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Small payment institution (SPI) license in the UK

Europe - United Kingdom
Payment institutions

A new business proposal:  small payment institution (SPI) license in the UK for sale. Key information regarding the offer is outlined below. SPI license in the UK for sale: details The company for sale holds a license issued by Financial Conduct Authority; The license permissions: money remittance; other activities require further authorizations; Upper management: Currently, there is one director; No employees and customers at the moment; No bank accounts and software; No liabilities, no debts, no complaints. VERY HOT PRICE! Looking to buy an SPI license in the UK? Please contact us for further details regarding this offer.

SPI license in Poland (Small Payment Institution)

Europe - Poland
Payment institutions

This is an SPI license in Poland for sale. Please check out the main details on the offer below. SPI license in Poland for sale: details of the transaction License: SPI (Small Payment Institution) license; Year of issue: 2023; Status of the entity: no history; the company has not serviced clients yet; Accounts: account in PEKAO SA – Polish international universal corporate banking institution. You can buy an SPI license in Poland and start your business as soon as possible. Price & Details: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

Company with USA MSB permissions

North America - USA
Payment institutions

Below you can see the basic details regarding a company with US MSB permissions for sale. Company with US MSB permissions for sale: overview A UK-based business that is registered as a payment institution, cryptocurrency exchange, and forex broker in the USA. A bank account is open. FX Crypto Trading Brokerage Platform on request  IBAN issuing services. The cost of software on demand every month is £1200. You can buy a business with US MSB permissions and launch your enterprise right away. Details: available on request.

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FCA-Licensed Company in the United Kingdom

Europe - United Kingdom
Payment institutions

For your consideration is an FCA-Licensed Company in the United Kingdom for sale. FCA Licensed Company in the United Kingdom for sale: an overview STP license in place Business stays operational & a clean history The range of products includes CFDs, Spread Betting and DMA products. Connection with STP and MM LPs. Connection with Tier 1 banks (Barclay’s), Paypal, PSPs. In the UK, you can buy an FCA-licensed company and launch your business right away. Cost & additional details: on a request.

SFC Licensed Asset Management Company

Offshore - Hong Kong
Investment Companies

An excellent opportunity to acquire a small, well-established fully licensed asset management/financial advisory/planning/discretionary portfolio business based in Hong Kong. With clients, recurring income, management, administrative and compliance systems in place, this profitable ready-made business is the perfect stepping stone to solve your licensing needs, to get up and running from day one and to expand throughout lucrative markets in Asia. Established in 1997, the small but profitable business is offered for sale to facilitate the owners eventual retirement. The owner (Responsible Officer) and admin support staff will stay on for one year to ensure an orderly transition, and are also open-minded to the possibility of a longer-term role. The primary activity is discretionary portfolio management (SFC Type 9 license) focussed on portfolios of investment funds (unit/investment trusts, mutual funds etc) also advising on securities (SFC Type 4 license) for mass affluent private clients – mostly Expatriates resident in Hong Kong, although the company also serves clients who have relocated to other countries. The company is also licensed by the Insurance Authority (IA) as an Insurance Broker, and registered as an MPF Intermediary by the Mandatory Provident Funds Authority. The current focus is on mass-affluent Expatriate clients, as mentioned, although attention could easily be turned to the somewhat larger local Chinese market with appropriate staffing in place. Indeed, the business model could be changed to suit the acquirers preferences. Irrespective, the existing business can continue to be managed easily. The company recently passed a routine regulatory SFC inspection. There are no client complaints nor any issues with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Crowdfunding company in Canada

North America - Canada
Payment institutions

A crowdfunding company in Canada for sale with a crowdfunding and P2P lending platform is looking for an owner. Overview of crowdfunding company for sale The business has been incorporated in 2021 and is offered with a crowdfunding license of Canada and Estonia. Has a well-established website and investor back office. 2 bank accounts at Scandinavian Individual Bank and Estonian LHV banks. In addition, there is a Paysera account. Full package of documents integrated with the platform in place. The investment projects portfolio of this crowdfunding business for sale encompasses real estate development projects, business loans and short-term consumer loans. A purchaser will get a ready-to-operation platform with a designed strategy, efficient marketing and analytic options. As for documentation and management, everything is ready for a new owner who may benefit from the integration of all payment modules and the provision of a secondary market. Additional information about this offer will be distributed once an NDA is signed and the Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds are presented. More similar offers are available in the category “Payment institutions“.

SPI in Czech Republic with a large portfolio

Europe - Czechia
Payment institutions

Available is an SPI in the Czech Republic for sale with more than 10 years of being in the market. Overview of this SPI in the Czech Republic for sale The SPI for sale has a VAT company status and for its period of operation, it has serviced more than 60,000 clients. This is the first Czech P2P lending platform with a wide portfolio of clients – loans, executions, and insolvency. Appropriate software and website will be sold with the business as well. Generally, the SPI for sale opens payment accounts for both individuals and legal entities and performs funds remittance services. The institution has a bank account in a Czech bank (a corporate one and three safeguarding accounts. Currently, it supports the CZK currency, however, opening in other currencies is also possible. By purchasing this company, an investor will get a fully functioning structure, generating strong income and ready to scale. Additional information on this offer will be distributed once an NDA is signed and the Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds are presented. More similar offers are available in the category “Payment institutions“.

Financial institution in Montenegro

Europe - Montenegro
Payment institutions

An excellent investment opportunity – a financial institution in Montenegro for sale. Overview of the financial institution for sale On offer is a Money Remittance License for sale, issued in 2022. The company is authorized for IBAN issuing for corporate and physical accounts for EU and other companies and payment card issuance, opening current personal, corporate, and merchant accounts, and maintenance of MasterCard payment cards, and P2P payments. The package of services also includes maintenance of accounts in 44+ currencies and automatic payments. The institution has an advanced 3D-Secure technology that ensures strong security when conducting transactions. Additionally, there is a system of daily payments for online stores. Additional information about this offer will be distributed once an NDA is signed and the Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds are presented. More similar offers are available in the category “Payment institutions“.

Licensed investment firm in Latvia

Europe - Latvia
Payment institutions

A licensed investment firm in Latvia for sale with more than 3,000 registered users. Overview of a licensed investment firm in Latvia for sale The company has obtained a license in 2021 that authorizes for provision of investment and ancillary services. Incorporated in 2019 in Riga, the investment company for sale delivers execution of orders on behalf of clients, investment advice, and placing of financial instruments without an obligation to redeem financial instruments. The employees with in-depth experience and expertise are willing to remain in business. As for now, the core software is leased from another company which is also finalizing an AI solution to score loan originators based on vintage portfolio and cash flow indicators. Other software such as checks of sanctions, PEPs, or identity verification is leased from partners. The company has an outstanding investment portfolio, investors are repeat and greatly rely on the platform. There is an account with Bank in Latvia, including a fully segregated account for investors’ funds in line with the regulatory requirements. Additional information on this offer will be distributed once an NDA is signed and the Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds are presented. More similar offers are available in the category “Payment institutions“.

Small payment institution in Poland

Europe - Poland
Payment institutions

This small payment institution in Poland for sale is authorized for delivery of the following services: payments; money transfers and withdrawal of funds received from a transfer. Overview of this small payment institution for sale The firm has obtained license permission to operate in Poland and given its powers can distribute its services in all EU states. This SPI for sale will be a great business opportunity for an investor looking to expand their commercial operation and enter an international market. The purchaser can use the opportunity to accept his own financial resolutions within a well-established and regulated market. Hence, the SPI in Poland for sale offers a high-value opportunity to check the possibilities of the investor in practice by executing tech solutions, and deciding whether to obtain the status of the National PI. This would be a perfect chance for those who consider establishing a Fintech startup. Generally, the company can conduct transactions in a total amount of EUR 1.5 million per month – also covering the agents via whose services these payments are conducted. The SPI is offered with off-the-shelf software and an operational account with the bank in Poland. Services of SPI in Poland for sale: Having obtained a license, a company can provide the following services: withdrawal and acceptance of transferred funds; direct transactions; account instructions; credit funds processing; issuance of payment type tools; sending funds to the issuer of payment systems or tools on behalf of the payer, etc. Additional information A company (LLC) that was incorporated in 2021; Initial capital equal to PLN 5.000; Active accounts in banks. Integrations with banking organizations (for example, Stripe). More similar offers are available in the category “Payment institutions“.

To enable customers and enterprises to make all types of transactions simply, promptly, and affordably, as well as to expand the market to potential entries like Payment Institutions, the Directive sought to remove legislative impediments to the requirement of payment systems in the EU. For all providers of remittance services, particularly banks or financial organizations, it created a set of specified guidelines.

Users of the new class of payment institutions can obtain the required support:

  • Conducting monetary transactions (such as direct withdrawal, automated payment of money from one bank account into another, and credit card payments or with the usage of another equivalent instrument);
  • production and purchase of payment appliances;
  • money transactions;
  • services involving foreign currency;
  • Services that are offered alongside the primary services are known as supplemental ones.

The Directive of Payment Services is presently getting updated, and more activities should become permissible for Payment Institutions. Since the memorandum became valid to operate throughout the European Union, an enormous bunch of payment service providers have appeared in the marketplace. There were various suppliers in the financial sector before the new legislation went into force. These services are now ruled at the EU level under the PS Directive, and they are eligible to use a European identity document. There are many new participants in the European financial sector.

The next varieties of businesses have applied to become Payment Institutions in terms of business sectors:

  • Money remittances
  • Processing of payment transactions (standing instructions, bank cards, debit dealings, and cash withdrawals)
  • Processing of credit cards
  • Managing a bank account
  • Releasing money-transfer instruments
  • Gaining
  • Services for Pay Commencement
  • FE