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Fitness equipment and accessories brand in the USA

North America - USA

Available is a fitness equipment and accessories brand for sale offering products both for home and specialty gyms application. Overview of a fitness equipment and accessories brand for sale The business on offer is a well-organized B2C e-commerce platform with a B2B dealer network operational in over 30 countries. Features 10:1 as for Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) with targeted social media marketing with athlete leaders-influencers. The fitness equipment and accessories business for sale has an established supply chain and does FBA-compliant shipping with modular design and streamlined parts. As it offers unique products, the business features a niche combination of performance, quality, and affordability. Has a great potential to fulfill a FitTech integration with the existing IP portfolio. Strong financial performance. This would be an interesting opportunity for Internet retail, e-commerce brands, or businesses operating in the segment of consumer products, personal training, fitness equipment, FitTech, and specialty retail. Check other offers for sale in the category “Leisure“.

VIP Tour Operator Business In Cyprus

Europe - Cyprus

VIP Travel Agency or Tour Operator Business In Cyprus For Sale Started in 2012 and successfully run till 2020 (until Covid starts) Profitable Ground Tour Agency Business in Cyprus with Sharing Tour Agency Licence for Sale. We working predominantly with VIP clients and majority of our clients coming from Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, Israel and mostly ex-Soviet Union countries. We have been established for the last 6.5 years on the market and developed a vast list of wealthy clientele who repeatably coming to Cyprus and arriving by Private plane or a Business class fare. Its a high demand Business and you always will have VIP clients who travel here to buy Houses in order to receive European residency or buy Businesses. Where does income coming from? Traveller’s book 5* Hotel for their stay- we have contracts with several Hotels which pays company commission between 15 to 25% Traveller’s book Private Tours around the Island- our company charging for Transfer, driver and sometimes Tour Guide Travellers charter the yachts, helicopters and private planes or Pilot lessons- we get 20% commission from each entertainment. Many Traveller’s (newcomers) looking to purchase a Property in Cyprus- we have Contracts with the local Property Developers who pays us commission between 5 to 12% on each property sold. Traveller’s playing Casino- Casino pays us commission of 5-20% from amount spent by the client. Many clients from Israel and the Middle East where gambling is prohibited including Online especially the biggest spenders. Local Cypriot companies who advertise their Business on our website: Developers, Estate agents, Boutiques, Restaurant, Legal and Finance companies, Spa, Hospitals and Salons What is included in the price? Option 1.  Goodwill Business with well knowing 4VIPTour Brand name and Logos A top-rated website with Online Booking and Live-Chat for Private Individuals. Website is top ranking on Google and Yandex.ru (Russia) with over 100 keywords optimisation in English and Russian. Contacts with several Hotels in Cyprus (agreement must be renewed annually) Contacts with several Tour Operators (150) from over 10 countries (agreement must be renewed annually) Contacts with several local companies for yachts charter, Private plane charter, helicopters tours and exc (agreement must be renewed annually) Contacts with several Property Developer in Cyprus (renew annually) List of over 40 local Cypriot companies who advertise their Business on our website: Developers, Estate agents, Boutiques, Restaurant, Legal and Finance companies, Spa, Hospitals and Salons. Tour company page on TripAdvisor Social Networks: FB Sharing Tour Operator licence in place with attributed listed on our website. You may have to obtain a new licence under your name for an additional fee if we do not come to an agreement. Freelancer Driver with Minibus and car available at any time (paid separately) The package includes (should you choose to opt for this Business), my consultative help, support and direction for an agreed period of 1 month during which we will introduce you to all Contacts and re-establish Contracts according to your needs. Option 2. (add-on Cyprus Casino contacts) Casino paying to your company 5% from the amount spent by your clients on the casino premises. Think no more, this is All year around Business!!! There is huge potential in the future to expand the company further Increase the number of individual clients Booking through Website Optimised website in new countries and promote safe tourism in Cyprus (lowest rates of Covid-19 in the whole of Europe) More contracts with Tour Operators whose clients interesting in gambling tourism Optimise website to gambling tourism. Hence we have a group of companies and one of them is working with Online Marketing, we can come to some kind of agreement. Increase the number of Website Advertising companies New Registered in Cyprus company could be open under new owner name for an additional fee Although you do not need to have experience of running any of these types of businesses and would not necessarily need to fully hand, it will require someone with passion and drive to keep this much-loved company evolving and continuing to act in the best interests of the community and possibly other communities depending on your aspirations for expansion. Finally, the reason for selling Just not enough time to run several businesses. Something must go. Finance and Documentation More information and further financials to be discussed by private communication once your interest in the business has been verified as genuine. Instalments payments are available if necessary, with post-dated cheques and a Bank guarantee.  No time wasters, please. The price quoted is for a quick sale. P&L statements for 2016-2019 are available at your request. There is a cash flow 365 days a year!!!

Art Gallery in New York

North America - USA

Local popular art gallery in New York for sale. The gallery was founded long ago in the heart of Westchester County. The institution has a lot of its own inventory for work and hosts canvases of the most popular artists who work in the modern field of art. What do you get when you own an art gallery for sale in New York? By deciding to buy art gallery in New York, you get an institution that is visited by a large number of local residents and foreign tourists every day. The gallery showcase is located in a busy area with heavy pedestrian traffic, close to business space and places frequented by people from all over the world. A large base of existing clients, most of whom come to the gallery several times when the exhibits are updated. Huge stocks of art supplies. Popular place in New York. Rented premises with a long-term contract; low rental cost. A valid email address. 7+ thousand agreements with partners and clients. Active website and well-organized model for exhibitions and events. As the new owner of an art gallery for sale, you will be able to take full advantage of its existing clientele and strong reputation. The institution has unlimited opportunities for expansion, through the involvement of other forms of art and the provision of services. The seller will provide appropriate training. You can also see other offers in the category “Leisure“.

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Entertainment facilities (including Trampolines and Climbing walls)

Africa - South Africa

This is a great opportunity to enter the South African market of indoor entertainment. This asset, composed of two branches, is located in both Cape Town and Durban North. This profitable business is for sale in 2022. It is composed of about 40 staff members, very well trained and independent. The operational procedures are well in place and the business is just awaiting more parks to be opened in South Africa to penetrate deeply the very high potential of cities like Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. The current owners are ready to stay in the business another 6 months to ensure a smooth transition. The return on Investment should be very quick now that the sanitary situation is better controlled and this state of the art facilities are really a brilliant original concept designed with the combination of the very best suppliers in each of their field. All figures are available on request. Price in South African Rands (Exchange rate 18R to 1 EUR). Company sell or asset deal can be both discussed. Very high potential for Franchising.

Investment Opportunity – Golf Course in Ontario

North America - Canada

This is a great opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to buy a golf course in Ontario with 9 holes. Exceptionally well-maintained condition. The property is set on 69 acres, close to three major cities, and just 40 minutes north of Toronto. Features and organization of a golf course for sale in Canada This is a completely renovated golf course in Ontario for sale. The property is equipped with a new irrigation system, a newly renovated clubhouse, a car park, and much more. In addition, you will be given an equipped store, a trolley rental system, and a workshop. There are 3 ponds on the site, including an irrigation pond, next to which there is an artesian well. There are spacious storage rooms and parking. Night golf service available This plot, which houses a golf course for sale, is residential property – a bungalow with several bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a basement, and an attached garage for 1 car. All fixtures and movable property, as well as the necessary equipment for the maintenance of the games, will be transferred to you. The staff also intends to keep working. You can also see other offers for sale in the category “Leisure“.

Drone school investment opportunity in Brazil

South America - Brazil

Training Institute Business Investment Opportunity in Curitiba for sale Drone school working since 2014. The setup business for sale incorporates: We give proficient pilot courses, essential pilot courses, photogrammetry course, planning, and 3D demonstrating with robots, and RPA did the pilot course.  Have served in excess of 400 customers since 2014.  We give preparing to 5 of the 10 biggest organizations in the south of the country.  Also, we have given online courses to in excess of 800 customers.  Drone school investment opportunity for sale has conveyed over 12,000 hours of preparation since origin.  On request, we likewise give drone counseling and do ramble projects.  Promoter has over 5 years of involvement with this business.

Golf & Ski Motel in New York

North America - USA

A great opportunity to invest in an already operating luxury business – golf & ski motel in New York for sale. What does this investment offer include? These are 26 cozy rooms, a 2-room apartment for the manager, and a gorgeous swimming pool. All this is located on an impressive territory. The opportunity has enormous potential for further business development. This motel is located close to major shops and expensive restaurants in a very walkable location. This ready golf & ski motel for sale has a great limited appeal. There is also an already developed base of regular guests who are always happy to return here for relaxation. This is an independent property that is being put up for sale due to the need for the current owners to retire. It is recommended that you not miss this unique opportunity and take possession of the golf & ski motel in New York. The offer is limited because it is a very convenient location.

Beautiful Complex in Springbrook

North America - Canada

We are glad to present you with a wonderful offer for real investors – a beautiful complex in Springbrook for sale. This large complex has over 41,000 square feet and incredible profit potential with a rented pub and grocery store on 3,932 square feet. Consider the privileges of this place and profitable complex for sale in Springbrook A 744 square foot restaurant that has an established patron base. Gym. Theater, 5153 square feet. Shooting range. All of this is located on 6.02 acres of land and leased out to enhance development opportunities. The current owner of this ready beautiful complex for sale already wants to retire and sells his business in this regard, which he followed very well. Don’t miss the chance to own a large property that generates income on a regular basis, regardless of the season. Beautiful Complex in Springbrook is your chance to invest in your bright future.

Gaming Center in Melbourne

Oceania - Australia

This is a great opportunity for the gaming enthusiast or the thinking investor to buy a gaming center in Melbourne at a fairly low cost. An ideal opportunity for those looking to expand their gaming center, create a new one, and earn income from the resale of this high-tech state-of-the-art equipment. Features of this great gaming business for sale Australia The equipment of this ready gaming center business for sale includes 21 top-notch gaming PCs with a processor, monitors, and all peripherals, and 38 more premium gaming chairs. Additional spare peripherals will be provided to the purchaser as a bonus at no additional cost. Everything is in new condition. Out of 21 PCs, 20 are already loaded with a variety of games, you do not need to spend time or bandwidth downloading and installing these heavy games, some even 30 GB. All equipment is safely stored.

Beautiful celebration halls in Turkey

Asia - Turkey

Beautiful celebration halls in Turkey for sale This wedding and invitations halls for sale were placed into administration in 2017 by one of the main organizations in the help and the travel industry area. Our business for sale has facilitated numerous solicitations and associations since the day it was opened and it proceeds. Around 300 different occasions are held every year in the wedding and greeting lobby. There are 3 segment free lobbies and nation garden. Administration territories, kitchens and distribution centers are intended for administration. Passageway and lobby The floor is made of marble. The dividers are made of bronze mirrors. Hall on the lobby floor. The floor is covered with antistatic American rugs. The dividers are covered with marble and backdrop. It has a cutting edge look with sound and light frameworks. The windows are made soundproof. Furnished with VRF warming and cooling frameworks. The association is for 500 individuals. Hall terrace salon on the first floor. There is a collapsing mechanized canopy. made of steel development. The floor is covered with top of the line fired. Hall open air country wedding area. 600 Individuals limit. Unfinished hall  

All over the world the entertainment industry (sometimes the term leisure & entertainment is also used) is a very, very profitable business. At the same time, the boundaries and the set of segments that make up this industry are rather arbitrary and blurred. There is no clear definition of the very term “entertainment (or leisure) industry”.

Traditionally, the entertainment industry includes cinemas, discos, bowling alleys, golf clubs, parks, attractions, water parks, nightclubs, internet cafes, skating rinks, rollerdromes and the like. Recently, the gambling business (casinos, slot machine halls, bookmakers, sweepstakes) has also begun to position itself as part of the entertainment and recreation industry.

With the development of market relations, cultural and leisure activities are gradually being transformed into the leisure industry. Many countries have developed extensive leisure industries for sale. Satisfaction with the quality of the organization of their leisure, the availability of certain entertainments and forms of leisure for a person is not only an indicator of his/her social status, but also an indicator of the development of the country’s economy in general and the socio-cultural industry in particular.

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In any case, this area is quite profitable and constantly evolving, which makes it attractive to investors. With a competent approach to business, you will be able to return your investment in the shortest possible time. This category contains various offers for sale related to the leisure industry.

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