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Ready-Made Trading Company in UAE

Asia - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The company, which has shown excellent results in the Emirates market, is one of the most profitable structures, recognized locally and internationally. Ready-made trading company in UAE for sale will be a reliable source of income for the new owner, since this market and its separate segment are quite profitable and rapidly developing. What will you get deciding to buy ready-made trading company in UAE? Proposed ready-made UAE trading company for sale was established and registered in 2020. It connected with DMCC and has following features. Firm with diamond trading license. Company has opened bank account in Dubai. License allows import and export diamonds and jewelry. Option to add four activity services onto the license if desired. Gold license, if required, is doable. Physical registered address. Company had ~ 90k USD turnover for 2021 year. Nominee director can be provided additionally. No debts, company is ready for transfer. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Ready Goods Distribution Company in Switzerland

Europe - Switzerland

Profitable ready goods distribution company for sale in Switzerland. An interesting structure from the point of view of management and all internal operations, which does not require additional efforts and costs from an investor seeking to become a future owner. Don’t miss the chance to buy ready goods distribution company in commercial European heart Ready goods distribution company for sale was incorporated in 2012; Company has bank account at UBS bank; The authorized capital of CHF 20’000 has been deposited and withdrawn; Declared activity: distribution of new and used goods for children and teenagers, as well as warehousing and any other activity in retail sales, operation of a soft drinks bar. VAT number; No fees and problems with company history; Full support with transfer of company. A rather highly profitable project that is able to bring its owner profit and pleasure from management and new partnerships. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Ready-Made Trading Company in Spain

Europe - Spain

Below you can see the basic information regarding the ready-made trading company in Spain with bank account for sale. An organization that aims for future profits and stable income. This firm has everything that a future investor interested in conquering the market as soon as possible needs. You do not need to make additional efforts to make the enterprise successful or respectable. You are provided with a ready-made platform through which you can realize your commercial potential and boldly step towards profits and profitable partnerships with Spanish entrepreneurs. Trading company in Spain for sale – whats included Stable commercial structure in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Company was registered in 2014 year. Opened bank account in BBVA bank. Declared activity: general trade. VAT 7%. No debts and fees. Full support. Possibility of nominee service or director. You have the possibility to buy ready-made trading company in Spain and start your business as soon as possible. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

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Residential solar sales and installation company in the US

North America - USA

Available is a residential solar sales and installation company for sale in the United States. Overview of the residential solar sales and installation company for sale A unique chance to buy a reputable sales and installation company in the USA operating in the residential solar systems sector. The business is projected for extensive growth as solar energy is now one of the fastest-growing industries since the mid-2000s. The residential solar sales and installation business for sale is positioned to capture a large market share in the coming decade as energy consumers move towards personal energy production. A strategic sales process and multiple fantastic reviews from homeowners are what this business is proud of. Of interest to organizations operating in Solar, Roofing, Home Improvement, Security, HVAC, Pest Control, or D2D Sales, etc. Please contact us for detailed information on this offer. Other similar offers for sale are available in the category “Sales“.

Fuel Reseller in Essex

Europe - United Kingdom

A well-established company with a stable position in the market. Fuel reseller in Essex for sale has been providing consumers with quality products for 10+ years. It is a versatile company with a diverse range of products for various purposes. In addition, the company’s specialists can recommend a particular type of fuel to the client, depending on the wishes, type of use and budget. Brand opportunities and product range – what is the advantage of the offer to buy fuel reseller in Essex? Among the products range of fuel reseller in Essex for sale, the main focus is on the following: lubricants; fuel; tractor oils for agricultural use; engine oils for various purposes; heating oil for residential and commercial buildings. The company can deliver to the consumer any type of fuel and the necessary additional equipment. In particular, the business is associated with the following industries, serving them: areas in which trucks are involved; private motorists owning diesel vehicles; farming and more. The opportunities for expansion and development of the company are enormous. In particular, a fuel trading company for sale in Essex can supply products to customers in other counties. This can be achieved with the involvement and development of new marketing strategies. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Vintage Cars Parts Business in California

North America - USA

A company that occupies a leading position in one of the most profitable and promising industries in the world. Vintage cars parts business in California for sale works to create and implement unique technologies for collecting, supplying and trading various parts. Opportunity to be part of a highly profitable community and buy vintage cars parts business in Butte County The custom systems supplied by the company are actively used by consumers at the local level. However, vintage cars parts business for sale can also attract a large number of foreign customers. Vacuum thermoforming techniques, which are very popular for refurbishing parts, provide excellent returns and help keep items functioning properly. Vintage cars parts company for sale offers the following: gas caps, truck and car dashboards, door panels, armrests, upholstery and more. The firm serves cars from the 72nd year of release. Each part is processed in our own manufacturing facilities in the United States. Materials that go out of use are recycled internally and then can be used again. Fully movable model. If necessary, new products can be added to the list of the company’s products. The following assets will also be transferred to the new owner: web-resource, complete customer base and all operational inventory. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Thermoplastic Materials Supplier in UK

Europe - United Kingdom

A company with a good turnover – today it is about three million pounds. Thermoplastic materials supplier in UK for sale is a direct provider of a wide range of products, also offering related services of a different nature. What do you get when you decide to buy thermoplastic materials supplier in UK? Among other things, thermoplastic materials supplier for sale has metal cutting, metal product processing and some other services in its range. Clients throughout the UK, many of which have already become regular and leave excellent reviews about the company. The company’s product list, in particular, contains acrylic (extruded and cast), LLDPE, HIPS, PETG, PMMA, ABS, HDPE and polypropylene. But the list of supplied goods is not limited to this. A base of about four hundred consumers who are representatives of various commercial areas, including the educational industry, printing, transport niche, and so on. Operations are conducted from rented premises. Many of the firm’s large clients have excellent and solid reputations as well-established brands – high-end organizations with a stable presence in the market. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Metal Merchant Company in South England

Europe - United Kingdom

A company with a rapidly developing export profile of engine engines and panels, which is located in the south of England. The metal merchant company in South England for sale operates as an authorized recycling firm handling both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as end-of-life machines. Successful firm with a large cash flow – take the opportunity to buy metal merchant company in UK The metals are sold to recycling firms, and the processed parts are sold to auto repair shops on an international basis, while the firm periodically has repeat orders from regular customers. The metal merchant company for sale has a rigorous dirt removal process, with recyclable parts including engines, catalytic converters and panels being resold prior to recycling. The company has a web-based car buying service, which makes it possible to attract a constant volume of unusable cars of the first phase. Large facilities can neutralize up to a hundred vehicles daily, while the group now processes 1,500 tons of material per month. There are excellent second level specialists to oversee all operations after implementation. The metal merchant business for sale in South England operates from 3 leased warehouses, Shareholders included in the offer on a lease basis. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

Non-Ferrous Metals Scrap Dealer in Merseyside

Europe - United Kingdom

This is an offer to buy non-ferrous metals scrap dealer in Merseyside – a firm that is licensed and accredited for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is constantly evolving. This is a company with great potential, which has been operating for more than 30 years and has managed to successfully prove itself. The company has a leased site with spare capacity. Convenient location and many expansion options – non-ferrous metals scrap dealer for sale  The enterprise is located near the main highway, there is a port nearby. Non-ferrous metals scrap dealer in Merseyside for sale was established in the early 1970s by current owners and has a good market position. It is a stable and quality scrap metal dealer. The main direction of work is non-ferrous metals, the company has all the required licenses, environmental protection, health and safety certificates for working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as plastics, etc. The company offers services for the collection, processing and transportation of scrap metal, a range of services for the waste sector, industry and society. The company is strategically located near excellent port facilities, which gives access to wide markets as well as deep waterways. Company assets The company has invested heavily in equipment and is holding up very well. But only with this infrastructure can the throughput be doubled. With the technological equipment in place, the company has a good chance of continuing to sell its non-ferrous products to the best customers in the UK, Europe and Asia. This market is now developing rapidly, and this is provoked by a large demand for goods in China and Eastern Europe. Non-ferrous metals scrap trader for sale in Merseyside prides itself on its level of customer service. This, together with the speed of service and excellent quality, guarantees that customers will return for services again and again. You can also see other offers in the category “General“.

Scrap Metals Merchant in Merseyside

Europe - United Kingdom

This is a well-established scrap metals merchant in Merseyside for sale with an excellent reputation and a large customer base that comes back time and time again. Recycler that values ​​its customers and loves the environment – don’t miss your chance to buy scrap metal merchant in Merseyside for sale The company is now open 5 days a week and operates from a secure location, but hours can be extended to increase profits. Scrap metals merchant in Merseyside for sale has all required licenses and permits to operate. The site where the activity is carried out is on a long-term lease with a small rent in an excellent commercial location. The offer includes bridge scales of 50 tons and a wide range of equipment that is needed to conduct business. In addition, scrap metals company for sale in Merseyside has many opportunities for the knowledgeable person, or as an addition to an existing waste management business. Low price offered because sale is due to retirement plans. The seller offers to conduct a training period that will help to properly manage the company. You can also see other offers in the category “Sales“.

The sales industry is a very delicate and difficult area. Many businessmen, having familiarize themselves with it better, immediately disappear from sight and turn their attention to other types of commercial activities.

There are many tricky moments in business, and here is one of them: at the initial stage, many businessmen decide to work with little profit and, as they believe, take with an assortment, for example, they sell an insignificant product for $ 1. However, when calculating the profitability of a business project, it turns out that they should earn $ 10,000 each, which forces them to find 1,000 clients. Or you can increase the cost of goods and work for a regular clientele. In general, each investor chooses his own tactics.

At the moment, there are two trade markets: the consumer market, where buyers are ordinary residents of your city, and the corporate market, where the clients are entrepreneurs like you.

It is better to start your own business from the consumer market, where the online store is currently the most popular. However, in some cases, when the consumer niche does not allow starting a normal operation, you should think about the business market, and in the opposite direction. It happens that services or goods are not in demand in the business market and it is best to move to the consumer goods market.

From all of the above, it turns out that the trade sphere is not an easy business and rather twisty. Therefore, it is better for a novice investor to pay attention to a ready-made company. This category contains various offers for sale related to the field of sales.

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