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The company was established by the current owner approximately 2 years ago. Artwork business in Chelmsford for sale is a wonderful small home based company. The firm sold approximately 5,000 posters at excellent margins. Business opportunities are colossal, because there are a lot of football fans in the world.

What does artwork business in Chelmsford for sale do?

You can buy artwork business in Chelmsford and get a firm that creates and sells unique images that are related to cultural events. These pictures can be overlaid on various products such as posters, mugs, clothes, towels, and more.

  • The design is unique and also the only one in the world.
  • The design shows the connection between the country, traditions, history and characteristics of individual football clubs in the UK with abstract and comical elements. Pictures are very popular with customers.
  • Artwork business for sale has developed many poster designs, now there are 12 designs, and the seller aims to sell 6 designs, making a market test.
  • There are also additional ideas that are copyrighted. You can also buy them.
  • You can suggest using dropshipping to minimize inventory in warehouses.

Usually, the products were mainly sold in markets, sales, as well as in football stadiums and bars during matches.

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