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Cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Don’t miss your chance to buy a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania! Cryptocurrency license for sale in Lithuania Below is information about a ready-made company with a cryptocurrency license and bank account in Lithuania for sale. This company with a crypto license in Lithuania for sale – what’s included: Operators of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are required to have a license. The firm is licensed to offer bitcoin wallet services, as well as exchange cryptocurrency for fiat cash and vice versa and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrency. The registration year is 2022; In Lithuanian EMI, there is a bank account; After a change of ownership, other accounts can be opened; Changing ownership might take up to two weeks; You may acquire a cryptocurrency corporation in Lithuania using a bank account and get started right away. It is usually a smart idea to start a business in Europe. Buying a crypto license in Lithuania will be a worthwhile investment! We have clients all across the world. For further information about firms for sale, please contact us. You can see other offers in the category cryptocurrency exchange license.

Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Cryptocurrency Exchange License

Here is presented Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania for sale. Overview of Authorized operator of a cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania for sale The cryptocurrency licensed company in Lithuania for sale was incorporated and registered in the year 2021. No past; Bank account in Lithuania (as per extra request); Clean company for sale with crypto license; The following are the license authorizations: Exchange of cryptocurrencies (crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat). Service for wallets Benefits of the license: No requirement for a local director; No requirement for a local office; Low share capital requirement; No requirement for sworn annual reporting. Note: An NDA must be signed in order to receive the name and details. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Cryptocurrency Exchange License”.

AEMI in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Banking License

This opportunity is an AEMI in Lithuania for sale. Overview of EMI in Lithuania This EMI for sale is a market player that has obtained a license from the Bank of Lithuania, which allows for issuing digital money. Details are available on request. *See other offers for sale in the category “Banking License”.

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Banking license in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Banking License

Here is presented Banking license in Lithuania for sale!  Overview of Banking license in Lithuania for sale Issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on regulated markets, and banks licensed in the Republic of Lithuania (Bond List of AB Nasdaq). This bank in Lithuania for sale is the country’s principal currency exchange bank. There are more than 50 retail banking facilities and 120 workers. With its own SWIFT code, the bank caters to both private and corporate clients. The bank Lithuania for sale has a good reputation in the financial services industry and a lengthy history of customer interactions. Banks and other financial services fall within this category. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Bank in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania

A great opportunity buy Bank in Lithuania! Overview of Bank in Lithuania for sale Possibility of passporting throughout Europe. Full license clearance for a retail banking institution. Today, a banking institution is an ordinary bank, which is mainly focused on serving local customers through the services of a physical bank. This banking institution has an excellent reputation locally. The bank’s profit is increasing every year. Over the year, the deposit increased by 15%. Good recommendations from grateful clients. No legacy problems, high profitability. The bank has not yet implemented E-KYC, as this institution is a local bank focused only on serving local customers. However, E-KYC is allowed in Lithuania. Staff: 250+. Bank branches: 35+. Financial data of profitable bank for sale: Initial equity capital: EUR 25 million. The total assets of the institution are 250+ million euros. The bank in Lithuania for sale works with credit card acquiring. The banking institution does not yet provide debit and credit card issuance services; however, this can be easily implemented. Working strategy We provide additional information only to those potential buyers who provide us with the following: Full profile of a potential buyer. Project for the development of a banking institution. We need to check if the project meets the standards and requirements of the regulatory authorities. Official confirmation of the availability of funds, which can be verified. Such confirmation is provided in the event that it cannot be confirmed by other means that the customer has sufficient funds to purchase. Acquisition process of Lithuanian bank for sale The process of buying an operating banking institution can last 8-14 months; in particular, this period includes preliminary negotiations, verification, negotiations regarding the sale and purchase, closing the transaction and further settlement. You can see more interesting offers in the category “Banking license”.

Luxury 4 stars hotel in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania

Eighty Bedrooms Luxury Four Star Hotel for sale is situated in the old town of Vilnius. Luxury 4 stars hotel in Lithuania for sale It’s a great place to visit whether you’re coming for business or pleasure. Through the hotel windows, you can take in the view of the ancient town. Today, the XVII century structure serves as an attractive hotel. The 80 guestrooms were created with elegance, flair, and comfort in mind. Satellite TV, direct dial telephone, minibar, internet access, individually controlled air conditioning system, light – proof drapes, and hair dryer are included in all hotel rooms. Every room has a bathtub or a shower. Sauna and Jacuzzi are available in the President’s apartment. The luxury 4 stars hotel in Lithuania for sale has two elevators, a safe deposit box, and an electronic door locking system. There are 40 and 70 seats in the conference hall, as well as all necessary audio-visual equipment. Sauna combined with a dinner hall. Parking is available for 8 cars in front of the hotel and 15 cars in the back yard. Buy eighty bedrooms hotel in Lithuania today in order to make profit tomorrow! See more interesting offers in category “Hotels/Motels/Resorts”.

Designing services business in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Engineering firms

 Offer primary designing services for both business and private land projects.  Profitable business for sale overview: Have finished 500+ tasks since commencement including 180 huge activities. We secure around 4 to 5 new tasks every month and the normal length of each undertaking is around 75 days. Have 35 customary customers who are land engineers and designers who consistently grant us contracts. Most of our customers are situated in Lithuania however we have additionally offered our administrations in Sweden and Denmark before. A vital driver for the organization’s prosperity is its drawn-out association with its customers and the constant development in the expert capabilities of our underlying designers. Designing services business for sale has been productive since its origin with edges and income expanding every year. It is monetarily steady and has no obligation. Have gotten a few public level honors and acquired acknowledgment as quite possibly the most dependable, financially steady, and quickest developing organization in Lithuania by an esteemed neighborhood industry association. Physical resources possessed by the business for sale incorporate furnishings, PCs, and office hardware.

Well-functioning IT software center in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Tech & Media

A great opportunity to buy a IT software center in Lithuania. Selling a IT software center A 6-year old company whose core business is developing and enhancing web and handheld applications, online business organization and R&D. The organization works with clients primarily dynamic in the accounting, care services, food and beverage industries. In addition, the company has a solid background in computerized learning changes, being associated with the advancement of various stages of e-learning. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to acquire good business.

Trucking company in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Transportation and storage

Established trucking company in Lithuania is seeking an investment to buy new trucks. Trucking company for sale: overview The core of the business for sale is local and international cargo transportation and expedition solutions. In addition, recently the company started offering IT and marketing services to other transport companies. There is a company-owned fleet of 21 trucks and trailers and if necessary, the company hires transport from other transportation providers. It caters to manufacturers, expedition companies, and trading companies. Our customers are based in Europe and the United Kingdom. Over eighty-five percent of revenue comes from cargo transportation and expedition services and fifteen percent is generated from IT and marketing solutions.

Well-established beauty salon in Lithuania

Europe - Lithuania
Beauty project

Well-established beauty salon for sale offerr types of assistance like hair styling, cosmetics, nail treatment, and pedicure.  Have a footfall of 15-20 clients consistently.  Our business for sale is situated in the downtown area.  Top-class experts offer fantastic and expert types of assistance.  Our group is roused, exceptionally instructed in the excellence business, and is consistently prepared to help our clients look the manner in which they have consistently longed for.  The advertiser has over 3 years of involvement with the business.  Revenue has somewhat diminished for this present year because of the pandemic.

When founder-creators start`s funding the consequence of any corporation, they determine its location. If offshore`s regions are not taken into account, the EU member states are considered to be the most priority choice. This is due to the globalization of the European economy and opportunities to work under transparent rules.

The Baltic region is quite attractive. If Latvia is offshore, as an alternative creators are choosing to set up business in Lithuania. This land has a good economic performance and access to markets in the western and central parts of the continent.

Therefore, many new players in businesses in Lithuania have been appearing recently. It is not very difficult to establish a company in this country, but it will still take some time.

To comprehend the nuances of founding a licit commodity and the blessings of doing business in Lithuania, you need to thoroughly study the local legislation. If everything is done correctly, the established corporation will bring a stable income to its founders for many years. Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly.

Why it is advantageous to open a busineses in Lithuania

Investor`s rarely believe unverified info and are willing to invest only in those projects that will benefit them. But they should consider opening a business-for-sale in Lithuania. This land has considerable edges, comprising:

  • the cost of opening a legal entity is one of the lowest in Europe;
  • lower tax rates than in other EU member states (VAT 21%, profit tax from 5 to 15%, depending on the sphere of activity);
  • use of technology to simplify the application (the application can be submitted electronically, as well as reports with declarations);
  • the country ranks at the top in the ratings for monetary freedom and mitigation of execution commerce;
  • considerable well-known corporations keep their offices in the countryside.

Doing business in Lithuania is advantageous because of a lot of factors. You exclusively require to initiate the process, and the earnings will not make the creator`s wait long. It is importantly to conduct a transparent and honest interchange because otherwise your corporation can be closed down instantly. Transparent sales and obtaining legal income will allow you to count on additional preferences from the Lithuanian`s regulatory controls in the future.

Steps of Corporation enrollment

Enrollment in a corporation in Lithuania follows certain procedures. It doesn`t matter whether you contain a small business for sale in Lithuania or a large corp, the process of beginning will be identical. To be able to enlist a lawful commodity, a mouthpiece of the corporation must raise the following docs:

  • a copy of the notarized certificate of incorporation of the founders;
  • copies of the articles of incorporation of the legal entity, which must fall under local law requirement, indicating the CERs;
  • the title of the future corporation. Spelled out in Latin letters (it is better to prepare several variants, because one of them may already be registered to other owners);
  • a document indicating the location of the legal and actual addresses of the corporation;
  • data on shareholders with complete info about them (it does not matter whether the shareholders include legal entities or only individuals);
  • an act of submitting all of the above docs to the supervisory authority;
  • a document confirming the existence of a bank`s arrangement;
  • a payment slip confirming that the amount of the charter capital has been deposited in the bankings accounts.

For the supervisory authority to initiate considering your application for a business for sale in Lithuania, these docs necessarily pass signed and certified by the director. After receiving the critical docs, the process of registering a legal entity will be entered.

Types of Permitted Commodities for Lithuanian`s business

To make your business in Lithuania for sale flourish, you didn`t only ought to actively recruit consumers and understand the principles of your work. It is also importantly to choose the right organizational and legal arrangement for a lawful entity. There are not many varieties of structures in the format of online business for sale in Lithuania and each has edges and disadvantages.

Mostly ordinary varieties of structures for corporations are as follows:

  • Joint-stock companies (CJSC). Using this form, the legal entity will have unreasonable detriment. This type of corporation is the most common among Lithuanian corporations. In this form of ownership, the minimum share assets is 2500 EUR. The greatest potential quantity of co-members is 250. Management is carried out by the director of the corp;
  • A small partnership is also a corporation with unreasonable detriment. It is relatively new in Lithuania, therefore not many people use this form of ownership. There is no principal requirement for such a corps, but the quantity of co-members must not overreach 10 people. This is a JSC with a lower turnover;
  • Individual enterprises are created by one person, who most often (but not always) is the CEO. The liability of the inventor of such a corporation is not unreasonable. This means that in case of non-fulfillment of contractual commitments, the owner of the permitted commodity will be answerable for his property. That is why this form is rarely used in practice;
  • Joint-stock companies are also similar to CJSC, but the requirements for them are higher. The main difference is the lack of constraints on the number of co-members, and the percentage coffers aren`t less than 40 thousand Euros. JSC is managed by the executive specified by the board fellows;
  • The full economic collaboration is a variety of permitted commodities. where someone may unite and conduct trading movements. They are not subject to conditions on the empowered funds, and the number of members of the partnership most often doesn`t overextend 20 people.

Each of these forms of ownership has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, investors should decide in advance in which form they want to enlist a corporation and start a business in Lithuania.

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Our company is ready to offer such services. After our consultation, it is extremely rare for clients to return docs with requests for revision. We can unaidedly send the crucial docs to enlist your lawful commodity in Lithuania. We help you can be notified of the completion of enrollment procedures within a predetermined time and you can get to work before your competitors. So do not miss this opportunity.