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UK FCA FX/CFD license

Europe - United Kingdom
Forex License

Below you can check the main information regarding a FX/CFD license in the UK for sale, being issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  UK broker for sale: details of the proposal Office in London w/ minimal running expenses, WL MT4 platform An account in the UK bank No legal issues or complaints Clients onboarding: Retail, Professional and Eligible Counterparties. Overview of a forex license permissions  The FX/CFD license for sale was issued by the Regulator about 10 years ago. Has the next permissions:  arranging investment deals, asset safeguarding and management; dealing in investments in the role of an agent/principal organization of transactions with investments; conducting regulated activities associated with Rolling spot (Forex), Futures and Options, CFD (excluding spread bet), Rights to or interests in investments (Security) and Shares. If you are interested in buying FX/CFD license in the UK, please contact us and get further details regarding this offer.


Africa - South Africa
Forex License

Licensed FSCA Forex Brokerage MT4 CRM CLIENT AREA PSPs integrated Bank accounts Website Client  Online registration in place.    


Africa - Mauritius
Forex License


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Seychelles Securities Dealer license with MT4 platform

Africa - Seychelles
Forex License

The following is a description of a Seychelles Securities Dealer license with MT4 platform for sale. QUICK SALE Seychelles Securities Dealer license with MT4 platform for sale: details of the transaction Operational entity Year of the license issue: 2022 Platform type: Main label MetaTrader 4 CRM used: Salesforce CRM Accounts: No bank accounts opened Contractors/Partners: established relations with PSPs Counterparties: one counterparty in Malta You can buy a Seychelles Securities Dealer License and hit the ground running. Price & Details: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

MT4 Main Label platform

North America - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Forex License

An MT4 main label platform for sale is available for a new owner; it is one of the most complete, efficient, and quick trading platforms. It makes use of the most recent technological advancements to provide turnkey solutions for Forex Brokers to operate, streamline, and increase profitability. MT4 main label platform for sale: details of the transaction A business based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) that is registered with the FSA is now up for sale. An SVG-incorporated company is exempt from maintaining a bank account in SVG; No history; The monthly cost to MQ is $25,000 USD. You can buy a MetaTrader 4 main label platform and launch your own brokerage company or expand your current forex brokerage. Price & Details: available on request. Please contact us for further information on this business opportunity.

Forex Company in Mauritius

Offshore - Mauritius
Forex License

Advantageous offer to buy Forex company in Mauritius. Completely ready for further operation structure. This is an excellent opportunity for an interested investor to realize their commercial plans and enter the profitable market of Mauritius. Some of the main details of the deal include the following. The license was obtained at the end of 2020. The firm has a clean history, free of transactional transactions and contractual obligations. Managers and actives of Forex company in Mauritius for sale So far, there are two resident directors and one foreign representative in the staff of FC in Mauritius for sale – they intend to go under the control of the new owner. The company is fully prepared to change ownership, which allows you to start working from the first days. The bank account has not yet been opened, but the procedure has already been initiated. You can also see other offers in the category “Forex Broker License“.

MAS License in Singapore

Asia - Singapore
Forex License

MAS License in Singapore for sale. Licensed Permit: CMS – Capital Markets Services. The company was established in 1999. The license was got in 2010. Active bank account for commercial use: Bank of Singapore. License MT5. Capital: minimum 2 million in local currency for initial capital. Liquidity: 1 million in local currency. The firm has a clean history, free from any unresolved issues. Activities permitted under the MAS License in Singapore for sale An investor who decides to buy a MAS License in Singapore is entitled to do the following. Operations with certain products within the capital market. Conclusion of spot transactions in foreign currency for the purpose of further trading operations using leverage. Conclusion of off-exchange contracts with derivatives. The Company has no licensed representatives or resident directors on its staff. Additionally License renewal for each subsequent year is 65.5 thousand US dollars. This offer may be of interest to an investor who intends to act as a Liquidity Provider and offer its services on the B2B market; or provide Forex brokerage services to other verified and accredited investors – not including retail consumers. The company may apply for an upgrade that also includes the right to serve retail customers; or, permission to manage also fund structures. At its discretion, the buyer may remain in the existing office or choose another location. You can also see other offers in the category “Forex Broker License“.

Broker STP in UK for sale

Europe - United Kingdom
Forex License

The field of professional activity of the Broker STP in UK for sale is the main details regarding the structure. Licensed by FCA in 2012. The company has the right to carry out transactions with investments, acting as an agent or principal. An active web resource available for transfer to an interested investor. The company’s portfolio includes about 200 professional retail consumers. The firm has several bank accounts in multiple currencies. Direction of operation of the Broker STP in UK for sale Advice on issues in the field of investment. Consultations regarding P2P agreements. The company can act as an organizer of investment transactions, as well as directly carry them out. Making an investment by assuming the status of an agent. Carrying out transactions related to certain investments, acting as a principal or arranger. Storage and management of assets. Restrictions placed on the firm If you deciding to buy Broker STP in UK, you should know that the company has some restrictions on its activities. In particular, the firm has the right to carry out only those activities that are subject to regulation by the current regulatory framework and are indicated in the relevant license. You can also see other offers in the category “Forex Broker License“.

FSC Licensed Company in British Virgin Islands for sale

Offshore - British Virgin Island
Forex License

Basic details regarding the activities and structural organization of FSC licensed company in British Virgin Islands for sale: The company has a license giving the right to act as a service provider in the financial industry. Capital must be US$1 million. Having an account with a banking institution in Singapore. There are no unresolved or open legal disputes. Line of business and services of FSC licensed company in BVI for sale Deciding to buy FSC licensed company in British Virgin Islands, you will get the company that may act as an initiator and organizer of investment transactions. Work with investment deposits in general, including investment management. Advice on matters relating to investment. Provision of custodial services related to investments. Administrative services in relation to investment. You can also see other offers in the category “Forex Broker License“.

Licensed Investment Dealer in Mauritius

Offshore - Mauritius
Forex License

A well-structured and fully operational licensed investment dealer in Mauritius. The license was obtained in 2019. Basic details regarding the organization and operation of the company Additionally, the company has a GBL1 license. Excellent condition. Authorized capital: 15 thousand dollars. The payment gateway functions with Virtual Pay. The staff is ready to work under the direction of the new owner. In addition, assistance with the selection and registration of an office is possible. The offered licensed investment dealer in Mauritius already has professional insurance for a period of 1 year. Every week we have new jurisdiction to offer a ready-made turn-key solution! We work worldwide. You can also see other offers in category “Forex Broker License“.

Do you want to launch your own commercial project as a broker? Then one of the main points that should be given special attention is getting Forex Broker License. Certified FX is required to fulfill certain rules and perform its operations in accordance with strict norms established in state where enterprise is registered and licensed. If you are licensed Forex trader, it favorably affects firm’s image, increasing profitability in the mind of target audience, and, accordingly, contributing to prosperity.

Where to get a Forex license

Main thing brokerage firms starting its commercial journey needs to think about is the location. It’s worth noting here that real organization’s location and its registration place do not have to match. When choosing a state for registering an enterprise, it’s essential to take into account many nuances, in particular, the specifics of whole process, expenses needed to cover commissions, tax base, and so on.

Commonly chosen spaces for getting Forex trader license are states with a high level of economic development, in particular the UK, USA and Australia. Official permission to operate in one of above states is a guarantee company’s operations will be more inviting to potential partners and gain confidence from traders. The presence of permission also greatly simplifies the procedure for creating banking account, including that firms may count on a reduced commission fee.

Nevertheless, opening organizations in these states may be connected with a requirement for a large capital needed, which will become an obstacle for novice brokerage firms. In this case, it is optimal to turn to several alternative variants.

Jurisdictions popular among FX entrepreneurs

Here we should mention Cyprus. There’re several reasons why FX brokerage firms select this state to develop their commercials.

  1. Cyprus is an EU member; it gives brokerage firms opportunities to provide services throughout EU, interacting and cooperating with all EU members.
  2. Low corporate tax rate.
  3. Dynamic development of financial segment.
  4. Qualified workforce.

Getting Forex trading license in Cyprus costs from 40 to 100 thousand euros. Whole self-licensing process lasts about six months.

Another platform for launching and promoting Forex activities is Malta. This’s a secure commercial space for this direction as Malta has a strong regulative frame and is an EU member. The organization needs to have a start-up capital of 730 thousand euros.

Offshore Forex licensing

Faster option is to get Forex brokerage license in Hong Kong. This permit is more suitable for businesspersons having less initial capital. In these states, there are light norms regarding the amount of starting capital, as well as more loyal regulative rules. Many brokerage firms select this option, though it is not as prestigious as above.

Most demanded offshores for getting Forex licenses are Seychelles and Mauritius. In second option, initial capital norms are put forward in the amount of just over $20,000. Whole procedure lasts about five months. New Zealand and Vanuatu can be mentioned among other low-cost variants: these states have lower costs for obtaining a permit and more loyal basis for regulating FX environment.

Procedure of getting permission can be quite complicated. That is why, better way to conquer this niche is to buy Forex license firm as a turnkey option.

Forex broker license for sale: a simple option even for beginner entrepreneurs

Forex license for sale is great way to get started in the brokerage structure fast and not bearing extra cost. In addition, you will be able to protect yourself from possible difficulties and potential troubles connected with such a process.

Do you need a license to trade Forex? We’ll help you buying a ready-made FX broker license. Our experts will not only advise you on all your questions, but also provide full support from the beginning to the end of the transaction. ELI-Deal has a huge number of ready-made companies for sale – one of them is already ready to become your reliable source of income.