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White Label Prepaid Cards Issue

North America - USA
Hedge Fund formation/registration

Provider of issuing software for issuing prepaid or debit white cards. Cooperation with many tanks around the world on a turnkey basis. Our clients can freely issue cards named their own brand, without requiring any experience, thanks to special program. Thanks to this opportunity, our client base expands and customer confidence increases. It is possible to issue global cards with any currency, as well as for cryptocurrency, Forex, etc.

Hong Kong Brokerage Firm

Offshore - Hong Kong
AEMI/EMI (Authorized Electronic Money Institution license) for sale

A good chance buy Hong Kong Brokerage Firm! Overview of Hong Kong Brokerage Firm for sale Hong Kong company with brokerage license for sale since 2018, it took a year to authorize. The headquarters are located in a bank in Asia. A non-functioning firm with a clean history and closed legal issues. Included in the price: Money transfer; Payment processing; Sale of foreign currency; Sale of derivative commodity and monetary instruments; Required documents; Brokerage and advisory services. The director and the agent work when they are out of place. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Formally, a hedge fund business is an indefinite type of fund, the main difference of which is the ability to hedge assets against market fluctuations. However, one should not confuse limiting investment risks associated with a fall in the stock market with the safety of placing funds in this type of fund. Typically, a hedge fund provides an opportunity to capitalize on both the dips and the rallies.

Computers play an important role in the management of such a fund, whose task is to determine trends. Thanks to this, you can take a short or long position of your future business.

The purpose of hedge funds is to use unconventional methods of capital growth in order to reduce the risk of fluctuations in the value of the fund’s shares and to protect against fluctuations in the market situation. Therefore, a hedge fund can make money regardless of the market situation.

The influence of hedge funds on systemic risk is minimal, since they do not lend, and, therefore, assess the creditworthiness of lenders, and also do not form pools of loans that are written off the bank’s balance sheet during the securitization procedure.

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This category contains sales offers for companies involved in the registration and formation of various hedge funds.

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