Sell my business in Switzerland

Photo Sell my business in Switzerland

If you are pondering: “How to sell my business in Switzerland?”– you have got into the proper site! Farewell with an enterprise is not simple. Some businessmen plan the exit from the first day of making an entity, but the others must do it due to circumstances.

Selling my Business in Switzerland: Vital points

Here’s the vital notes you have to know when making your organization ready for sale:

  • Consider that the procedure can consume some time;
  • Figure out the reason of selling;
  • Be organized and clearly plan the whole process of selling;
  • Be aware of tax regulations of the state;
  • Accurately evaluate an enterprise.

Direct selling business opportunities in Switzerland

Direct selling business in Switzerland presents such advantages:

  • More fruitful option, since you do not have to spend extra fees on brokers and so on;
  • Flexibility and commanding position over your enterprise;
  • An opportunity to build direct relationships with the clients and choose an individual approach;
  • The absence of intermediaries can speed up the procedure.

Direct sales are compelling for small entities, family businesses (if you want to transfer enterprise to your child or other relative), and for firms in niche markets.

This type of sale will help you to conduct an affair smoothly and prosperously.

How to sell a small business in Switzerland 

Here’s the guidance:

  1. Define the reasoning of selling;
  2. Choose the perfect time for selling the enterprise;
  3. Inspect regional tax laws;
  4. Gather all compulsory papers (to prove that an entity is in order);
  5. Use the assistance of a specialist; 
  6. Obtain a valuation of your small organization;
  7. Look for the acquirers;
  8. Convey the possession of an entity;
  9. Manage your profit.

By considering all these stages, you will be able to conduct the transferring of a small corporation prosperously.

How to sell a business idea in Switzerland 

Here’s the guidance that will assist you with prosperously selling an idea:

  1. Gather details and do a necessary research (feasible hazards and competitors for enterprise);
  2. Make clear and concise pitch (be truthful and confident);
  3. Look for the most prospective investors who are interested in your idea;
  4. Choose the entrepreneur who satisfies all your criterias;
  5. Be ready for negotiations;
  6. Finalize the deal.

By completing these stages, you will be able to transfer an idea prosperously.

Tax implications when selling a business in Switzerland 

If a lawful system of the seller is a personal entrepreneurship or cooperation with someone, the boost of profit from a sale will be contingent on the income tax and social security accompanying other profit in the year of sale.

The tax rate when selling a firm is 0%-50% depending on the formation of the deal.

Feasible taxes:

  • Taxes in the boost of profit on the transferring of an organization;
  • Indirect incomplete elimination;
  • Transposition.

It is possible to keep away from these taxes with the proper lawful structures and financial preparation. 

Do I need expert instruction if I want to sell my business in Switzerland?

Advertising of an entity is a sophisticated plan that requires forbearance and stamina. Taking into account that trading laws vary within cities, guidance of specialists is what you need for an effortless and smooth sales affair.

Where is the best place to sell a business?

Whether you convey an entity due to personal issues, making another firm, retirement, etc, “Eli-Deal” is the perfect website that will lead you in sale.

Can a foreigner own a business in Switzerland?

Certainly, non-citizens are authorized to set up an organization here. Nevertheless, the laws vary for EU/EFTA citizens and people from other states (who need a special authorization).

Where can I sell stuff in Switzerland?

Some marketplaces for selling an items:

Amazon: This website is popular among local inhabitants who desire to access a larger choice of items, lucrative prices, and faster delivery; This platform sells items from different categories. Moreover, it is a part of the Competec group, which also run other online stores;
Conrad: It offers a variety of electronic and technologic items;
Hornbach: You can find stuff for your house. Also this platform is applicable for DIY amateurs (quality materials and tools are available here); Another marketplace where you can put different items for sale, since it includes diverse categories.
La Redoute: You can put clothing, accessories and other fashion products for sale here.

How much money do you need to start a business in Switzerland?

Primary investment depends on many factors, especially on what type of organization you want to create. For instance, you are obliged to pay a minimum CHF 100000 here if you are eager to establish a private limited organization.
Correctly calculate all possible expenses to avoid troubles during the creation of a company.