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Trust in Sweden and company in Hong Kong

Europe - Sweden
Trusts for sale

Trust in Sweden and company for sale in Hong Kong Trust in Sweden Has its own SWIFT code; Registered more than five years ago; Bank account available upon request. Company in Hong Kong is a private company limited by shares Year of incorporation 2015; Paid-in capital – 10’000 USD; Share capital – 1’000,000’000 USD 1 bank account; No transaction history. Requested price: on request. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a trust in Sweden! You can also see other offers in the category trusts-for-sale.

Printer and computer store in Queens

North America - USA
Trusts for sale

Printer and computer store in Queens. This store entered the market in 2012 and is a sought-after location in the area. In addition to the store, there is an Internet cafe on the premises, where every visitor can spend time on the Internet while eating their favorite dish. There is also a basement that can be used as a warehouse. The store is multifunctional. There you can order the printing of banners, T-shirts, cups, etc. They also repair equipment such as phones and computers. In the arsenal of the store there are many printers, including expensive brands, there is also a good air conditioner.

Trustful safe keeping organization in Switzerland

Europe - Switzerland
Trusts for sale

We want to offer a Swiss trust organization available to be purchased.  Canton of the enrollment: Zurich.  Enrollment Date: 2018  Obtaining method:  Since the organization is the rack/torpid, the strategy is straightforward, and the move of possession requires 1 working day.  What’s else?  You need a Swiss enlistment address for your organization (depends on which Canton is generally best for you) and the neighborhood Management. Every one of these necessities is recommended by the Swiss Obligation Code (Civil Code).  In the event that you are truly keen on getting, at that point kindly, send us the apparent inquiry and ask us your inquiries.  

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A store that repairs devices

North America - Canada
Trusts for sale

A store that repairs devices (mobile phones, computers) that entered the market in 2018. This store is located in Oakville, where it is very famous and in demand as it is a small town. The store was not closed under quarantine conditions, as it is considered an important place for people. In addition to repairs, the store sells various communication devices. The business has excellent prospects, since today electronic devices are an integral part of life, so the demand for such stores will be constant. The premises for doing business are rented from the owner with a revision of the lease every 3 years. At the moment, the store is open from 10 am to 6 pm. 1 employee works. The current owners are ready to stay in the transition period for a smooth transition of the business to the new owner.

Well established Amazon shipping business

Europe - United Kingdom
Trusts for sale

Well established Amazon shipping business. This is a very profitable business, as sales will start almost immediately after the purchase, and the result will be visible in just a couple of months. The business has excellent growth prospects . When buying this business, the buyer has a unique opportunity to work with one of the most experienced suppliers who have excellent connections and work with a high-quality product. The buyer will carry out sales in 8 countries of the world, investing, thereby, receiving more revenue. The current owner is forced to sell this business, as he has personal problems.

Trustful brokerage in multiple locations

Europe - Cyprus
Trusts for sale

Proficient Administrations Permit  Permit permitting to work as a speculation vendor in Mauritius  CySEC STP type permit for Cypriot locale  Authorization to do financier activities in Belize (the level can be expanded)    Mauritius  The permit permits you to go about as a go-between in exchanges dependent on protections  Sell protections and go about as a head in such exchanges    Cyprus  Give trade administrations on the off chance that they are identified with speculation tasks  Manage the capacity of offices of the monetary field, oversee them, which incorporates different related administrations  Acknowledge and move orders managing 1/1 + monetary units  Rundown of administrations isn’t restricted to the abovementioned.    Belize  Arrangement of business administrations and discussions with respect to any monetary heading  The level of every one of the licenses can be downsized or redesigned.  Key arrangement subtleties  Established: 5+ years.  Metaquotes MT4 permit included.  There are a few dynamic records in financial foundations (remembering for Singapore).    The capital is settled up and in measure of $250 000.  The organization’s customer base is spotless, just like its legitimate history.  The purchaser can change the current office.  A potential purchaser will be needed to affirm the accessibility of the essential assets. What’s more, you should give the KYC of a lawful substance or proprietor who might want to procure this organization.  For info: Telegram @juliazhil  If it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram to stay in touch with the new offers and instant organizations available to be purchased.  Kindly get in touch with us to get more data.  

Fish&Chips store In Holyhead

Europe - United Kingdom
Trusts for sale

Fish & Chips store In Holyhead, which was founded over 60 years ago. An easy-to-manage traditional store that has a very good location in an area with many residential buildings. There are also many pubs, schools, a marina, a train station and a ferry port nearby. A very large flow of people pass by the store every day. Business has great development prospects. The new owner can take steps to glorify the store’s name, such as expanding the food list on the menu, increasing the number of working hours, doing food delivery services, or advertising a business. The premises for the store are rented from the landlord, now the lease agreement for the premises is new and it has been signed for 15 years. The owner leaves the business because he wants to spend more time with his family, but, if necessary, he is ready to stay in the transition period for a smooth transition of the business to the new owner and provide him with all the necessary recommendations.

Fish and chips shop in Wesham

Europe - United Kingdom
Trusts for sale

A shop that sells fish and chips in Wesham. This business entered the market over 80 years ago and is very popular among customers. Among the visitors are not only locals, but also people who live in the vicinity of Wesham. The current owner has been in the business for over 16 years. The business has earned an excellent reputation in the market and among visitors over these long years of existence. The owner is an active social media user of the store and already has many Facebook followers and many positive reviews on Trip Advisor (5 stars for hygiene). The shop space is available with freehold. This is a brick house. The business has growth prospects, if you change the design of the premises, you can equip the living space. Also, the future owner can make the menu more varied or increase the working hours. Employees have an employment contract and provide high-quality and fast customer service. The owner sells the business because he wants to take care of his interests.

Fish and chips shop in Evesham

Europe - United Kingdom
Trusts for sale

Fish and chips shop in Evesham. The business has been operating for over 30 years and has a good reputation in the market and among customers. During last 6 years, the owners constantly bought new equipment and updated the store, so there is already everything necessary for the store to function well and the staff can provide quality service to the client. This is included in the sale price and the new owner will not need to spend a lot of time and money to update the store. The business is very popular with visitors and has many transactions that have been repeated. Customers love this place because it has quality service, good produce and a varied menu on offer, such as fish, kebabs, sausages, pies, hamburgers and more. The business has good growth prospects, a new owner can, for example. Expand the menu by adding pizza or whatever he wants, or start cooperation with delivery services. It is also possible to extend the working hours. This business will be a good investment for an experienced businessman, because it is a great opportunity to get a business that can be developed in the future.

Guest house in York

Europe - United Kingdom
Trusts for sale

Guest house in York. This house has 3 beds, a cottage with a bedroom and a tea room. Accommodation includes breakfast A good income comes from the tea room, which regularly hosts various events, places for which people buy instantly. At the moment, the cottage is rented by a tenant who pays for the rent but does not occupy it. The current owner has pages on social networks that tell and advertise this place, these pages have an impressive number of subscribers. There are schools, shops and residential buildings nearby. Premises lease may be subject to renewal every 4 years until the end of the current lease term. The house has all the furniture for a comfortable stay. The hotel has 3 rooms that can be rented out, each with a bathroom, a guest room, a good kitchen, a dining room, a spacious garage that can accommodate 6 cars and a two-room cottage. The lease is agreed for 5 years, at the moment there are 4 years left under the lease contract. Now the tea room is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. The owner leaves the business due to health problems.

Trust for sale is a product of the Anglo-Saxon legal system and some entrepreneurs find it difficult to understand how it works. Therefore, it is used unfairly rarely. The main misconception is that a trust is perceived as a legal entity, that is, a certain specific type of company. In fact, a trust is a special form of property contractual relationship.

Conceptually, a trust is an agreement that endows its parties with appropriate mutual rights and obligations. According to this agreement, one party – the founder of the trust (the person on whose initiative this structure is created) – transfers its property into the ownership of another person – the trustee, in order for the latter to keep this property and carry out various actions with it (volume and the nature of which may or may not be predetermined) in the interests of the ultimate beneficiaries – the beneficiaries of the trust.

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There are many situations that trusts are used to resolve: among them charity, escrow, and pension insurance. However, historically, the main purpose of trusts is to protect and transfer property within the same family (close circle of friends or partners). The tasks that the trust can solve in this regard are as follows:

  • protection of assets from third party claims;
  • confidentiality;
  • inheritance planning;
  • optimization and transfer in time of tax obligations.

Trust is a fairly profitable form of business, however, it is difficult to bring it to the proper level. Therefore, skip to the already prepared version. This category contains trusts for sale.

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