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Sandwich Bar with Accommodation in Wigan

Europe - United Kingdom
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Sandwich Bar with Accommodation in Wigan is for sale! Description of Sandwich Bar with Accommodation in the UK for sale Key features and benefits of fast food restaurant in the UK for sale: Profits are excellent, and there is genuine room for growth (Trading 48 weeks) Only Monday through Friday are open for business. Sale comprises 2 x completely equipped sign written vans, prominent main road trading position, commercial / residential area well fitted Lease terms that are both affordable and include living quarters are available. For almost 30 years, we have been in business. A Real Retirement Sale You can see more interesting offers in the category “Fast-food – Non franchises”.

Sandwich Shop in Newark

Europe - United Kingdom
Fast Food - Non Franchises

A unique chance buy Sandwich Shop in Newark! Sandwich Shop in the UK for sale: description The fast food restaurant in Nottinghamshire for sale is in a convenient location for both consumers and office workers. Sandwiches, rolls, jacket potatoes, boxed salads, and warm snacks make up the menu, which is simple yet efficient (bacon, mushrooms, sausages, beans, chips, etc). Ice cream and slush puppies are popular during the summer months, and there is a full choice of hot and cold drinks available. There is potential to raise the number of hours that present employees work in order to turn this into a fully managed company. When the present proprietors are away on vacation, the crew is capable of running the business. If the existing owners decide to keep the business, they would try to invest in an online ordering system as well as a delivery service, which would be welcomed by regular consumers. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Fast food – non franchises”.

Kebab Shop in Craigieburn

Oceania - Australia
Fast Food - Non Franchises

A fantastic chance buy Kebab Shop in Craigieburn! Overview of Kebab Shop in Victoria for sale Hightlights of fast food business in Australia for sale: Beautifully positioned at a bustling shopping district with good visibility Premises is fully furnished and tastefully designed to provide a welcome ambiance The delicious food has created a large regular customer base Accessible by public transportation or car with plenty of parking space at the shopping centre Business is simple to operate, offering takeaway and delivery services Full, comprehensive training will be provided Incredible potential for further growth by diversifying the menu You can see more interesting offers in the category “Fast food – Non franchises”.

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Fast food takeaway in Birmingham

Europe - United Kingdom
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Fast Food takeaway establishment located in Birmingham. The current owner bought this business 7 years ago and completely transformed it, making it the way it can be seen now. The cost of the business includes all the new equipment and furniture that the current owner bought for the comfortable work of the staff and high-quality customer service. This is a very good offer as it saves a lot of time and money for the buyer. The restaurant has development prospects.

Commercial premises where fast food Burger & Kebab in Fuengirola

Europe - Spain
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Commercial premises where fast food Burger & Kebab is traded. A wonderful location on the seaside in Fuengirola, but this does not negate the fact that you can do business all year round. There are all licenses for the bar and restaurant. The bar is well attended as it is a great place for both locals and tourists. There are many residential buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants and resorts nearby, which provide a steady large flow of people near the establishment. The main bar is designed for 24 seats, it is a well-lit and comfortable place, which has high shelves for bottles on the back wall and places where it will be convenient to place refrigerators, as well as a double sink. There is a good kitchen and 2 toilets, one of which is made for people with disabilities. There are all conditions for the convenience of customers and staff. Exit to the terrace – large glass doors, the terrace has 20 seats. The layout of the premises is not complicated, however, the bar looks great and the condition of everything inside and on the terrace is excellent.

A fast food diner located in two locations

North America - USA
Fast Food - Non Franchises

A fast food diner located in two locations: San Diego and North County. The business was founded over 11 years ago and is very popular in the area. The bakery produces different types of pastries: Mexican bread, cakes, Mexican hot dishes. Many types of products are produced in bulk, as there is great demand. The pandemic did not greatly affect production, or rather, sales fell by only 15%. Many orders have not been completed yet. The premises have all the necessary equipment (freezers, coolers, exhaust chambers, etc.), which contribute to the productive work of the establishments. There are 9 employees in one kitchen: bakers (3), baker’s assistants (3), cake decorators (3). The total number of employees at both locations is 34 people. All employees are qualified specialists who have been working for many years and are professionals in their field. The owner is leaving due to a divorce, so he is looking for a qualified buyer who will take responsibility for running this business. The owner is willing to stay for a 2 weeks transition period for training and a smooth transition of the business.

Food court in a shopping center in Arizona

North America - USA
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Food court in a shopping center in Arizona. Great location for such an establishment. The establishment requires marketing intervention for greater awareness among the mall employees and customers. The menu should be chosen so that there is no competition with other establishments in the mall, as there are many food offers. The business was opened in 2019 and is ready for a new push in promotion. The owner leaves because he wants to start another business, but he is ready to stay in the transition period for training and a smooth transition of the business to the new owner.

Bronx Pizzeria With 40 Years Work Experience

North America - USA
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Bronx Pizzeria entered the market in 1980 and has since earned an excellent reputation among customers and competitors. Advantageous location in a crowded area that attracts many clients. The current owner also works as a head chef, so the customer’s pizza-making skills will be a huge plus. The assistant works the same way. The business is very easy to operate, as the menu is very limited, which does not include lunch and seafood, the pizzeria does not work until late. The institution has been cooperating with schools and hospitals for many years. There are no online orders, everything is done in the traditional way, but it can be fixed. This pizzeria has prospects for expansion, so you need a buyer who is ready to take this business seriously and raise the business up. The owner is retiring but is willing to stay in the transition period to ensure a smooth transition to the new owner. There is a possibility of financing.

A Pizza Shop With A Good Reputation In Philadelphia

North America - USA
Fast Food - Non Franchises

Five-star hotel Diamond Ultra Luxury Major on the seashore. Locations: Mexico, Cancun. The franchise agreement is valid until 2022. If the need appears, the contract can be terminated pre-time. The hotel has 365 luxurious and modernly decorated suites with ocean views. Six restaurants, two of which received awards; two bars, a lounge area and a bar. There is a conference room and a business center. There are two heated pools on the oceanfront. Several tennis courts and a fitness center. Private beach, 1200 feet. There are summerhouses, lounges and changing cabins.

The world fast food market is in the stage of intensive development not only in quantitative but also in qualitative direction. This is manifested in the emergence of new establishments of the concept of “fast food” of more advanced formats, the expansion of the assortment due to popular and dietary dishes and, of course, the sale and use of higher quality products.

Fast food dishes are maximally adapted for quick preparation and quick serving to the client. In most cases, in fast food businesses, semi-finished products or blanks are used in the preparation of dishes, which are brought to readiness directly in the presence of the customer.

But, it should be borne in mind right away that one fast food outlet will not be able to bring huge incomes. However, here we are only considering non-franchise structures. This category contains offers for sale of a fast-food business of a non-franchise type.

Fast food is attractive enough for aspiring businessmen. Its main advantages over other types of catering are:

  • low initial costs relative to other types of establishments;
  • inexpensive service;
  • simplicity in staff training;
  • the ability to constantly change the menu;
  • wide target audience;
  • inexpensive products;
  • stable income.

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