Asset management license for sale


Portfolio Management Company in Geneva

Europe - Switzerland
Asset management license

Corporate Overview Establishment Year: 2018 Capital Structure: CHF 100,000, divided into 100 shares of CHF 1,000 each. Licensing: Licensed by FINMA as a portfolio manager in 2022; previously operated under SRO status. Business Operations of Portfolio management company in Switzerland for sale Core Activities: Focuses on providing financial advice and asset management services. Additional Capabilities: Has the authority to establish branches, participate in, or acquire companies with similar objectives, and engage in related financial, industrial, commercial, and securities transactions. Operational Assets Property and Intellectual Rights: FINMA licensed company in Switzerland for sale rights to acquire, lease, and manage necessary property and facilities for operations, including intellectual property rights pertinent to its activities. Contractual Engagements: Actively engages in contracts that support or are closely related to the company’s strategic objectives. Financial Performance of Asset management company in Switzerland for sale Assets Under Management (AUM): Actively managed with a consistent track record. Annual Revenue: Approximately CHF 200,000, primarily from management fees. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

SFC License (Type 4 & 9) in Hong Kong for Sale

Offshore - Hong Kong
Asset management license

Corporate Overview of this SFC license in Hong Kong for sale Incorporation Year: 2016 Licenses: Equipped with Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management). Status: Maintains a pristine record with no legal actions, ideal for seamless transfer of ownership. Licensing and Operational Capacity Service Scope: Asset management company in Hong Kong for sale licensed to serve Professional Investors (PI), with a policy of not holding client funds directly. Regulatory Compliance: Operates under strict adherence to SFC regulations, ensuring a reliable and secure operational framework. Staffing Structure Responsible Officers: Company licensed by Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong for sale, includes two skilled Responsible Officers (ROs). Post-sale, one RO is available to stay, ensuring operational continuity, while the other plans to resign, allowing for new staffing opportunities. Financial Health Asset Value: Reports an asset value of approximately HKD 600,000 in cash reserves. Banking Relations: The company comes with an active bank account to support immediate financial transactions and business operations. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Exclusive Opportunity: ADGM Category 3C Asset Manager License

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Asset management license

Unlock an exceptional opportunity to acquire an investment group with an Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Category 3C license, providing access to the prestigious financial landscape of the UAE. Key Highlights: Active License: For Sale ADGM Category 3C Asset Manager License, a full asset management company with an active license since 2020, offering immediate operational capability and regulatory compliance. Permitted Activities: The license allows managing assets, including client portfolios on a discretionary basis under client mandates. It also permits non-discretionary investment advisory and arrangement services, advising on investments or credit, and arranging deals in investments. Potential for Upgrading: The license can be upgraded to include brokerage and custody services, thereby expanding the scope of operations and revenue potential. Financial Overview: EBITDA: $65,000 Revenue + Monthly Operational Costs: $7,000 Monthly Maintenance Costs: $10,000 Regulatory Compliance: Clean Regulatory Track Record: The entity boasts a clean regulatory track record, ensuring credibility and trustworthiness in the financial market. ADGM Capital Requirements: Base Capital Requirement: The base capital requirement for a Category 3C Asset Management License is $250,000. However, the actual capital required will depend on the nature and quantum of business, as per the financial model of the proposed firm. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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Exclusive Opportunity: SFC License in Hong Kong for Sale

Offshore - Hong Kong
Asset management license

Embark on a strategic entry into the financial services industry with this exclusive opportunity to acquire a Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) license in Hong Kong For Sale. Key Features: Registered Office: This Ready-Made SFC Company in Hong Kong. Share capital: HK$200,000 capital. License Types: Holds licenses for advising on securities (Type 4) and asset management (Type 9), providing a comprehensive suite of financial services. License Conditions: Primarily caters to Professional Investors (PI) only and cannot hold client assets, ensuring regulatory compliance. Staffing: Employs three individuals, including two Responsible Officers (RO), ensuring operational efficiency and expertise. Legal Status: No history of litigation, compliance issues, investigations, or disputes, reflecting a clean legal record and regulatory standing. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Hong Kong Company with SFC License (Type: 1, 4, 9) For Sale

Offshore - Hong Kong
Asset management license

Available to buy – Hong Kong company with SFC license. You can review the basic provisions regarding the offer below. Hong Kong SFC license for sale: deal details Registered in 2018. The legal entity has a clean history. No liabilities. License permissions: Type 1: trading securities; Type 4: advising on securities for private clients. Type 9: discretionary portfolio management. The price includes a website, office, business relationships with APIs and multicurrency Bank accounts in DBS Bank Multi-Currency. For price and further details on this investment opportunity, please contact us through the request form on this page.

SFC Licensed Asset Management Company

Offshore - Hong Kong
Asset management license

An excellent opportunity to acquire a small, well-established fully licensed asset management/financial advisory/planning/discretionary portfolio business based in Hong Kong. With clients, recurring income, management, administrative and compliance systems in place, this profitable ready-made business is the perfect stepping stone to solve your licensing needs, to get up and running from day one and to expand throughout lucrative markets in Asia. Established in 1997, the small but profitable business is offered for sale to facilitate the owners eventual retirement. The owner (Responsible Officer) and admin support staff will stay on for one year to ensure an orderly transition, and are also open-minded to the possibility of a longer-term role. The primary activity is discretionary portfolio management (SFC Type 9 license) focussed on portfolios of investment funds (unit/investment trusts, mutual funds etc) also advising on securities (SFC Type 4 license) for mass affluent private clients – mostly Expatriates resident in Hong Kong, although the company also serves clients who have relocated to other countries. The company is also licensed by the Insurance Authority (IA) as an Insurance Broker, and registered as an MPF Intermediary by the Mandatory Provident Funds Authority. The current focus is on mass-affluent Expatriate clients, as mentioned, although attention could easily be turned to the somewhat larger local Chinese market with appropriate staffing in place. Indeed, the business model could be changed to suit the acquirers preferences. Irrespective, the existing business can continue to be managed easily. The company recently passed a routine regulatory SFC inspection. There are no client complaints nor any issues with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Truck Parts and Salvage in Ohio

North America - USA
Asset management license

Specialized spare parts for trucks. Truck parts and salvage in Ohio for sale is a specialist in fire trucks and used commercial truck parts, has a waste recycling yard, a recycling center, a truck dismantling yard including real estate and equipment. Highlights & features of truck parts and salvage for sale in Ohio Repair work, processing, resale and dismantling of light trucks. So you can buy truck parts and salvage in Ohio and have the best in the market, leading in the industry and unrivaled within 1 hour. It is the fastest growing recycling center for semi-finished products and fire trucks in Ohio. Now it accommodates 80 semi-finished products, 20 fire trucks, 2 school buses on the territory of 18 acres. The office has several toilets, a shower, a leisure room, a washer and dryer, and an air conditioner. There is a heated floor in the warehouse, cargo room, dismantling shop. Additional business assets Truck parts and salvage in Ohio for sale has large corporate and private clients for sale, over 200 pieces. Engines, transmissions, suspensions, wheels, tires, fuel tanks, hoods, bumpers, doors, cabins, batteries and more are included in the sequel. Holds a car scrappage dealer license, pending a used car dealer license, OIADA certified by the Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association. If you are looking to become the owner of a very fast growing waste management and recycling company that specializes in semi-finished goods, commercial trucks and fire trucks with a lot of profit, take a closer look at this opportunity. You can also see other offers in the category “General“.

Swiss Platform for Asset Management

Europe - Switzerland
Asset management license

Your attention is offered the opportunity to buy the platform for asset management and receive 100% as a shareholder in a Swiss licensed asset management company. Main features and organization of the offered platform for asset management for sale in Switzerland The main thing to highlight. The proposed Swiss Platform for Asset Management for sale was founded in 2015. The company has a membership in the Office of the Swiss Financial Ombudsman. It is a unique and very well-known Robo-Advisory platform that is widely recognized by consumers for reviews in Well-known international broker. The offered platform for asset management for sale provides services in the field of asset management and specialized robotic advice. The company has integrated procedures for identifying customers on the Internet, connecting consumers, and interacting with a broker. In addition, the company has also passed all the required audits from the relevant regulatory authorities. With this license, you can also carry out other activities as an intermediary in the financial industry. You also can see other offers in the category “General“.

Property management company in Amsterdam

Europe - Netherlands
Asset management license

Property management company for sale: overview 6-year-old property management company in Amsterdam is available to be purchased. It specializes in letting services, property maintenance, and property management services. Over 6 years of operation, the company has created a high-end portfolio with over 50 properties and no social housing. This business for sale boasts a loyal repeated customer base, with fantastic online reviews and a 4,7 rating on Google. Income streams are management fees, property maintenances, letting/renting and property sale, and other service commissions. This is a recurring revenue business model with 18% of revenue coming from monthly management fees. All assets are included in the sale, the buyer will get the entire legal entity. Assets include portfolio, highly experienced team, equipment, agreements and contracts, website and domain, customer relationship management, software, and licenses. There is an approved accountant for VAT and tax returns. This property management company for sale operates from a private office with a garden, kitchen, bathroom, and meeting room. The rent is approx. EUR 740 per month. The office area is fully equipped and ready for operation.

Successful Construction Company In Vanuatu

Oceania - Vanuatu
Asset management license

A successful construction company for sale based in Vanuatu has been providing construction services and materials since its establishment in 2008. If you are looking for a calm stress-free work environment and are keen on scuba diving, this opportunity not to be missed, enquire now. An overview of this business for sale This company works closely with the local Public Works Department of Sanma Province in hiring out equipment for road maintenance and any other construction services to them. The portfolio of services encompasses repairs & renovations, commercial & residential, and infrastructure (roading, general earthworks, equipment hire, land development, utility installation, and much more) construction as well as construction material supply, project management, and so forth. The client base includes individuals, real estate agents, land developers to name a few. The construction company for sale supplies the local sector with all the main construction materials from general construction and infrastructure to raw materials. Due to the newly set up concrete division, the company is the only ready-mix concrete supplier in the local market. In the asking price are included: Business; Stock; Land asset of 3 hectares; Construction equipment; Heavy equipment (Excavators, Loader, Backhoe, Rollers, Trucks); Crushing and screening plant; Concrete block making machines; Concrete Ready-Mix Batching Plant, Cement storage facility; Storage containers; All office furniture and machines; Agreements and licenses for extraction of sand, black sand, quarry. Opportunities: The construction company for sale has extensive potential to expand into a broad array of fields including Precasting, Tilt-up panel construction, Basalt aggregates supplies, and many more. If the next owner concentrated on all the potential business out there, the sky is the limit. Market: In the construction division, there are 3 main competitors, in repairs & renovations competition is represented by a number of small and locally owned companies. In the infrastructure & heavy equipment division, there are 4 competitors. In the supply division – 2 other companies.

As financial markets become increasingly complex and globally interconnected, the importance of becoming an asset management licensee has never been more critical. The team of Eli-Deal has prepared a brief overview of asset management licenses, including the requirements, advantages, procedures for obtaining one, the services included, and the associated costs.

Overview of the license

As a banking license, this is a certification granted by financial regulatory authorities that allows a natural and legal person to legally manage investments and offer advice to clients. This authorization is essential for ensuring that companies operate within the law, maintaining the integrity and stability of the financial markets. The licensees are eligible to manage a hedge fund or provide adviser services among other activities. It is imperative for asset managers to comply with the regulatory standards set by authorities to protect investors and preserve the trust in fintech systems.

Services included in asset management

This field typically encompasses various activities, including but not limited to managing a hedge fund and portfolio. More complex services are as follows:

  • Designing personalized investment strategies aligned with clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Constructing and managing portfolios on behalf of clients, including asset allocation and rebalancing.
  • Conducting thorough risk assessments to identify potential risks and implement appropriate risk management strategies.
  • Regularly reviewing portfolio performance and providing comprehensive reports to clients.
  • Providing expert advice on investment decisions, tax planning, estate planning, and other financial matters that are permitted for an adviser.

Asset management license requirements

Obtaining an authorization requires fulfilling specific criteria set by regulatory authorities. For example, in the US, firms need to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities authorities, depending on the size of their assets under management. Applicants must comply with the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and fulfill the conditions set forth by the relevant authority of the state they are registered in. In Singapore, to get an authorization you would apply for a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license through the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The application process demands a thorough understanding of the Securities and Futures Act, and adherence to MAS guidelines on financial soundness and operational capabilities. To obtain a license in the UK, you must apply to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The process involves meeting the FCA’s stringent requirements, which include demonstrating the appropriate level of resources, expertise, and a solid business plan. These requirements may vary subject to the jurisdiction but typically include factors such as:

  • Educational qualifications and experience in finance or related fields.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of investment strategies, risk assessment, and investment management.
  • Compliance with legal and ethical standards regarding finance.
  • Adequate capitalization to ensure the stability and integrity of the operations.

Advantages of being a licensee

Having a status of a licensee offers several advantages for both individuals and companies:

  • Credibility: Holding a license demonstrates professionalism, expertise, and adherence to industry standards and licensing conditions.
  • Law Compliance: A licensed asset manager operates within the legal framework set by regulatory authorities.
  • Client Trust: A license enhances client trust as it assures them that their investments are handled by qualified professionals.
  • Access to Opportunities: A licensed asset manager often has access to a wider range of investment opportunities and collaborations.

How to get a license of an asset manager

To obtain a license, one must navigate through a series of steps, which usually involve a combination of registration, compliance, and approval from the relevant financial authorities. The exact process can vary significantly between different jurisdictions due to varying legal obligations and regulative frameworks.

The procedure of licensing typically involves several stages, starting with an initial application and ending with ongoing compliance. Prospective asset managers must submit detailed information about their institution, including their proposed investment strategies, RM systems, and the qualifications of their staff. Applicants must also prepare and submit a set of legal and compliance documents to the relevant regulator, which will then review the package to ensure that it satisfies the necessary standards.

Conditions for setting up an AMC

The requirements often include a business plan, proof of sufficient capital, insurance, and evidence of a robust compliance framework. Additionally, key individuals within the company typically need to have recognized qualifications and relevant experience in financial services.

Once the license is obtained, follow these steps to create an AMC:

  • Business Plan Development: Create a detailed business plan that outlines your target market, investment strategies, marketing approach, and key operational aspects.
  • Infrastructure Setup: Establish necessary infrastructure including registered office, technology systems for portfolio management and reporting, and compliance tools.
  • Hiring Qualified Personnel: Recruit experienced professionals who possess the necessary expertise to ensure efficient operations.
  • Marketing and Client Acquisition: Develop a marketing strategy to attract potential clients by highlighting the unique value proposition offered by your company.

Cost considerations

The cost of obtaining a license varies subject to several factors, including the jurisdiction, regulatory fees, legal assistance, and compliance. It is advisable to consult with legal and financial experts to form the precise cost involved in acquiring the license. The price also depends on whether the license is acquired from scratch or a ready-made institution offered for sale with a license is secured. The price of ready-made license for sale is typically lower.

How we can help

Our team of lawyers can assist you in navigating the intricate process of getting a license of an asset manager, PSP license, authorized EMI license and many others. We provide expert guidance on law compliance, application preparation, and ongoing legal obligations to ensure that your business operates within the legal mechanisms. While obtaining and maintaining this license can be complex and costly, the benefits it brings in terms of legal operation, market access, and investor confidence are immeasurable. If you consider acquiring a license, please review the offers below and contact us for a consultation.