MSB License in Canada for sale


MSB licensed in Canada for sale

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

Are you looking to start a financial business? Here’s your opportunity to acquire an authorized Money Services Business (MSB) with clean records and no history. This MSB is ideal for activities such as: **foreign exchange dealing, **money transferring, and **dealing in virtual currencies. Why choose this MSB? Clean record with no history, perfect for a fresh start. Authorized for key MSB activities, including foreign exchange, money transferring, and dealing in virtual currencies. No accounts, allowing you to start with a clean slate. Risk Note: Avoid the risks associated with buying an MSB with existing accounts or operational MSB with few clients. Most of the banks are aware of MSB license sales and will surely close such accounts upon ownership change. We have observed such situation in past and now we have stopped selling the MSBs with Bank account or account which allow them to open corporate account for clients. By purchasing this freshly authorized MSB, you become the real shareholder, giving you full control and flexibility. Of course there are many providers with are MSB friendly such Bank of EMI can open the account for you. Alternatively, you can work with the law firm specialized in this field to get bank account. What can you do with this MSB? *Run a Payment Gateway business with ease. *Open multiple bank accounts for your clients and offer banking services. *Apply for crypto exchange account with various crypto-friendly PSPs. Don’t miss this opportunity to start your financial business on the right foot. Contact us now to learn more about acquiring this MSB and kickstart your journey in the financial services industry! We can assist you with Software Provider for Bank, PSP, Crypto or other fintech business, We may also refer you to the law form specialized in dealing with the MSB banking services.

MSB Canada

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

– Company, incorporated in December 2022 in Canada (British Columbia) – No profile activity was conducted, administrative expenses only – Activities – Foreign exchange dealing, Money transferring, Dealing in virtual currencies, Payment service provider. – Account in payment institution (work with fiat ( usd,euro) and crypto) – Website

Polish licensed SPI and Canadian MSB

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

New investment opportunity – Polish licensed SPI and Canadian MSB for sale. The primary details regarding this proposal are available below. SPI in Poland and MSB in Canada for sale: deal details Year of registration: August 2023. Licenses: Small Payment Institution License in Poland and Money Service Business License in Canada. Authorizations: Placing deposits and withdrawing cash to/from the payment account; Direct debit service, including one-off direct debits; Transfer order; Payment card issuance; Acquiring; Money transfer; Dealing with cryptocurrencies. The deal also includes business plan, financial plan, risk management system description, AML procedure and risk assessment. Accounts: Corporate and client accounts are now being opened. White label SaaS in place. If you are considering buying financial business, please contact us for detailed information regarding this offer.

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MSB licensed in British Columbia

Europe - Albania
MSB License in Canada

New investment offer – MSB licensed in British Columbia for sale. Check out the primary details of the opportunity below. Canadian MSB for sale: overview Year and place of registration: British Columbia, 2020. Available authorizations: Forex dealing Money transferring Dealing in cryptocurrencies PSP services. Details of the transaction registered trademark and domains; LEI number and BIC number registered; client account opened with the FCA authorized PSP; current payment currency and rails – EUR via SEPA/Target2; SaaS core bank solution with front- and back-office in place; possibility of card issuing; staff can remain in business; accounts with cryptoexchanges could be opened upon request. More details available on request.

MSB licensed in Canada in 2023

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

New proposal – MSB licensed in Canada. You can check out the general information about this business opportunity. Money Service Business for sale: deal details Year of registration: 2023. Year of obtaining a license: 2023. Jurisdiction of incorporation: British Columbia. Overview of allowed activities: Forex dealing; Money transfers; Dealing in cryptocurrencies. The business for sale has a corporate and operational accounts in USD and CAD in local Canadian PI. A new owner can get software and WL connectivity with access to 70 currencies and crypto exchange facility if this is of interest.

MSB in Delaware

North America - USA
MSB License in Canada

New to the market MSB in Delaware for sale. You can find the general overview of the investment proposal below. US MSB for sale: details of the transaction The legal entity is FinCEN licensed company; The license authorizes the company to conduct currency exchange and money transmits Share capital already contributed in the sum of 1,000,000 USD Bank accounts: N/A, can be established with new owner. Seeking an opportunity to buy a money service business? Please contact us and get details regarding this proposal.

FMSB registered company in Australia

Oceania - Australia
MSB License in Canada

New proposal – FMSB registered company in Australia for sale. Please take into consideration the main information regarding this offer below. FMSB company for sale: deal details Forex dealing Money transfers Dealing in cryptocurrencies Services of crowdfunding platform Services of payment service provider operational account opened employees can stay opportunity of connection of apps to the company More details regarding this MSB company for sale are available on request.

Montana registered MSB

North America - USA
MSB License in Canada

HOT DEAL – Montana registered MSB for sale! Main details are provided below. MSB in Montana for sale: deal details Newly registered legal entity. Possibility to open a bank account with this company. Local director should be appointed. Minimal requirements for share capital. Quick change of ownership. Further details regarding this money service business in Montana for sale are available on request.

MSB license in Canada

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

Новая инвестиционная возможность – лицензия MSB в Канаде на продажу. Вы можете ознакомиться с основными деталями предложения ниже. MSB на продажу: детали сделки Лицензионные разрешения: денежные переводы, Forex и деятельность поставщика платежных услуг. Сформированная клиентская база; есть возможность приобретения компании вместе со существующими клиентами. Отличные финансовые показатели. Банковские счета: у компании есть банковские счета в канадском банке, EMI Великобритании, EMI Великобритании (предназначенные для физических лиц), EMI ЕС, RFX и в азиатской EMI. Программное обеспечение: возможность аренды программного обеспечения владельцев или приобретения собственного. Более подробную информацию о выставленном на продажу бизнесе можно получить по запросу.

Canadian MSB

North America - Canada
MSB License in Canada

We are pleased to present a freshly authorized (2023) Canadian MSB for sale: Vancouver-domiciled company with a registered address; The director can stay under new ownership; Dedicated AML officer; The company has not been operational; The company has a full Policies & Procedures package drafted by a local Canadian Lawyer with extensive experience in MSB regulation. MSB authorized activities: Foreign exchange dealing. Exchange one type of currency for another (e.g. USD to EUR) Money transferring. Transfer funds and execute cross-border transfers for individuals and businesses alike Dealing in virtual currencies. Offer virtual currency exchange and virtual currency transfer services Payment Services Provider Why to choose a Canadian MSB? There are no requirements for the authorised capital, place of business and staff (only for a compliance officer). A short period of time is necessary for the actual launch for the establisment of an MSB from scratch — 1 month for preparation and incorporation of the company, and 2-3 months for the registration with FINTRAC. The Canadian Money Services Business is one of the rare options that allows you to start your operations in less than six months after the launch of the project. Change of ownership: 2-4 weeks

Canadian banking field is very solid and meets all global standards. Country’s authorities provided convenient norms for firms wishing to spread services connected with fiscal elements. MSB license in Canada makes it possible to attract investors to progress in sphere.

Money Services Business registration in Canada

MSB is a non-bank enterprise offering:

  • currency exchanging:
  • transfers of monetary means;
  • operations with traveler’s checks, etc.;
  • use of ATMs;
  • exchanging and purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Since 2020, new laws have come out in Canada that have allowed crypto-currency exchanges and payment-operators working with digital assets to operate.

Money services businesses are next-mentioned organizations:

  • have permit for any of payment-services;
  • approved as a person who offers payment-services;
  • advertise provision of fiscal-services;
  • carry out transfers and deals with currencies from $ 1,000 in one operation;
  • report profits from financial deals as income from a separate organization to pay taxes.

Procedure of obtaining MSB license in Canada

FINTRAC reviews documentation and decides on getting Canada MSB license.

  1. Businesspersons need to select any province for organization establishment. Non-residents of country are encouraged to choose British Columbia.
  2. Then you need to decide on company’s denomination. It consists of 2 or more words, including a description of direction of enterprise: “payments”, “money transfers”, etc. This description cannot be shortened.
  3. Next, you must register the physical address of the company. To do this, it is imperative to rent an office to demonstrate to regulator a valid lease agreement and office photos.
  4. Firm needs to have a share-capital. There isn’t minimum amount for such a contribution, but it is better to contribute some funds to prove to regulator you are serious about doing commercials and growing.
  5. 1 director. He/she needs to possess expertise in field of finance.

At pre-registration, you must provide the exact name of the company, the actual address of the enterprise, the contacts of company’s representatives, as well as a full description of services.

Next, you need to collect additional data and documents:

  • bank-account and an extract from it;
  • compliance-officer data;
  • registration data (corporations);
  • data on the proprietors of the company and executives (everyone who holds more than 20% of the shares);
  • estimated amounts expected from deals provided by money services businesses in Canada;
  • data on each department.

MSB-license Canada compliance service

Businesspersons need to show themselves from the best side – provide correct documentation, professionalism of employees and agents, work and progress plans. ELI Deal specialists have already helped many companies obtain MSB licenses and are able to interact with the regulator. We are ready to take responsibility for the preparation of all paperwork, recruitment and entire procedures of getting MSB license Canada.

We assist to get a physical address, assistance in selecting an office, opening a bank account, selecting directors, authorizing a company, developing basic and additional documents, as well as personal advice on any issue at all stages of licensing.


What is an MSB license in Canada?

It allows firms to officially spread various financial-services, in particular, funds-transfers, operations with crypto-currencies, and so on. Such a permit is mandatory.

How long does it take to register as MSB in Canada?

Establishing MSB in Canada can take up to several months, subject to correct accordance with all conditions and norms of jurisdiction. Our experts help you to minimize time and whole expenses.

How do I register for MSB?

You need to establish a firm and fulfill norms that are mandatory for getting permission. Option of buying a ready-made licensed firm greatly simplifies and speeds up this process.

How long does it take to register as an MSB?

Registering an MSB can take up to several months. Our experts are ready to provide you with qualified assistance to launch your commercials as promptly as possible.