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Industrial goods manufacturing business for sale

I am the owner and CEO of an Australian industrial sales firm. For the past 14 years I have designed, manufactured and sold industrial vacuum cleaners in the Australian and global markets. Vacuum cleaners are very easy to assemble and take only a few hours to assemble, pack and ship.

Note that the products sell for about twice as much in Singapore as they do in Australia.
One man’s work Highly profitable industrial product Singapore For Sale
This is all from my barn and home office. I used to run my business in a factory, but I’ve worked hard to downsize it and turn it into a true home-based system that now allows me to live the lifestyle of a retiree while earning a full-time job.

My products and brand are now well known around the world, and I have just signed a contract with a major reseller in the UK and Singapore to offer my products for the first time. Because there are so many resellers, you have many options for selling, either through resellers or directly from your own website. Resellers and direct customers make up 40-60% of my company in Australia.
This is a great opportunity to buy an industrial sales business in Singapore.

I want to get 1 license in Singapore to copy what I do and sell in the Asian market. I already have licenses in Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and South Africa, and I will gradually expand the licenses so that the brand is truly global.

Over the last ten years, I’ve fine-tuned the business and reduced the product range to those in-demand products that consistently sell and generate the most revenue.
Buying a business that one person can run would be a good investment!
I have also just certified products for ATEX and UKCA, which means you can now sell EX versions of the products that bring, as well as open products to all industries that need these pneumatic vacuum systems.

The Singapore offering will include a main central website that will be linked to each licensee, who can create their own brand and website if needed, and sell other products or stay with my top sellers.

My main goal is to help you get started and make a profit as quickly as possible. I will hold your hand every step of the way.

Your new business will have the following features;

  • Unique product design.
  • Compete in a market where your competitors are imported from the US.
  • Produce your own version in Singapore for maximum profit.
  • Create your own products based on your own successful designs
  • Focus on clearly defined industries
  • Link to your own website from the home page or I can make you your own professional website
  • No sales experience required
  • Master a new business that can generate a regular and high income
  • No experience required
  • Full online video training
  • I will make you an expert in the business
  • Full technical support and maintenance

What you will need to start and run this business successfully

  • Basic knowledge of the business – billing, profit and loss
  • Know how to use basic workshop tools – screwdrivers, wrenches, drills.
  • If you know how to bolt two pieces of metal together and drill holes
  • Willingness to build a business for the long term
  • Willingness to learn from an industry expert
  • Have an open mind about what is possible

What I will teach you;

  • The basics of how vacuum cleaners work.
  • Who uses them and what they are for
  • The types of industries in which they are used
  • How to compete with American models in Singapore
  • How to assemble vacuum cleaners using the 70 instructional videos that come with them.
  • How to put together a quote and secure a sale on the line
  • How to set up your business for the long term
  • How to write content for your website that will help sell products
  • How to create your own website
  • How to find the right suppliers for the parts you need
  • How to find a welder, laser cutting metal and powder coating.

Great chance to buy a business selling industrial supplies!
Basically, everything I know and do to run my business in Australia, I will pass on to you so that you too can run a successful home business in the UK, generating a high income in a few hours.
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