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Payment Services Provider Company in UAE for Sale

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Payment institutions

An opportunity to acquire a Payment Services Provider (PSP) company in the UAE. This company is ready for a prompt change of ownership and includes essential operational components to ensure a smooth transition. Key Features of this Ready-Made PSP Company in the UAE Scope of Activity Primary Function: Payment Services Provider Financial and Operational Details Business Account: The company maintains one active business account. Client Base: Currently, the company has no existing client base, providing a clean slate for the new owner. Compliance and Infrastructure Audit: Comprehensive audit is in place, ensuring financial transparency and compliance. Website: The For Sale Payment Services Provider (PSP) company has an established website, facilitating an immediate online presence. Ownership Transition Change of Ownership: The process for changing ownership is prompt and streamlined, allowing for a quick and efficient transition. This Payment Services Provider company in the UAE presents a unique opportunity for investors or businesses looking to enter the payment services market with a ready-made, compliant, and operational entity. The absence of a client base allows new owners to develop and implement their customer acquisition strategies from scratch. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

FMSB and Small Payment Institution in Poland for Sale

Europe - Poland
Payment institutions

Corporate Overview of this Foreign Money Service Business and Small Payment Institution in Poland for sale Incorporation Year: 2023 Location: Poland Share Capital: 5000 ZL Licenses: Licensed by KNF as a Small Payment Institution (SPI) and holds an FMSB license from Fintrac in Canada. Status: Non-operational, fully compliant with all reporting requirements. Licensing and Operational Capacity Service Scope: Designed to facilitate financial transactions, this ready-made SPI and FMSB for sale potential for service expansion through new banking relationships. Regulatory Compliance: Meets the regulations of both Poland and Canada, providing a secure base for financial operations. Financial Infrastructure Banking Relations: FMSB: FMSB and SPI in Poland for sale connected to a banking provider for both operational and safeguarding purposes, handling accounts in USD and CAD with options to add more currencies. Polish SPI: Linked to a Financial Institution in Poland for business banking and capable of obtaining IBANs. Post-purchase, a segregated account for the company is available for setup. Technical Assets Web Presence: Includes a branded website, although no operational software is connected. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Investment Dealer Licensed Company in Mauritius for Sale:

Offshore - Mauritius
Payment institutions

Discover the opportunity to acquire an investment dealer licensed company in Mauritius, offering entry into the vibrant financial market of the region. This ready-made company comes with key features such as a market making license, a clean regulatory record, established banking relationships, and a physical presence in Mauritius, making it an attractive investment prospect. Key Details: Year of Incorporation and Licensing: The Ready Made Investment Dealer Licensed company was incorporated and licensed in 2021, positioning it as a relatively new player in the financial services sector with ample growth potential. Market Making License: With a market making license, the company can actively participate in facilitating liquidity and trading activities across various financial instruments, enhancing its market presence and revenue streams. Clean Regulatory Record: The company boasts a clean regulatory record, having received no complaints, which underscores its commitment to regulatory compliance and operational integrity, instilling confidence in stakeholders. Banking Relationship: Maintaining a bank account with SBM Bank, the company enjoys access to essential banking services for both corporate and client accounts, facilitating seamless financial transactions and operations. Physical Office in Mauritius: Operating from a physical office in Mauritius, the company benefits from a local presence, enabling it to conduct business activities efficiently within the region and establish strong relationships with clients and partners. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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Australian Credit License for Sale

Oceania - Australia
Payment institutions

Unlock the potential of the Australian credit market with this exceptional offering – an For Sale Australian Credit License is now available for acquisition. Key Features: Bank Account: A bank account is already opened, streamlining financial operations. Prompt Change of Ownership: Enjoy a swift and hassle-free transfer of ownership process. License Authorization: This Credit License in Australia For Sale authorizes the licensee to: Engage in credit activities other than as a credit provider, including providing credit services where the licensee is not or will not be. Engage in credit activities as a credit provider, such as: Carrying on a business of providing credit subject to the National Credit Code. Acting as a credit provider. For more information and pricing details for these business opportunities, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Money Service Operator (MSO) license in Hong Kong

Offshore - Hong Kong
Payment institutions

This is a company with Money Service Operator (MSO) license in Hong Kong for sale. You can review a brief overview of this opportunity below. MSO license in Hong Kong for sale: deal details Registered in 2020. The license is issued by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. No customers. Open accounts in Currency Cloud, Airwallex and Openpayd banks. Operational software is included in the price. If you want to buy a MSO license, please contact us and get price and further details regarding this offer.

Payment Institution license in Singapore

Asia - Singapore
Payment institutions

The following is an investment opportunity to purchase a company with payment institution license in Singapore. The key information regarding this proposal is provided below. Payment institution license for sale: deal details The legal entity with payment institution license granted by MSA for sale was formed in 2017; License allows for account issuance, money transfer services (both domestic and cross-border) and E-money Issuance. Accounts in DBS and Nium banks. Well-established website with active software. Share capital: 100,000 SGD. If you want to buy financial business in Singapore, please contact us for details regarding this offer.

SRO in Switzerland authorized in 2020

Europe - Switzerland
Payment institutions

This is an opportunity to buy an SRO in Switzerland. The primary details in terms of this offer are provided below. Swiss SRO for sale: deal details The is Swiss Public Limited Company (AG); Year of registration: 2019; Year of authorization: 2020; Supervision: the company is supervised by the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association. Business: crypto exchange business and payments; Software included in the price. Fast change of control.

SPI license in Czech Republic with SEPA membership

Europe - Czechia
Payment institutions

This is an opportunity to buy a SPI license in Czech Republic. You can review the main details regarding this proposal below. Czech SPI license for sale: deal details The year of registration of the legal entity: 2018. Memberships: Has SEPA membership for IBAN issuance and partnerships with other financial institutions for receiving and paying out transfers. License permissions: Forex and money remittance in ERU and CZK; Cash placement and withdrawal on/from a payment account; Execution of direct debits, payment transactions and credit transfers. The process of acquiring the permission on payment instrument issuance is launched. Customer base: mostly physical and a few corporate entities. Additional information regarding this business for sale is available on request.

UK white label payment institution with brokerage services

Europe - United Kingdom
Payment institutions

New investment opportunity: UK white label payment institution with brokerage services for sale. The deal’s main specifics are shown below. UK payment institution for sale: deal details The legal entity was registered in 2020 and acts as EMD agent. Has 40 trading clients and over 200 active clients at the moment. Connection to SWIFT with immediate access; the providers are already linked. Interested parties can become an affiliate partner of platform. An overview of the permitted services collection accounts for both private and corporate clients from the UK, EU, and USA in more than 34 currencies; market orders; forward contracts; deals on the spot. Looking to buy Payment institution with brokerage services? Please contact us to get detailed information regarding this opportunity.

SPI license in Poland for sale

Europe - Poland
Payment institutions

The company’s portfolio of services has a lot in common with the portfolio of services of a national payment institution (KIP). What differs MIP from KIP is the amount: MIP cannot exceed the amount of EUR 1,500,000 per month. It should be mentioned that the small payment institution can operate as a KIP with some transformations undertaken. The company was registered in 2023 and obtained its license in 2023, It’s a clean company with no business operations and no debts. The company can issue cards to customers, conduct payment services, and also provide customers with an IBAN.

To enable customers and enterprises to make all types of transactions simply, promptly, and affordably, as well as to expand the market to potential entries like Payment Institutions, the Directive sought to remove legislative impediments to the requirement of payment systems in the EU. For all providers of remittance services, particularly banks or financial organizations, it created a set of specified guidelines.

Users of the new class of payment institutions can obtain the required support:

  • Conducting monetary transactions (such as direct withdrawal, automated payment of money from one bank account into another, and credit card payments or with the usage of another equivalent instrument);
  • production and purchase of payment appliances;
  • money transactions;
  • services involving foreign currency;
  • Services that are offered alongside the primary services are known as supplemental ones.

The Directive of Payment Services is presently getting updated, and more activities should become permissible for Payment Institutions. Since the memorandum became valid to operate throughout the European Union, an enormous bunch of payment service providers have appeared in the marketplace. There were various suppliers in the financial sector before the new legislation went into force. These services are now ruled at the EU level under the PS Directive, and they are eligible to use a European identity document. There are many new participants in the European financial sector.

The next varieties of businesses have applied to become Payment Institutions in terms of business sectors:

  • Money remittances
  • Processing of payment transactions (standing instructions, bank cards, debit dealings, and cash withdrawals)
  • Processing of credit cards
  • Managing a bank account
  • Releasing money-transfer instruments
  • Gaining
  • Services for Pay Commencement
  • FE