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We are pleased to bring to the market this ultra-high-efficiency mixed farm for sale located in central Italy.

Overview of a high-efficiency mixed farm for sale


This farming business for sale was established 40 years ago in Umbria. The farm produces tobacco, wheat, seed corn, maize, sugar beet, onions and sunflower for seed, barley, tick beans, alfalfa and many other products. It has become very well known in this area and has a strong base of regular customers in place. The owner has ensured the business has an excellent reputation and superb reviews are noted as well.


The farm is located in northern Umbria in close vicinity to the border with Tuscany. It covers about 88 ha or 218 acres as a single body of land, split only by the river Tiber. Based on the dominating size of the particles within the soil, the soil of the area is classified as a medium clay/sand mixture. The field surface is flat and level everywhere. The western border of the farm territory is characterized by the Cerfone river and the northeastern border is depicted with the dual carriageway which connects Orte and Ravenna.

At the disposal of the mixed farm for sale, there are two groups of houses, located on approximately 2000 square meters of floor space, one to the east and one to the west of the river Tiber. Other buildings such as outbuildings, barns, sheds occupy about 10,000 cubic meters of volume. Given the farm’s total land surface area, a further 4500 square meters of agricultural buildings can be constructed according to the regional laws, as yet unrealized. Neighboring the farm (on the eastern side) is the brand new Interport Logistics Base. Also, very close to the farm is a large tobacco drying and curing facility where the leaf gets taken for post-harvest processing. A biodigester is also located there where methane is produced from different forms of biomass produced on the farm.
The farm’s internal road system includes two types: those that are available for members of the public to use and for farm use only. All of them are broad, well-constructed and have the capacity of handling the heaviest of transportation means.

Electricity is generated at the Montedoglio hydroelectric power plant and is transported to the farm through some medium voltage power lines passing above the ground. Natural gas is also passing through the property (underground), and one more recourse – the water mains, is also in place used for the farm’s irrigation systems.

What is produced on the farm?

Since the location of the farm presents perfect tobacco cultivation conditions, here produced are two types of leaf: Virginia (bright tobacco) and “black” leaf. But the core field of the farm is the production of wheat, seed corn, maize, seed grade maize, sugar beet, sorghum wheat, onions for seed, sunflower seed, barley, tick beans, alfalfa and as the experimental cultivation of cannabis Sativa for medicinal application.

Two years ago 20 ha of land were dedicated to the permaculture of hazelnuts for human consumption. More than 10,000 hazel seedlings were planted (mix of Tonda Romana, Nocchione and Griffoni varieties). The conditions required by the young plants are supported by an underground fertilizer application system having two parallel supply pipes for each crop line.

The first commercially viable harvest of hazelnuts is expected in 2024 and will mostly be sold to Ferrero ( for further use by food production companies such as Nutella), with whom we have signed a contract as a supplier.

What is very important, we have been developing new, more efficient cultivation methods aiming to minimize the harmful impact of synthetic-based nitrogen fertilizers. We have been focusing on computer-controlled fertigation specifically to reduce the ecological footprint of our farming practices for a decade.


The property is fitted with low pressure, fixed installation sprinkler irrigation system, with sprinklers spaced at 30 meters, over the whole territory. It is supported directly by the main supply grid from the Montedoglio dam, however, it can also be provided simultaneously by seven boreholes sited on and owned by the property. Due to the availability of these two supplies, the farm is self-sufficient in irrigation water 365 days a year. The fertigation system features approximately 70,000 meters of supply pipe feeding low-pressure drip spurs.


Legally approved in 2006, the generation of electricity from renewable sources is considered an agriculture-connected activity. In 2011, on the property there were installed panels, mounted on the ground, and related electrical components such as inverters that give a nominal production capacity of 1 MW, which under regional law is the highest permitted installation size for this type of business.

The installed system produces clean and green electrical energy to the tune of 1,250,000 kWh a year which can power near 450 average households and reduces CO2 emission reduction on about 740 metric tones opposite to traditional fossil fuel-generated electricity. The generation of green energy is very significant such as this creates a crucial part of sustaining a cleaner and healthier surrounding.

The ROI is made partially by the new law on renewable energy, feed-in tariffs from GSE, the national power management body, and also revenue is generated as the farm is completely self-sufficient in energy production.

Opportunities for growth

Green technology is being supported by new investments and, driven by factors such as climate changes requiring immediate action and attention, rising demand for clean and healthy food. In the world’s major developed economies, the agricultural sector is now thrust center-stage in the realization of new economic programs. They are designed to enhance the sustainability of agricultural production as well as also for the thorough review of how we view the importance of the long-term health of agro land, to protect this crucial resource.

Taking these factors into account, farming enterprises such as this one, that are developing and implementing new practices, have a bright future and are projected to benefit from the vast amount of subsidies and economic incentives provided by both the Italian government and the EU.

Reason for sale

The mixed farm for sale is only available due to the retirement of the owner.

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