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Public Finance And Economic Development Consulting Firm

North America - USA
Hedge Funds for sale

The company advises clients in the areas of public finance and economic development. For more than 35 years of work, the company has gained a good reputation and a leading position among competitors.  A team of qualified specialists with extensive experience in this field is looking for an approach for each client in order to bring as much benefit as possible through complex economic strategies. There is a steadily growing client base. Further growth of the company was ensured. There are offices that occupy 4014 sq. Ft., there are also private offices. The potential future owner of the company must be a qualified buyer, to whom the seller will be willing to provide a part of financing. The offer is very beneficial both for a company that has already entered the market, which seeks to expand, and for an individual specialist who wants to develop a business in the field of public finance and municipal economy. The owner is willing to stay in the transition period to educate and ensure a smooth transition without losing customers.

Hong Kong Brokerage Firm

Offshore - Hong Kong
AEMI/EMI (Authorized Electronic Money Institution license) for sale

A good chance buy Hong Kong Brokerage Firm! Overview of Hong Kong Brokerage Firm for sale Hong Kong company with brokerage license for sale since 2018, it took a year to authorize. The headquarters are located in a bank in Asia. A non-functioning firm with a clean history and closed legal issues. Included in the price: Money transfer; Payment processing; Sale of foreign currency; Sale of derivative commodity and monetary instruments; Required documents; Brokerage and advisory services. The director and the agent work when they are out of place. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

A hedge fund business is an investment fund that seeks to increase profitability at the same level of risk, or to reduce risks at the same level of profitability.

A hedge fund is built on the simplest principle – it supports all types of the foreign exchange market and any securities, which allows it, from a legal point of view, to form its own assets from a wide range of exchange instruments. When the market falls in a conventional investment fund, shares quickly depreciate without the possibility of a full return of funds to investors. At this time, the hedging businesses can use all existing financial instruments, earning even in conditions of falling quotes.

The fundamental legal difference is that a hedge fund is open ended, and a venture fund is closed end. This means that hedge fund investors can enter and exit the fund at any time by purchasing or redeeming shares, respectively. A venture fund is open to investors only at the beginning of its life, which is usually 8-10 years. As soon as an investor enters a venture fund, he cannot just withdraw his money and must wait until the fund has worked out its term and returned the money, preferably with a return.

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This category contains offers for the sale of hedge funds that are already ready for work and have a fully developed business strategy.

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