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A company that designs networks

North America - USA

A company that designs networks. This company was founded in 2001 and enjoys great success today. The company provides services to large wireless companies, as well as project management services, network deployment and wireless technologies. In addition to the above, the company is also engaged in other services, for example, technological consultations, the acquisition of sites, etc. The company has many advantages over other similar offers on the market. For example, their employees are known for a number of their achievements. The strengths of the company include: 1. The pandemic did not affect the company 2. There are 2 vice presidents, each manages his own department 3. The company has large assets, the proceeds will be fully collateralized; the owner is ready to finance the buyer 4. The amount of work done, experience in the market and the brand play a big role, but not relationships with partners 5. Approved supplier of the first level The company has great development prospects, for example, the emergence of 5G will give a big impetus.

Bridge Internet franchises

North America - Canada

Bridge Internet franchises that provide secure Internet connectivity in remote areas are now available in the US and Canada. The company’s offerings include 5G, LTE and modern technologies in a licensed spectrum. Also, the list of Bridge Internet offers includes Internet television, IPTV, VOIP technologies and the ability to monitor your home or business using a remote signal. Business has great development prospects, as it operates in a growing area. The company has all the necessary equipment for quality work. The company has all the necessary licenses and can provide customers with fast internet. Every day, people are more and more adapting to digital life, to the point that they begin to depend on it, so buying such a business is the most profitable investment today. The company employs exclusively qualified specialists who have been engaged in this business for many years. The main advantages of this business are high margins, lack of competition due to location, there is no need for employees, this business is home-based, possibly semi-remote management. Full training will be provided to the buyer.

Internet provider in the countrysides

North America - USA

Provider for sale with fast and high quality internet connection in surrounding rural areas. Due to the need for the Internet, the profit from this area is very high. We can also offer new technologies of Internet television and IPTV, VOIP and two-way transmission of home security and surveillance signals, with the help of which you can monitor your home or business. In our possession of hardware technology, the real company Spectrum, LTE, 4G offers fast wireless connection for institutions such as hospitals, schools, etc. One of the best and most highly qualified teams in this field has been assembled. Thanks to the experience of many years, the desire to go higher has been proven, because the company already has a good success story. Advantages: • Good profitability—home business; • No competitors; • There is no need for many employees; • Semi-correspondence is possible.

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International hosting company

North America - USA

An international hosting company. Income comes from add-ons, dedicated hosting, virtual and VPS hosting. Large reach of clients from the Middle East, Europe, China and the USA. Servers in the EU. 80% Linux and 20% Windows. Support is available in three languages: English, Russian and Chinese. Payment is possible via CC, PayPal and bank transfer in USD and EUR. 90% of servers are in use (Enom, cPanel, etc.). Reason: The salesperson needs time for family and other personal matters.

Global networks are designed to sale services, but to a significantly larger number of users located over a large area.

Global computer networks are computer networks that unite local networks and individual computers that are remote from each other over long distances. The most famous and popular global network is the Internet. In addition, global computer networks include: the worldwide non-commercial network FidoNet, CREN, EARNet, EUNet and other global networks, including corporate ones.

Due to the large length of communication channels, construction is very costly, therefore, global networks are most often created by large telecommunications businesses to sale services to subscribers. Such networks are called public or public. But in some cases, WANs are created as private networks of large corporations.

The most famous and accessible global network is the Internet. The Internet is not a stable structure, it is constantly changing by the network users themselves, whose number is already in the millions. The most important feature of this global network is the lack of centralized management. In other words, the difference between the Internet and traditional networks is that it does not have an official owner.

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In the modern world, the opening of a business related to the development and use of networks is very profitable and profitable. This category contains offers for sale for networks.

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