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Manufacturer of High-Precision 3D Printers in the USA

North America - USA
Electronics manufacturing

Manufacturer of High-Precision 3D Printers in the USA is for sale! Overview of Manufacturer of High-Precision 3D Printers in the USA for sale The firm is a manufacturer of industrial machinery in the United States for sale. For the manufacturing, medical, and education industries, the firm designs and manufactures high-precision 3D printers, as well as supporting software and supplies. The company is based in the United States’ Southwest. Aspects to Consider: Established, internal, turn-key capabilities avoid outsourcing, reducing manufacturing time and costs. Company-owned patented technology One of the few made-in-the-USA based 3D printer manufacturers Diverse and loyal customer base Opportunities of Manufacturer of 3D Printers in the USA for sale: After investing in the company’s existing R&D projects, new products, services, and technologies will generate higher demand. Continued investment in connections with more value added resellers to expand geographically and cross borders. Manufacturing procedures have been established to be nimble in order to scale up in the future. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Electronics manufacturing”

Surveillance Devices Company in Kingston

North America - Canada
Electronics manufacturing

A good opportunity buy Surveillance Devices Company in Kingston! Overview of Surveillance Devices Company in Kingston for sale Key features of devices business in Canada for sale: We are a Kingston, Ontario-based start-up that has developed an innovative IoT Security Sensor and provides security software to security and police departments. Each month, the company produces 80 units. We only started selling our items in the fourth quarter of last year and already have more than eight customers. The majority of our clientele are law enforcement agencies, oil firms, and re-sellers. We provide a monitoring platform as part of our service. We’re in talks with police departments about selling new security devices and providing repair and upkeep for them. Our physical assets include circuit boards, electrical components, stock, and furnishings. Our reported sales are low because the product was just launched towards the end of last year. Website, domain, software, and client list are examples of other business assets. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Electronics manufacturer”.

Set up sun-based EPC organization in India

Asia - India
Electronics manufacturing

The business for sale is a set up sun-based EPC organization and introduces sun-oriented boards for mechanical and homegrown purposes. We buy sun-oriented boards as per purchasers’ need straightforwardly from the sun-based board makers. Revenue is produced by introducing these sunlight-based boards for various clients on project premises. We have served 100+ modern and 100+ domestic customers up to this point. Our business for sale is knowledgeable about this industry and gets state government tenders for different establishments. The purchaser of the business for sale will receive the rewards of involvement which are not accessible for a beginning organization in this area. Our supervisory crew is additionally at the purchaser’s scrutiny.

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Electrical services business in the United States

North America - USA
Engineering firms

Our essential actions incorporate electrical services giving answers for the blackout. To keep the force on when it goes out or to give power when none is free, we utilize a scope of models that incorporate 100% inexhaustible mixture wind, sun-based, and battery stockpiling gadgets. We serve 5-10 customers consistently and every one of our deals is coordinated to business clients through our in-house deals staff. Our customers involve naval force, flying corps, city and state stops and schools. We rethink the greater part of our assembling actions. Highlights of the business for sale include: ‘Most Innovative Product” grant for our EnergiPlant. Our Electrical services business for sale weas developing through 2019 when things halted for Covid-19. This is the justification for the destruction of our deals over the most recent couple of months.

Set-up electric power plant in the USA

North America - USA
Electronics manufacturing

Set-up electric power plant for sale was established in 1983 and went online in January 1984 under the agreement. We have another 20-year contract as of May 2019.  Aspects of business for sale: The first undertaking comprised of 3 generators/turbines of shifting sizes to oblige vacillations in the water stream and enhance the creation. The undertaking was intended for a base limit of 3,209,000 kWh/year. With the expansion of the fourth turbine, the chance for more creation is there, when there is water.  There are 65+ sections of land deeded that are remembered for the price tag, alongside 44 sections of land of BLM rent. Of this 40 to 50 sections of land are lakes and trenches, with extraordinary natural life territory.

Profitable hydropower plant in India

Asia - India
Electronics manufacturing

Hydropower Plant for Sale in Mandi This profitable hydropower plant is for sale. The business for sale has a drawn-out power buy concurrence with HPSEBL. The task is charged with the State Government alongside a required force buy understanding. The plant has a 4 MW limit. The plant has been running since October 2019 and has a PPA enduring 40 years. Each unit of energy provided to the public authority. All the business resources are possessed by the business and are remembered for the worth of fixed resources. Contact us to buy this business for sale.  

Set-up electronic waste business in Saudi Arabia

Asia - Saudi Arabia
Electronics manufacturing

We gather electronic waste from customers and destroy them to sell valuable parts for reusing. Overview of the business for sale: Launched the site a year ago and purchasers register on the stage to transfer the subtleties on the squanders. Set-up electronic waste business for sale has very nearly 300 dynamic individuals now across 6 urban areas in Saudi Arabia. Have effectively gathered 3 tons of electronic waste from shoppers. Our business for sale didn’t begin the destroying interaction as we don’t have the necessary workshop and apparatuses. In return for the waste, shoppers get rewards and gift vouchers. We offer let loose home pick administrations. The portable application is now planned and is prepared for distribution. Could apply for govt reserves going ahead. Financial investigation plan is accessible. We have quit gathering e-squanders as we are yet to begin the destroying cycle, accordingly, we don’t have any representatives right now.

Electrical power equipment manufacturing business

Oceania - Australia
Electronics manufacturing

Overview of the business for sale: This electrical power equipment manufacturing business for sale offers an important broad IP set-up of plans, drawings, research center, plant and expertise to empower applied plan and assembling of demonstrated electrical and force electronic applications identifying with Force Supplies, Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, AC static control and exchanging, specific UPS and Backup/Crisis Force, Transformers, and related device and applications. The significant use of this IP Bundle is electrical energy change, stockpiling, and recovery for modern and business conditions, in mid­larger size range 1kw to 250kw+, including substitute/sun oriented energy stockpiling and age frameworks. Client base and market is:­ Heavy Industry, Force Stations, Marine, Guard, Aeronautical, Mining, Designing, Development, Production lines, Bigger Business establishments, Substitute Energy frameworks, and Sun-powered applications. The expected market for this item range is worldwide. The degree is expansive, applying SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) innovation for AC DC and AC AC power supplies, controls and controllers, and IGBT (disengaged door bipolar semiconductor) innovation for DC AC sinewave reversal and transformation power supplies. Applied key plans and regulators for Transformer ­Rectifiers, (DC Force Supplies, Rectiformers), Battery Chargers, a high-level scope of SCR Electromagnet Controlled force supplies, Sinewave Inverters, Force Recurrence converters, SCR variable AC supplies, AC static exchange exchanging, and UPS hardware is incorporated. Advantageous applied plans and techniques are incorporated for Transformers, Stifles, and unexpectedly Ferro­Resonant Transformers for Line­Conditioning and Steady Voltage Transformers, just as coincidental Kind Tried plans for high current switchgear busbars and Switchgear/Control Stuff gatherings (as Engine Control Focuses). The significant things incorporate all the regulator schematic plans, printed circuit board formats (PCBs), PCBs, chip ‘C’ programs, PLD programs, testings, applied force key schematic graphs, applied force key hardware design drawings, and the product and workshop office for the turn of events and restricted assembling. There is a complete research center testing office with power supplies, load banks, electromagnetic similarity (EMC) discharges estimation, EMC transient age office for insusceptibility testing, and common force quality test and estimation office. The Organization for sale was formed in 1977, involves an Office/Research facility/Workshop, and utilizes 2 key designers, gets to a couple of outside expert specialists, and now and again with a couple of additional items for creation.

Setup electrical services company in the USA

North America - USA
Electronics manufacturing

This electrical services organization for sale gives telecom information transmission, and information interpretation answers for clients. The organization for sale introduces, benefits, and creates innovative answers for clients in both metropolitan and testing rustic conditions.  Key Aspects in this business for sale: Established associations with media transmission organizations and hardware producers getting a referral-based business. Experienced representative base with broad business connections all through the organization’s geographic market. Proprietary programming to catch and decipher information from field destinations to customer operational control areas. Openings  Expand associations with portable transporters to additionally develop the organization’s alluded customer base. Expand the geographic presence of the organization’s media transmission administration line.

Well-known electrical business in the USA

Europe - United Kingdom
Electronics manufacturing

This is your opportunity to assume control over an extremely fruitful CB Radio deals and administration business, which has been in inactivity for as long as 15 years. This business incorporates a 60-foot trailer, all the stock, furnishings, and test gear. More things can be added back to this business, like receiving wire and radio establishments (which are entirely beneficial), and, perhaps, two movements. This spot is sufficiently large to add cell deals, and the sky is the limit from there. Loads of fold drivers come through here consistently. Overhead costs are low. On the off chance that you will try sincerely and help individuals, it is extremely unlikely you can’t take care of this in under one year.  

Electronic industry, a branch of industry producing electronic devices (semiconductor, vacuum, piezoelectric devices, products of quantum, cryogenic and optoelectronics, integrated optics), resistors, capacitors, plug connectors and other radio components, special technological equipment and apparatus.

The electronics industry business is characterized by a rapid growth in production volumes, an expansion of the range of semiconductor (especially integrated circuits), quantum, cryoelectronic devices, as well as devices based on acousto and magnetoelectronics; the production of microcomputers, color picture tubes, electronic calculators, including programmable ones, video recorders, electronic clocks, high-class stereos, microwave ovens, etc. is rapidly expanding.

The electronics manufacturing industry for sale includes the development and production of radio electronic equipment, electronic devices, components, specific materials, special technological equipment and apparatus.

Electronic products are made from a wide variety of materials: plastics, composites, copper, steel and more. Despite all this diversity, mass production must be fast and smooth. That is why entrepreneurs are more willing to buy ready-made companies that have appropriate licenses and other commercial attributes.

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