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Financial institution in Zambia

Africa - Zambia
Small Private Banks

Here is a microfinance bank for sale in Zambia (which may be converted to a full commercial banking license) with the ability to provide international clients with deposits and internet banking (current client base – 25 000 users). Overview of Financial institution in Zambia for sale The financial institution in Zambia for sale has bank accounts (all in Zambia), and software licenses may be obtained through a separate agreement with the present shareholder. The board of directors has five members (they will stay). At the moment, there are 130 people working for the company. The company has nine locations (3 in Lusaka and 6 in other cities in Zambia). The process of shifting ownership will take two to three months. KYC documents required: source of money, passport of possible UBO, police clearance, financial sector experience (it shall be demonstrated to the regulator BoZ that the new shareholder will be able to lead the company to recover). The current owner arranged for an audit. The current shareholder is unwilling to fund the loss accumulated over Covid-19, which is the reason for the sale. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Small private banks”.

Online licensed loan company in Malaysia

Asia - Malaysia
Small Private Banks

The company is equipped with a license issued by the Malaysian Government to conduct business in the following categories: ▪ Housing loan ▪ Personal loan ▪ Business Loans ▪ Car Loans ▪ Motorcycle Loans ▪ Electrical / Electronic Appliances Loan ▪ Secured Loans (Pawn Business) No down payment. Full payment must be made once the conversion process on the name and shares of the company is completed. The Company has no liability. The company is inactive and has no record of business operations. There are no restrictions on the change of business location or director. This Online Loan License will allow companies to promote and provide loans nationwide online. Currently, there are only 5 licenses issued by The Government throughout Malaysia and all of them are owned by major companies.

Bargain Buying Bank In Puerto Rico At A Nice Price

North America - USA
Small Private Banks

There are 2 banks for sale in Puerto Rico (2019). There is a lot of competition in this place, as it is the most popular point in the world with international banking jurisdiction. At the moment, more than 60 applications for a license are being processed, this is already an indicator that buying a bank here is a profitable investment. Most of the banks for sale do not have significant deposits. Steps for buying an international bank: 1. Think over and draw up a business plan; 2. Organization of the board of directors; 3. Organization of negotiations with the seller; 4. Placement of funds for escrow, signing LOI; 5. Full audit of the bank; 6. Agreement with the seller; 7. Placing the remainder of the escrow price; 8. Sale of bank commission; 9. Presentation of the plan to the regulatory authorities; 10. Confirmation of the license terms; 11. Permission to change control; 12. Release of Funds from Escrow.

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Jurisdiction for Granting Banking Licenses in Puerto Rico

North America - USA

A unique Jurisdiction for Granting Banking Licenses in Puerto Rico for sale that deals with the issue of international banking licenses. In 2020, the creation of a bank de novo in an offshore center can only be carried out there. Overview of Jurisdiction for Granting Banking Licenses in Puerto Rico for sale An international or offshore bank can accept any deposits other than those belonging to people registered in Puerto Rico. It is only important to have a license, after which it is possible to serve clients from anywhere in the world, except for residents of countries that are under US sanctions (Venezuela). The main advantage of this Jurisdiction for Granting Banking Licenses for sale is that you can easily get a correspondent bank. With a correspondent partner, the circumstances are more complicated, it is necessary that the license be of no less jurisdiction. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking licenses”.

Unique Offer Bank In Puerto Rico

South America - Peru
Small Private Banks

An incredibly rare deal and offer in Puerto Rico. Fully functioning international bank with FedWire for sale. The bank is licensed by the International Banking Organization (IBE). IBEs became International Financial Institutions (IFEs) when the law was changed in 2015. The price tag is about $25 million. What is the difference between the licenses? The fact is that IBEs are allowed to open a branch in the U.S., while IFEs are not. This is a great option for investors looking to buy a U.S. bank charter. IBE has about 3,500 accounts and $70 million in deposits, and provides correspondent services for a number of CPs on the island. You have a FedWire account. The tax rate is about 4%. Puerto Rico has 29 CPs licensed in Puerto Rico. Licensees include Banco Popular, Citi, Scotiabank, UBS, etc. This issue is not discussed with brokers and is immediately rejected. This announcement is only relevant to qualified buyers, that is, those who can confirm the availability of the necessary funds (a letter from a reputable bank or brokerage firm).  

Acquisition of an international bank in Puerto Rico

North America - USA
Small Private Banks

There is an international bank in Puerto Rico. Everything is functioning, the shareholders are fully interested in the sale. No Fedwire, MasterCard or Visa, but eligible for these funds. There are SWIFT, Fedlink and two correspondent partners. It is possible to open an account with the Federal Reserve System in the United States, which is allowed in international banks in Puerto Rico, after which the Fed becomes your correspondent bank, managing your transfers. In fact, Puerto Rico is the only territory that, unlike the rest, is constantly evolving, despite the fact that the rest are losing money. This is why it is the leading offshore banking jurisdiction. In this area, many countries have admitted defeat by losing their banks. For example, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent, Belize, Luxembourg, Switzerland – all of them went into bank losses. At the moment, growth is observed only in the United States in the field of offshore banking. There are about 50 license requests in Puerto Rico and there is a high demand for bank trades. Reasons for the rapid growth in Puerto Rico: • Better reputation than competitors in the Caribbean; • Protection of correspondent banks is easier than that of competitors; • Low cost of FATCA USA; • Can join US bank using Fedwire, SWIFT, ACH, MasterCard and Visa, e-commerce acquiring, etc.; • The rules of the US bank holding company rules do not apply. Assessment of these international banks in 2020: Initially, you need to remember that more than 50 applications have been submitted for consideration, the wait will take at least 12 months, at least 6 months for building a bank and a work permit.

The business landscape at the global level has changed dramatically in recent years. The requirements for market transparency, financial monitoring, and risk assessment have significantly increased. Business has become more expert, demanding on the competencies of entrepreneurs, on their financial knowledge. The relationship between business and the banking sector has also radically changed.

Small private banks for sale are building up low-risk commission products and services in their business structure, working on technological improvement of services and service channels for sale, looking for effective ways to work with clients. The result of this was the transition from point-to-point interaction between banks and business to a complex one.

The conditions of the modern market dictate such rules that small private banks not only follow the needs of their customers, but also shape them, striving to work ahead of the curve. They not only analyze the current needs of the business, but also offer solutions that help you run and grow your business with greater impact.

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