident);
  4. Expect questions and criticism;
  5. Show a concise plan for funds;
  6. Built trustworthy relationships with feasible acquirers;
  7. Be ready for further appointment with investors after the pitch;
  8. Be prepared for negotiation.

By completing these stages, you will be able to transfer an idea prosperously.

Tax implications when selling a business in Italy

Taxes you ought to consider:

  • Business income tax. Italian corporate enterprises have to pay IRES and IRAP on their worldwide income. Non-resident organizations are charged only for profit from Italian sources;
  • Self-employed and personal businessmen are contingent on IRPEF. Person beginning self-employed or freelance entities can take advantage of a regime called Regime Forfettario;
  • VAT. In a country, this tax is called IVA. Any entity has to pay it on its goods and services. The usual rate is 22% of any taxable sales.
  • Social security contributions. It has the rate of 30% of the employees’ gross compensation.

Selling business in Italy must be implemented clearly and without difficulties, this is why you have to take into account that tax implications should always be checked: hiring a local tax specialist is mandatory for smooth and clear procedure.

Do I need expert instruction if I want to sell my business in Italy?

Advertising of the entity is a sophisticated decision that requires patience and stamina. Bear in mind that trading regulations differ within cities, navigation of specialists is what you need for an effortless and smooth sales operation.

How do I sell my company in Italy?

There are three variants of selling:

Sales of stocks or other ownership interest;
Sales of specific assets;
Merging the firm with a bigger firm.

The seller is bound by 5-year non-competition duty. In the deal agreement relating to the business, the other parties may abolish the conveyed agreement, in case of the any reason, within 3 months of conveying.

What is the best site to sell your business in Italy?

Whether you convey your enterprise due to personal issues, making another organization, retirement, etc, “Eli-Deal” is the perfect website that will help you in sale.

How to sell your business in Italy?

Here’s the guidance that will assist you with trading:

Figure out the reasoning of selling;
Define the ideal time for trading;
Obtains the valuation of an enterprise;
Use the services of a broker (if necessary);
Gather all significant papers;
Look for the acquirer;
Manage the income.

Selling a business in Italy is a complicated process, so this instruction will assist you with comprehension of the whole list of actions.